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Logged on to "apples to cross"

Hi!!!!!! I guess that should be the first statement I should make!Pretty excited to start blogging...I've postponed this since forever..I just pray I'll be able to keep this up. I really wanted to make a good first impression...thats the truth, but now, I just want to start!!! Sometimes we wait for the right everything, try to be perfect and then end up losing it. Please don't get me wrong, do wait for the right time, but then again, when it comes to some things like reading for an exam, writing a paper...sometimes the right time is I can follow "the Talkaholic" and other blogs effectively.
I love to write, the arts and sciences have my as we journey on this one, lets put our seat belts on, and safely, we will surely ride!BHG! I'll appreciate honest comments, and advice...thanks so much...
and oh yes, and when you see this, you just read this and checked out my blog...I've got one word...Köszönöm (thank you)!!!