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the blogger testifies 77

I testify that HE is good! Yes, faithful, great, kind...forgiving. HE is GOD! I testify that I am HIS exclusively! I testify that this week is great...and I testify of Biochemistry :)thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 76

With all due respect to GOD: I judge GOD faithful! I judge GOD forgiving...and I judge GOD who sent HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to die for our sins...REAL!I testify of Biochemistry, I testify that HE is faithful! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 75

I testify of God. His loves...everlasting, His love...unfailing, His genuineness...on point! Faithful, yes...He is faithful. I testify and thank God for this week. I testify of good health in mind and body for family, friends, you and me I testify of my biochemistry exam...for because He is faithful it is finished! thank YOU JESUS!

Guest Post:

Hi your week has started with great smiles. I'm sorry there would be a hold on the developing story (or rather there has been a hold on the story). This week, I'm putting up an entry that is poetry. Its written by a medical doctor by name Ekundayo Otuyelu. I'ld love you to read it and not copy it...if lifting is needed please contact me so I can contact him. Thank you and have a wonderful week in Jesus name, Amen!Sickle Cell: A Prenatal Diagnosis.On the darkest night, when even the sputtering flame of the meanest candle is denied me,
I will still cling to my memory of today.
I have tended the dying, prayed with men and women hopelessly clinging to whatever shreds of life are left,
and all of it has stirred my soul.

But how different it is to celebrate life at its beginning.
To hold a wailing infant in my arms, celebrate a first cry which brings joy,
to marry the dream of two into one dream, one life, one heart.

Such a thing I did today,
The woman was lovely, despite…

the blogger testifies 74

if it had not been for the LORD on my sidetell me where would I be? where would I be? I testify of the LORD and all HIS goodness...HE is faithful! HE is HIM...thats what HE does, thats who HE is! Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!