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the blogger testifies 60

I'm walking on water LORD... thought of ice but its not thin enough :) Its been YOU...forever YOU I seem to say its not been so easy... but I just realised that I've been hanging on YOUR SWEET MERCY Jesus has taken it since...yes LORD, YOU did...and I'm grateful. Also...YOU've given me the best family...GOD bless my family extra...not just my immediate but you, you...yes you too :) thank YOU LORD JESUS...we're moving higher LORD...its all at YOUR feet...I accept JESUS' sacrifice. thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 59

I testify...that since HE (JESUS, my saviour) can love me...then HE can love anyone else! I need grace LORD, and I see it too...I'm here not by my strength obviously...its never me...its YOU...YOU love me pieces...that much I can see I love YOU scatter too...YOU mean...more than the words that I spill... thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 58

(Friday, 18th Feb) YOU...pull me through, push me when I can't push myself...YOU are...AWESOME!Dunno whatelse to say LORD...but even at this point we're in...I go: thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 57

YOU've made me speechless, I'm late LORD...but I still testify, for indeed, ALL the glory, honour and majesty be unto YOU oh LORD JESUS!!! Halleluyah JESUS! thank YOU LORD JESUS!!!


(posted 12:12am 8th Feb 2011)LORD, now this is me saiying: as regards February 5th, THANK YOU LORD JESUS YAHWEH BE PRAISED!!! HALLELUYAH JESUS!!! thank YOU LORD JESUS!


Mali Music- Yahweh

Glory, honour, power and majesty be unto GOD, Amen. Halleluyah JESUS!!! YOU make me speechless, weak with joy...overflowing with happiness...yes, still doesn't compare to the joy I feel when I realise how big or how mighty or how and who YOU are...but BABA...I must say: YOU dey! YOU too dey!!! Na YOU be my Hero!....BABA, Na YOU! All the glory, honour and power, majesty, be unto YOU LORD JESUS...Amen. thank YOU LORD JESUS...for keeping my testimony and also giving my friends a testimony, those who have received theirs this season and those who are joining the line now...Halleluyah NOW, before, in advance and forevermore!!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!