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the blogger testifies 81

During service today I got all 'wow' as regards the things GOD has done. Not been at my best but HIS faithfulness endures forever. I'm grateful for life, love, family, friends...and the blood of JESUS. I'm thankful for my parents, for my friends...for you (I know I just doubled my gratitude).In all...if it has not been for the LORD on my side, tell me where I would have been? thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XXIV

...I was just playing with him! (in love sha)“….so I would really want us to remain friends, but really I want more.”He smiled…finally, a sign of life.“I’ve prayed about it, thought about it…and I know this is also what true forgiveness is about. I know its not everytime that people get a chance like this, but I’m grateful to God for this”.“thanks love.” He said.Smiling at ourselves was what we did for the next 2 minutes, I had totally gone red when he held my hand close to his heart. Obviously by God’s grace, we are not getting into the temptations of before. Our love was once broken, but He did restore it.We strolled happily out of Triangles singing Halleluyah. It was time to end the night. We had said our good byes and given the hug just as we used to share. He pulled his door handle about to enter his car.“oh, one more thing I forgot…deliberately…to tell you”“what” he said“I love you…even more!” I said as I blushed my way into my compound.

Fragments of truth XXIII

Sweaty feet and hands, that happens when I’m nervous. He arrived late today…5 minutes past the scheduled time. For a guy that is always on time, he was so late! Apologies flooded my ears, he’s so courteous.“I think we always begin by saying I look great” I said.“but it’s the truth mi lady” he smiled.“ Sha, as usual, at least 80% of the time and now, you look hot! And I mean that in the most Christian way” I said“ thank you. You too” he said.“you know you said I had fresh fair legs some years ago and added that you meant that in the most Christian way after which you hurried away” I said.“are you serious? Mehn! Babe you do keep record of words sha.”“ well, as long as they are nice words.I try” I said.I could see the anticipation in his eyes, he did not want to bring up the subject. It was like I was the one to call the shots this evening. After going from pillar to post on other interesting and important issues which included the morning sermon, he obviously couldn’t hold it.“ Er, Tolu…

Fragments of truth XXII

Now that was Monday. My whole week was…I really don’t know what to call it. I prayed and met with Pastor Matt who also joined me in prayers. I could see the joy on Pastors face. I went on a fast too. On Friday, the Lord spoke! He gave me peace and helped me to genuinely forgive Felix. Let go of the hurt and pain. He made me see that Felix was the David I had always prayed to have. I saw Felix at the Oceanic bank on Friday afternoon. I still could not say a word to him, I just waved and he waved too. I knew he had changed, he had bounced back in the Lord, but this time I could see the spirit of a disciple, a man who genuinely loved the Lord. Not just his regularities in church, but his life spoke. Men of honor were around him.Sunday service was great as usual. Abrahams craziness was the message title. Talked about swift obedience, blind trust and total submission to God for which he was rewarded for. Pastor said we are not doing God a favour…yes, true. We never do God a favour, we only …

@ moi frequency

One year...ehen now, its been one year plus a day now since a new blogger came up.What he post? from tatashe poetry to interviews you could totally get excited like I do sometimes... ok, so it was Michael's blog anniversary yesterday...and I missed it...but this is me saying: Happy anniversary :) x

Fragments of truth XXI

(Insert dance) I really don’t know why I’m happy but I guess its cause im trying out something new. Coffee in Nigeria ke? Hmm! We’re advancing I must say.It was exactly 5pm when my door bell rang, thank God traffic was not that bad today so I was back, I had had a shower and was all dressed. Felix was at the door…always on time.“ Hello!” I said“Hi! Wow! You look er, really, great!” he said.I knew he was trying to pick his words…lol!!!!!!!!“ Aww! Thanks. You too” I said. And boy did he look hot…as usual. He sure does know how to work a common shirt! Chai! Ok…er, this isn’t my man…he’s my friend!...just a friend.We took a stroll to Triangles, the place was lovely and the coffee was great. We chatted like old times, laughed about things of the past and genuinely, I thought I had forgiven him till he said:“babe… I’ve really had a nice time with you today and I know that I’ve messed up. I threw away…er, permit me to say; a good thing. There were more than fragments of truth in what you sai…

Fragments of truth XX

It seems I’m starting the sequence all over again. Dunno if Felix is trying to get back to me. That’s a hard one. I feel its bygone, its already 4 months after, although we are on normal friendship level.Sunday morning after workers meeting I got a note: ‘plsI’ldlike to see you today after church’.……………Service was awesome. God is faithful! Work is going on great. No guy yet in the building sha…but I’m so loving the single life. I feel so intune with God right now. He’s been giving me words on true forgiveness. When we can go back to the point where it doesn’t hurt…its as if it did not happen! Hmmm! Its well.“ Hi Felix, how are you?”“I’m fine thanks. You?”“I’m great, thank God. I got your note…sup?”“oh, its nothing much, but not something that I would be able to discuss with you at once. I…I just want to say once again that I’m sorry.”“oh dear! I’m sorry too. Come on, it’s the past, lets leave it there”.“ would it be possible to…er, for old time sake, by 5pm, er, to have a cup of coffe…

the blogger testifies 80

who is like the LORD? Merciful, faithful and true.who is like the LORD? Kind, just and wonderful. I testify that HE is, HE was and HE will forever be...unworthy, but I'm grateful...sincerely I am thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XIX

Hi people! Ok, so I took a long break from sharing 'fragments of truth' as education demanded more attention. From this point on I continue sharing. For those of you who have little or no idea of what I'm on about, please click on the following link(s) to get on board: I, II, III, IV, VVI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII---------------------------------------------------------------Phew!!! Somehow I feel relieved. Friends again! Yes, just friends… I can move on with my life…I’m still young! But I was glad my friendship was restored.Family members have been apologized to…Halleluyah! We’re all friends again! (story continues :D )

the blogger testifies 79

I testify that HE is truly LORD.I testify of HIS faithfulness, of biochemistry...not just enzymes and pathways, but that even my signalling pathways are working. I testify of my liver, HE keeps me, HE keeps it working...indeed, not just the metabolic mechanism but detoxification is going on well. I testify of all that I am and would become...for it is GOD that has been HIMSELF (faithful to the letter of faithfulness). HE is GOD...HE is good...yes HE is. Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 78

Who is like unto THEE oh LORD?No one! No one! Who makes a way where there seems to be no way? HE is the one! I testify that HE has saved me...HE has forgiven me...yes, HE is GOD! Halleluyah to HIS name. I testify of Biochemistry exam...indeed it will be wonderful.
thank YOU JESUS!