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Re: the blogger testifies 21

Tolu's right ppl...I was at my lazy peak yesterday!But thank GOD I'm up...I testify of HIS awesomeness even if I'm undeserving. Truth is, none of us are. This last week came with a lot of lazing around and high moments of reading. I thank GOD for everything. Most of all I testify of health in mind and body because I believe that by HIS stripes, I am healed! So much in my head but I want to say I'm grateful to GOD for friends, family, blogs and bloggers, life...everything! I'm so grateful and I love HIM so much. Jaycee has been here for a while dropping comments and I must say I'm grateful. A great blog too...(stuffs to read during the holiday!!!) Tolu's blog has also been swinging in poetry which is pretty great. Please check this out Me and Jesus...its awesome! Also Serendipity88. So much on this space called blogsville! Its my own exam season now...its well...I'm banking on GOD. Everything is on HIM cos me...I can't do anything on my own. I'm th…

the blogger testifies 21

HE's awesome!

the blogger testifies 20

(updated: 24th) call this banal but I must testify! This past week has been awesome people. I've got this "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" fever...and I like it so its staying forever! HIS faithfulness is off the track... This week I testify of GOD's sweetness, faithfulness, grace, joy, hand...I testify of HIM! From tests that went well, to test that did not go well, from 1st week to 15th week, I say I'm grateful. Its not by my power nor by my strength. HE turned my 'Mara' into sweet things. For family, friends, love, life...for JESUS...I'm grateful. And also for the long BMC students who have finished, those who had all their exemptions and those who'll write exams...I thank GOD. When I think about HIS love, it makes me weak. I'm also grateful for exams, my friends and many people writing this season, I thank HIM for excellent success. Sunday service was...WOW! the praise was..!! HE deserves so much more. This seas…

Re: the blogger testifies 19

I can't hold back my praise!So much to do right now but yet so much to thank GOD for. From family, to friends, to well wishers...I thank GOD. Today I testify of HIS faithfulness as always. Faithfulness is not just what HE does but who HE is. Its HIS logo. I'm taking GOD for May people (esp bloggers: Harry, Tolu, Dunmola, Aiesha and Ik). GOD's favour, protection, guidance and grace go before, after and with you all. AMEN. People, I haven't forgotten about the story oh, just that things might not go as the original script went. So please bear with me. Happenings: Poetically speaking is out...check out Harry. Tolu's book also. In all, thank GOD for everything, so many miracles this week, hence so many testimonies. From defence ( CU students) to tests to exams. We thank GOD for these great things and HIS favour. Also for being restored to factory settings and black foundations (it takes grace to understand what I'm saying)... :) Finally, …

the blogger testifies 19

sleep is sweet oh!still loading though...this would be updated later today. Please bear with me. But before then I'm saying thank YOU JESUS for life, love, family, friends and everything. Academics and otherwise. I'm also grateful because I'm being restored to factory settings...and also for black foundations... :) thank YOU JESUS.

the blogger testifies 18

This week I testified in my mind even if I didn't write it down, apologies :)The blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness and dealings. HE said "endorsement" this year, its not been easy I must say...and its just the beginning! I testify of life, love, family, friends...and specially you (the reader). Its by grace we are still alive. And oh...just in case you think I'm! I can't...I tried it and it didn't work. According to the world's definition of religious, NEVER! I've given up on religion on along time ago, I'm not good enough for it. But I opted for a relationship, then it becomes a lifestyle...thats what Christianity should be...and I think you should do the same too... Well, so many testimonies coming up this week, next week and weeks ahead, and oh...I'll be sharing a testimony on the behalf of my friend Koye...real soon...(like next week!)... Plus, Ofure; my bestie...your presence has been noted here... :) The only thing lef…

Fragments of truth...I

"if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those sweet words pierced through my heart and vented out of my mouth. How could he say such a thing? How could he possibly mean it?!
The following is purely fiction. I'll like to term my style of writing as descriptive narrative (conversational). Its highly imaginative. With some uncategorized lingua (i.e coded phrases), this style of writing is in an attempt to confer familiarity between you and the characters. This piece centers upon the Nigerian (and even African) value which has been slowly deleted from the movie industry; abstinence. Comments, criticism and advice are welcome...enjoy :)
"...if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those words forced out of my mouth, I didn't know what else to say but sure enough even in this pain I knew that I was doing the right thing. How could he say such a thing when he knew I genuinely loved him?...before marriage? Never...but I didn't want to loose him. "Tolu but…

the blogger testifies 17

Hi people!Wonderful day at my end and sure you're was too. Hope you had a wonderful and fruitful week and weekend too...Mine? oh, well...thank GOD! Today I testify of HIS mercy. Its a new month and its by HIS grace are alive. Another month of drills, laughter, speaking to mum, dad, Lulu and Benny, fun...NCC Debrecen people, comparing colours with Funsho, going for lectures with Aisha and Zainab, looking at Ike's grey hair, classmates, facebook, skype, Rotimi Kehinde, Koye...the list is endless...but oh, my best part, another month of spending time with GOD! So many times I miss it...oh so many times, but HIS love is so awesome! HIS mercy is genuine. HE gives us another chance. I thank GOD for this past week, I learnt a lot of things. I was down health-wise at a point but HE brought me back to my feet. Of life, love, friends, family...and you, I testify today. Sometimes I try to think of new stuffs to write to make this blog lively but I must say that even when things …