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the blogger testifies 128

Dear LORD I'm grateful. I testify that God is faithful,wonderful and kind. I testify that His words are true and He does not lie. That I can call upon Him at anytime and He will answer me, I testify that since He is for me, no one can be against me, In Jesus name, Amen :) have a beautiful week people.

As I am grateful...

Even if I have all tongues, my praise will not be enough. I praise You, I thank You. I'm grateful that I have a Father that can never fail me. Indeed, affliction can never rise a second time. I bless You, I worship You...I am so grateful. In Jesus name, Amen :)

The blogger testifies 127

Anything that I have; You have given me, everything that I have; it's all Yours. I thank You for being for me, my family and friends. Be exalted LORD God of Israel. Let Your glory be above all the earth. I appreciate You. Thank You Father. In JESUS name, Amen. Have a blessed week people :)

the blogger testifies 126

I testify that He protects me, provides for me and His blood is enough for me. I am grateful for all He does for me. Things I can see and things I cannot see, indeed His grace is sufficient for me. Thank You Jesus! Have a beautiful week people. :)

the blogger testifies 125

I worship You, in the beauty of Your holiness. I give You praise, for You are my righteousness. You are Royalty, so I crown You King of Kings, Your Majesty! You who no one can compare to. The ancient of days, before whom no one is and who can never die. You who is mighty, worthy of all my praise, of all my days, of all my exalted. I testify that You have been faithful to me and forever You are my God. Thank YOU JESUS!