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the blogger testifies

Its been months since I testified...I apologise.
31st December 2012
I thought I had nothing to be thankful for...the end seemed rocky, I had been clouded by so many things, excuses, but honestly, yesterday He gave me a reason to be thankful. He showed me the wonderful things I'm thankful for.
Wow! from dreams, to mercies, grace to abundance, provision to favour, love to warmth, His embrace to protection...all I have to say is thank You LORD.
This year has been an awesome year for me, I may not feel it, but I do know it. I believe 2013 is a wonderful year, a year of Praise to God. I am excited, in me, no matter how hard it is to communicate it...but God reigns...I speak peace, life, joy, health, wisdom...but most of all...its the year to bless God. I appreciate God. Ah, even for the grace to know where I have missed it, to have a revival, saving me from backsliding...I'm grateful. I'm thankful for even the grace to know what to buy for my 'secret santa'.…

the blogger testifies

All I see is mercy, all I see is grace. I testify that God is indeed faithful and thus I am grateful.
It's been quite a while here, I really should get this blog going.
Yet another month drawing to a close and His faithfulness is still for real, thank You Jesus! God is good...and thats enough! :)
Have a lovely week and new month people.

The blogger testifies today

I'm here today...that's my testimony. My people are doing fine and well....that's my testimony. Jesus knows my name...that's my testimony. You are reading this now...that's my testimony.  Thus.... God is good...I testify!

the blogger testifies 131

I testify that God set me up know when you know you need to hear something that He's been saying since...He says it again, gives you hot words...He did it again. He sets me up!
YOU set me up God...and I love YOU!
thank YOU JESUS! :)

At this point...

I'm at that point where all I want to say is thank You Jesus.I'm clearly not there yet but I see so many reasons to be thankful.To you it appears I don't have a past but I did, I confessed, forsook and gave it to Jesus...I die daily by HIS grace.My past? Has been erased and yours will too if You give Him.Like the song writer said, I'm glad to say too my hope is built on nothing less but Jesus' blood and righteousness....on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand...
I wish I could capture this moment, replay it when I need to, but even if moments fade, YOU oh LORD, remain the same. Thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 130

Morning by morning new mercies I see, I see mercies LORD and I am so grateful. Thank YOU JESUS! Have a lovely week people :)

the blogger testifies 129

Without a doubt You are God...You are good and You are great. I'm here to say; double twale! To greet You, that's it. You're doing something new in my life, this is it! Thank You Jesus!
Have a great week people. please head over to my friend's blog and lets start this conversation...a wonderful topic:
thanks :)

the blogger testifies 128

Dear LORD I'm grateful. I testify that God is faithful,wonderful and kind. I testify that His words are true and He does not lie. That I can call upon Him at anytime and He will answer me, I testify that since He is for me, no one can be against me, In Jesus name, Amen :) have a beautiful week people.

As I am grateful...

Even if I have all tongues, my praise will not be enough. I praise You, I thank You. I'm grateful that I have a Father that can never fail me. Indeed, affliction can never rise a second time. I bless You, I worship You...I am so grateful. In Jesus name, Amen :)

The blogger testifies 127

Anything that I have; You have given me, everything that I have; it's all Yours. I thank You for being for me, my family and friends. Be exalted LORD God of Israel. Let Your glory be above all the earth. I appreciate You. Thank You Father. In JESUS name, Amen. Have a blessed week people :)

the blogger testifies 126

I testify that He protects me, provides for me and His blood is enough for me. I am grateful for all He does for me. Things I can see and things I cannot see, indeed His grace is sufficient for me. Thank You Jesus! Have a beautiful week people. :)

the blogger testifies 125

I worship You, in the beauty of Your holiness. I give You praise, for You are my righteousness. You are Royalty, so I crown You King of Kings, Your Majesty! You who no one can compare to. The ancient of days, before whom no one is and who can never die. You who is mighty, worthy of all my praise, of all my days, of all my exalted. I testify that You have been faithful to me and forever You are my God. Thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 124

I testify of His grace, His love and favour. I'm out here testifying not cos I'm the 'coolest' or I'm the 'best', but because of His mercies... that's why I'm not even consumed sef! I'm grateful for Him, for His perfect work on the cross...I testify that I can boldly testify that He is who He says He is in His Word: the Bible.
Have a happy week people!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 123

Even if I had all the time in the world...though I may even get physically tired but, that still won't be enough to say thank You...Aribiti Arabata...I testify that HE is who HE says HE is in the Bible...
Have a blessed week people.

The blogger testifies 122

I thank God for life, His faithfulness and love. Without I am nothing...for this I testify. He is God all by Himself. Thank You Jesus. A very happy birthday Dunmola at God bless you plenty dear! xx Hae a wonderful week people :)

the blogger testifies 121

My God, is an awesome God, He reigns. From heaven above He rules with wisdom and power. I testify that He is good, yes, He is God.
In other news: thanks Michael for the Liebster blog award. Have a great week people.

the blogger testifies 120

I am grateful oh LORD! Honestly, I am. There's just so much You save me from and so much You do. I need You LORD, oh yes I do...but I'm grateful that You are here with and for me, please help me to be here for You, to serve You without limits in Jesus name, Amen.
I testify that He is God...dear readers/bloggers, what do you testify about Him?
have a fruitful week people!
thank YOU JESUS! :)

the blogger testifies 119

To YOU I give all the praise, let my life be used for YOUR glory. YOU are great, YOU are good. Yes, I'm trying to find new words to testify to and about YOU. But honestly, I am grateful for life, love, family, friends...and for YOU...and you. thank YOU JESUS! have a great week people :)

the blogger testifies 118

I testify that JESUS is LORD.
I testify of His goodness in the land of the living. I testify of my life, family, health and blog. I testify of the fact that I can testify and you can read this...
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 117

I thank YOU JESUS for dying for me, thank YOU FATHER for raising Him up, and thank YOU sweet HOLY SPIRIT for the opportunity to know the truth!
Happy Easter people :)

the blogger testifies 116

I would be ungrateful if I don't testify...
I testify that HE is good, HE is GOD...I testify that I am healed...let HIS glory be above all the gratitude is not compatible with just words!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 115

Sometimes it hits me that even if I had all the words or mouths in the world, that will not be enough to praise You. I appreciate You LORD.
in JESUS name, Amen :)
have a blessed week people...Jesus' joy x

wow! but lemme try to thank You

can my words give the depth of gratitude I'm trying to pass across to You?
can my words pierce this thick layer of favour You have surrounded me,
You know, pierce it and be swallowed up in it, more like the insula (but this time ever-growing) englufed in the cerebral cortex (also, this time, ever growing)?

I have seen the LORD use nothing...
5loaves of bread and 2 fishes fed 5000...
I am drunk with gratitude for the LORD!
Be praised JESUS! wow!

Mercy, mercy! all I see is Your mercy!
From the sun smacking our sky to the blend of its going down
words fail me...You make me feel weak!
I'm weak with gratitude.

Do these words speak of my gratitude...
Its piercing, like I really can't get it out.
All I say LORD, all I say in 8 letter...

the blogger testifies 114

I testify that He has given me the grace and opportunity to testify. I testify of ease of transportation, for my reflexes all work and I am indeed beautifully, wonderfully and fearfully made. I testify that this week is great! Have a blessed week people :)
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 113

I can't get over you...I'm at that place LORD...but I can't get over You and I'm grateful...I thank You for Your love...I testify that You make me weak!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 112

I testify that as regards all that concerns me...truly God, the One who sent Jesus (His Son) to die for me, who has given me His Holy relentless.
thank YOU JESUS!

on February 29, 2012

yeah, its Feb 29th, the day the LORD has made and I am indeed glad in it! I thank God for He is great! He's perfect and He's wonderful...I thank God because He gives me the opportunity to.
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 111

My testimony...that YOU, oh LORD never leave me, never forsake me...YOU're working on me and I am totally grateful!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 110

His forevermore...I testify, the LORD is true.
thank You Jesus!

the chemistry of love (preface)

'long day! phew' I sigh. Not like I had done some heroic things through the day, but the thought that I am back home is a huge relief.
Ok, so its Feb 14th and no matter how unconcerned I am about the day, (whatever mehn! why can't there be Rotimi day! :p) at least a call from Tunde would make a difference.
Tunde and I met way back in high school...but the thing between us started after college. Oh well, you guessed right, or at least you tried, Tunde and I are in a relationship.
Erm, why is this boy sending me an sms? where has shame gone to? (I love random questions, I'm sane, but I love answering questions in my head...after making them up of course!)
Ah! *is GOD's love selfish?* Thats what Tunde just asked... Something is wrong with this boy/man/male...human being!
But wait; is GOD's love selfish? Actually if something is wrong with Tunde for asking me such a question then I think I'm sick too.
I've had that question on my mind for a while now...
lets …

the blogger testifies 109

Dear LORD, I really am grateful beyond words can do perfect justice to how I want to praise You...but all I want to say is: thank YOU LORD JESUS!
Be praise LORD...I testify that I'm a year older and wiser today...of Your protection, favour, excellent health and grace...I testify that He is wonderful and I am going to see my children's children if He tarries...I testify of life...He has given me His best and I am grateful!
thank YOU JESUS!
I am thankful LORD...I am grateful. in JESUS name, Amen :)

the blogger testifies 108

I testify of Your love oh LORD...that I have seen Your goodness, see Your goodness and will still see Your goodness in the land of the living. I testify that ggmama, Sho-mi and Mrs E are all mummy' delivery, yes, I testify of safe delivery. I testify that You are GOD...yes, You are good...Speak LORD...
in JESUS name, Amen :)


Dear LORD...I'm hours late but beyond words...I thank YOU very much much! Nagyon köszönöm... *bows*

the blogger testifies 107

I appreciate YOU LORD...I really do appreciate YOU,
in JESUS Name, Amen x

Halleluyah post :)

Na true say only YOU be true say nobody fit be like true YOU talk for YOUR YOUR WORD dey Spirit and true say affliction no go rise up a second true say I come back, give YOU thanks...Double Twale FATHER!
in JESUS name, Amen!
Thank YOU JESUS :)

the blogger testifies 106

I testify that I have seen the LORD's goodness, HIS mercies and compassion. I testify that I have an opportunity to testify, I testify that HE is indeed good and faithful! Just hold on, be strong, trust in HIM, be encouraged!
thank YOU JESUS!

on this day last year...

I bless YOU LORD that on this day last year I excelled in biophysics...I'm still on a double twale mode LORD! I salute YOU LORD!
thank YOU JESUS!

Grateful post...

I'm here today only by YOUR grace...I indeed give YOU the glory...Thank YOU JESUS for everything! YOU truly are mighty to save :) I salute YOU LORD! Halleluyah!

the blogger testifies 105

I will exalt YOU...YOU are my GOD :)
The blogger testifies that 'I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor HIS seed begging for bread...HE is our help'. I testify of life, I speak life, I testify of peace, I speak peace, I testify of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, I speak wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
I have every reason to be thankful LORD. I indeed return to give thanks in appreciation :)
have a great week people :) Jesus' joy x
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 104

The blogger testifies that she can testify. I bless the Name of the LORD. Its so cool, crazy, awesome that HE is all HE says HE is :) Mehn! just can't get enough of it.
Then another cool thing, (for lack of a better word to use) is how the HOLY SPIRIT can speak the same thing to different people...even in different forms or English. Halleluyah!
As in...God blows my mind, defiles my logic, makes a mockery of our knowledge beautifully.
I pray you experience all of God this year. I thank God for December 31st 2012 :) Halleluyah! We are coming rejoicing, bringing in our offerings of praise and worship! Let us be worship this year LORD JESUS...let us be worship to YOU.
The word works it! (speaking to you and I).
Happy new year people, welcome to the year of the LORD, 2012.
in JESUS name, Amen x
thank YOU JESUS!

(see, signs of the times, the stage is being set, let the LORD lead us all so we don't miss it with HIM in JESUS name, Amen)