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If it had not been for the LORD on my side...where would I have been? Yes, nonexistent!
~ Dew

Cranial content: on throwback (I)

Throwback is the reason you behave yourself and don't post all your seemingly cool pictures...all of them on, you should lock your profile sef... :D I'm guilty of stalking and checking and seeing some very wonderful pictures :)

The blogger testifies

There's nothing I can do without You LORD...nothing. Thank YOU.

Cranial content: on spam email

Everyone gets these emails. Someone is always stranded, and sometimes it's the same person always sending these emails. With very terrible constructions and ripped stories (copy-and-paste), I can't help but ask where's the place of creativity? Beware of spammers/fraudsters/419

The blogger testifies

If it had not being for the LORD on my side, na where I for dey? I am grateful for YOU LORD! Thank You!
------------------- Hello!!!!! Hello guys, hello September, hello duster, hello blogger, hello all :)
Hi guys :) You can't believe it right? Wait...who's here sef? Lol! Sometimes it's like I'm talking to myself I see y'all :) Thank you for stopping by, thank you for asking me about my next post (side eye:  Sharry), thank you plenty plenty.
I'm thinking: it gets really quiet here sometimes. Doesn't it? Lets do great things and let this place be alive.
Have a great month! Havea great week.