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2010...the endorsement!

Ups...Downs, High...Lows, but in all, I've vowed to praise YOU through the good and the bad...each time something went wrong I heard 'ehen...would you praise HIM now', but YOU alone gave me grace to praise YOU. YOU are...honest, loving, wonderful, kind, mysterious but yet open, big but yet YOU humbly came to save me, YOU are YOU! For 2010...I say, thank YOU JESUS...for if YOU had not been on my side...I won't be here testifying...for these...LORD, YOU showed YOURSELF strong...for life, love...everything...YOU weigh more LORD...I give YOU praise, in JESUS name...Amen

thank YOU JESUS!

Because YOU are able...

I testify by faith...Halleluyah LORD JESUS...All glory and honour be unto YOU in JESUS name, Amen. :)I'm not worried about YOU playing YOUR part...all I ever think about is me playing my part so it would be complete...hence when YOU show up :) but in all...I give YOU glory, not just because YOU deserve it or that I feel like typing it...but because its YOURS...naturally!!! Halleluyah...YOU reign!

the blogger testifies 51

Because of YOU LORD, I can say Merry Christmas world...the blogger testifies...continues shortly...stay blessed people! ........................................................................................ 28th Dec 2010 I bless YOU not only for what YOU do but for who YOU are: Mighty...excellent...great...holy...beyond words...unfathomable! I testify of life, love, YOU , YOUR grace, of JESUS name, of family, friends, bloggers, words...YOUR WORD, of everything. I testify of Christmas dinner, YOU are ENERGY...I testify that hence, I am running on ENERGY. I testify of heat, water, snow, rain, night and day. I testify of harmattan, sunshine, of showers, soaps and cream. I testify of YOUR mercy, of this week, for my miracle will never pass me by. I testify of YOUR grace that held me when I could not talk, walk, read, sing or do anything...51...LORD...I testify that YOU alone are my strength and my reward. I testify of Biophysics by faith. I testify...that this testimony is my way of saying...

the blogger testifies 50

50!!!! LORD this has been for YOU.With long life, YOU will satisfy me...thank YOU LORD JESUS :) I testify of Life, Love, Strength, Grace...indeed YOU are all I need to have all my needs met. I testify of YOUR grace LORD...for who are we that YOU are mindful of us...YOU sent YOUR ONLY SON; JESUS CHRIST. Not to just come alone for the records, but to live amongst us...the WORD became flesh and dwelt amongst us (John 1:14), HE came that I may have eternal. HE came that I would be reconciled with the FATHER...LORD...YOUR love is beyond blogs! its beyond words, its beyond writings...YOUR love oh LORD...makes me weak! I bless YOU for my family, my friends, for the priviledge to serve in YOUR vineyard...for once I was nothing...but now, YOU have made me useful to YOU LORD...Nothing else but YOU are my love and my life! I thank YOU LORD for this week...for YOUR presence, speed...for everything LORD... For the grace to testify every week...LORD... great is YOUR mercy towards…

I testify today...

I testify today LORD, that YOU are faithful beyond the letters in the word faithfulness...I testofy that as I mark 1 year of blogging its been YOU all through...not me, not my blog...its YOURS LORD.but I also testify of YOUR mercy, I thank YOU for Histology test, I thank YOU LORD....many mistakes but LORD, YOU still gave me a testimony...Thank YOU for a lesson learnt...I may not know exactly what...but I know that YOU have a plan...oh yes, YOU do! I'm grateful for the miracles of this week, for I've learnt about YOU...I've learnt so much...please help me to apply it LORD. I thank YOU for JESUS name...Amen forever YOURS.... THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 49

I testify today!!! :) FATHER, YOUR!Its by YOUR grace I'm still alive LORD. I'm thankful...last week was wonderful (I should have testified then). YOU dazed me again! I can never get over YOU in JESUS name...Amen. I can never get enough of YOU LORD...YOU!!!! I testify of YOUR goodness, YOUR mercies, YOUR grace...YOUR love. I testify of YOUR favour, of family, of friends, of blogger...I testify of this week in advance...I'm grateful for all the testimonies LORD. YOUR name alone be exalted, be magnified forever in JESUS name...Amen. :) and again I say, thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 48

Great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness towards me, YOUR tender mercies I see, day after day. YOUR ever faithful towards me, YOUR always providing for me...great is YOUR mercies towards me, great is YOUR grace.
I'm thankful LORD, for everything, for everyone. For family, friends, most especially for JESUS! I'm grateful for the opportunity to know YOU LORD. Undeserving of YOUR love...YOUR grace is enough. I'm thankful LORD. For new things, for old things...LORD, for Christmas and the memories it brings...I'm saying thank YOU JESUS.
For my brother, small daddy and friend; Adeleke Aladekoba, whose birthday is today...I say thank YOU LORD JESUS...for YOUR Rehoboth blessings for him, I'm grateful FATHER.
For plenty plenty miracles I read on blogsville...for you who is reading this...I thank YOU LORD JESUS. For this week FATHER, I thank YOU LORD JESUS for the miracles... in all...I'm saying:

the blogger testifies 47

JESUS loves me die...GOD loves me throway!HIS love makes me feel weak...I love JESUS!

the blogger testifies 46

IGWE...I'm saying thank YOU JESUS for everything...undeserving...oh, undeserving of YOUR love...YOUR grace is more than enough...I love YOU JESUS name...Amen :)

the blogger testifies 45

LORD you are good...YOU are good and YOUR mercies, forever endures...

Praise: Drunk Under HIS Influence

Dear FATHER,Ese BABA...I enter bringing praise and honour to your name. I'm grateful for the opportunity to praise YOU today... ok, so that joy of drunkiness that occired this week wasn't there...I'm kinda happ though cos mehn...I would have gone insane jore....the small craze wey I craze today 4 bcom som-tin-else. But LORD this is my status now, the comment I would write on YOUR status.... 'FATHER to YOU oh, be all the glory and adoration forevermore... everlasting FATHER, everlasting SON, immortal HOLY GHOST be THOU glorified.... For if David was the man after YOUR own heart, I know I've not praised YOU enough, but I beg to be the woman...please let the praise, the 'you dance well', the energy, the tears, the words, the 'you'ld teach me how to dance', the 'that was a nice performance/ministartion', the sweat, the craze, the screaming, the 'stupidity' that people may see in dance, the every, the worship, the music...everything LORD, …

the blogger testifies 44

I testify today...I'm YOURS LORD! :)
LORD, this day I testify of YOUR goodness, mercy, compassion, life, love, grace, faithfulness...for everything. I bless YOU for my family, friends, blog, myself, everything LORD... YOU've been faithful and wonderful. Beyond a doubt, even if I'm unworthy YOU have been faithful. Even if I stand here in this place, to praise YOU till the day YOU come it is not enough...For before, last week, now, this week and forever...YOU alone be praised and glorified in JESUS name, Amen.

HE makes me feel weak

not just HIS love,its HIS works, not just HIS works, its HIS actions, not just HIS actions, its HIS way. in English, its the way HE does HIS thing! Oh yes, I just had a wonderful test. HE said we're wonderfully and complexly made...mehn! E complex gan! I'm short of words once again so I'm just using this medium to thank GOD. I'm very grateful that HE made me pass this...sometimes I go "y is the thing so hard jore (anatomy)", but I guess its HIS style of saying "you see why I love you", its HIS way of saying "mehn, you are special to me". I'm still dazed! Oh yes I am...I didn't study enough, I won't say I did not study BECAUSE I don't want any reader to think GOD will bless you if you don't study at all...but in all honesty and in simple English, I did not study (I hope you grab the message). To study and remember is a miracle, to study and pick the question you studied is a miracle, to study and then see the question thro…

the blogger testifies 43

YOUR love dey do me like say...e dey do me like uh....e dey new every every morning...coming soon its 1-11-10; 2:11pm. I'm just grateful to God...without a doubt its been Him. So much I love to write, as much as I feel I'm good in English...(its the only language I speak fluently)...English fails me when I want to thank God...its never enough! But the Lord knows I'm grateful...we're in November! wow! To YOU oh Lord be all the glory and adoration forevermore. I'm so grateful Lord...for friends, family, for life, for love...for you, for this blog, for the every...Lord na YOU! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 42

with a heart of gratitude...I'm grateful for life, love, family and friends, everything...and most especially for YOU LORD. For the gift of life and that of salvation... for even if I stand here in this place, to praise YOU till the day YOU come...its not enough I'm also thanking YOU for my friends going on NYSC, for by faith, I know that it is settled!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 41

but for YOUR grace LORD...great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness towards me YOUR tender mercies, I after day... forever faithful towards me, always providing for me great is YOUR mercy towards me... great is YOUR grace...
I'm thanking God for everything...beyond words Lord, YOU have been faithful. And on behalf of my friends who just finished NYSC: remove hair dressing...praise the Lord!

thank YOU JESUS !

the blogger testifies 40

from apples to cross...from sin to redemption... from mourning to victory... Be highly lifted up oh Lord...YOU alone are awesome... I just say thank YOU...I know its not enough...but in the midst of all...YOU daze me... YOU weigh more Lord...yes YOU do
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 39 (Sunday)

You love me...oh yes, You love me more.More than words can tell More than songs can sing More than paper can handle More than my mind can comprehend
Me too Lord...oh yes, me too I want to love You more Know You more Search for You more ...its in the WORD right?...oh yes it is...
I testify of grace...He makes me feel weak! nuff said... for love, life, family, friends, this week, this month, this year's remaining 90days, Nigeria...for, for even the heater that has been put on in my room...I'm grateful for everything...I love YOU LORD...yes Lord...again its more than words.

thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 38

I'm desperate for YOU!I testify of Your ever loving kindness, tender mercies and grace...Even when the world feels empty, even when the rain is still falling, I know You're there. I'm thanking God for my family, friends, life, love...and for you (yes you!). God bless you real good. I'm also thanking God specially for Tolu Akanni...he's blessed! Please pardon my absence here...but I'm back BHG..oh yes I am!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 37

another week begins...You've given me the priviledge to see it...LORD, I'm grateful.For my life, my family, my friends, for love, for grace, for faith...I thank YOU FATHER because even in the midst of my irregularities, even in the midst of the clouds...I know YOU'll lead me to the path of righteousness, the path of success...yes, in YOUR own time. I thank God for everything...HIS mercies, HIS faithfulness...e dey new every morning! Lead me FATHER...ignite me oh Jesus name...Amen. thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 36

Dear Lover...I seem not to understand so many things happening around me, but I'm grateful because I know You'd make all things beautiful in Your own time. I'm testifying today of Your ever loving kindness, Your faithfulness...for life, love, everything, family, friends....and for favour this week and beyond words; I thank You for You...You totally weigh more! Words can't do justice though but then...
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 35

great is Your mercy towards me... Your loving kindness towards me... Your tender mercies I see... day after day... I'm grateful and I testify...for life, love, grace, strength, help...for Jesus! I thank God cos I'm completely unworthy and undeserving of the love He showers me with, for indeed He daily loads me with benefits! I testify also of clothes, shoes and a new device (I just had to write that). I testify that this is the end of the summer break...and the beginning of a new session, and that this session shall be excellent not only for me and my friends but for you also in Jesus name, Amen. I testify that in the midst of the storm...He is still God! Oh hi guys...mehn, I've missed reading blogs and blogging jore! So much to catch up on when I'm back...And please, once I can put things in order..."fragments of truth" continues... God bless you guys... facebook asks...what's on your mind...on my mind... "dear Medicine, I lo…

the blogger testifies 34

His love endures forever.ok, so I'm late on many things...chai I miss blogger jore...I miss you all. Internet! chai! but BHG it should all be fixed soon sha. And yeah, soldier ant I haven't forgotten ur questions oh...she'ld answer them. The story continues...probably when I end my crash course...yeah, did I tell you? but its ending soon sha... so I testify of life, love, grace...faithfulness beyond letters...and I thank God I'm alive and well..for family, friends...and more friends...and for you!!! yes ke! His love knows no boundary... Also for Rotimi Kehinde whose birthday is today...God bless Jesus name...Amen. Enough said! in all... thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 33

Oh give thanks unto the LORD for HE is good...HIS love endures forever.Undissolved gratitude to the Lamb that was slain. I testify of life, love, grace, salvation, cross effect, family, friends...and once again of HIS love. Undeserving of HIS love...HIS grace has spoken, and HE said it is enough. For a blessed week, a fruitful and wonderful week, HIS presence and life...I'm saying;
(btw, sorry for the break...the story will continue shortly)

Fragments of truth...4

hours...days...weeks...months... it's been 6 months since I met Felix. Smooth, suave, funny, nice, romantic, clean...those words don't do justice, he is it! From the guy who sat on that side of the church to the guy who now sits on my side of the church, the one who thinks beside my gorgeous eyes, I have a pair of fresh fair legs... :).....................................................................................
From that Sunday I made a friend, a special one at that. Talking, texting...MTN midnight call did a whole lot of good. We gradually grew fond of each other. You know how church folks start to call you an 'item' and a 'couple'. Disposition just sold us out jore! And then, we became a couple! So he was not my first, but honestly, I did feel fresh. Not like I've been in over 30 relationships but an eventful 3 to me is a record. The last one was just a jailed one...oh yes, there was nothing I did right. He was controlling...thats enough sadness! Fa…

Fragments of truth...4

...coming soon!

the blogger testifies 32

I'm not worthy to talk to You, but I know You love me still.You see the best in me, You love me to bits Indeed I love You Lord...oh yes, more than words I do Please help me let it show in my actions...
I testify of life, love, grace, faithfulness...He alone deserves all the glory...He is wonderful. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I'm also so grateful to God for the people He put around me this holiday, from Fifi, Ibk, Vee, Ehi, Fufu, Tray, Kenny and Baba amongst others sha...I'm so grateful to God and I pray His blessings and protection for you guys and your families. Well...and for you...yes you...thank God for your life and thank you too... I just testified...have you? thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth...3

Thursday...Friday...Saturday...I'm back to normal more day dreaming! Sunday........................................................................................
Now I have to tell you that you that I seriously tried to position myself in order to be visible. Well, he sits quite far from my favourite seat (I practically own it!)...abeg I wasn't stalking him oh!!!! Just one of those guys you keep seeing in know now! I concentrated in church oh!!! Service was great, Pastor preached on "temptations"...juicy...1Cor 10:13...please check it up. Chatting up with friends after church was fun...its still fun sef. "Er, hi guys" "Hi" they said. We were 3 girls chatting, he kinda knew 2 of them. " you doing?" "oh hi...Felix...fine thanks...and you?" I said turning in response to the voice behind me. I knew the voice, and that was just the person I was hoping to see. "ah, thank God...I'm good. Sorry…

Fragments of truth...2

The 30th of August 2006 was evening service...but oh yes it was awesome! Twas a cold evening, alright lemme make this clear...I love cold nights, an opportunity to strap myself in hoodies; did I tell you I love that too? :)...................................................................................... We had the regular evening service and oh, this dude was by my side. Had I seen him before? well..yes, but believe me I never thought of anything more until tonight...he was different. I tried to sit and hold my piece of steel, twas hard mehn! "Hi, my name is Felix, and I know you are Tolu Oju." 'Wow, so he knows my name', I thought "Er, yes, I'm Tolu...but Oju is kinda like my nickname, because of my eyes." I said "Your eyes? because..." "Duh! they're gorgeous! perfect!" I said with a wide smile. "I know...they're there...cute sha...anyway can I have your number?"
(Just like …

Fragments of truth...I (the re-post)

"if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those sweet words pierced through my heart and vented out of my mouth. How could he say such a thing? How could he possibly mean it?! .......................................................................................
"...if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those words forced out of my mouth, I didn't know what else to say but sure enough even in this pain I knew that I was doing the right thing. How could he say such a thing when he knew I genuinely loved him?...before marriage? Never...but I didn't want to loose him. "Tolu but how could you say you love me but yet hide one thing from me?" he said. "Felix how can you say you love me yet you keep me away from the altar?" Now that sounded sarcastic but I was serious....dead serious. "So you think this is a joke right, I'm not refusing to marry you, of course I know what the word says, I know what tradition says but just once. An as…

Permit me...

So I've not been exactly me lately...lately?...lets just say lately sha. Main point is I have faith things are getting better, I've given it to Jesus jore! That settles it!!! I started a story, and I didn't finish it...short and long is...can we start again...oh yes we can :) Fragments of truth...

the blogger testifies 31

HIS love...turns my head around jore!

rushes (contd)

FEMALE: Did he say he loved me? was he simply dreaming? was he speaking his heart for a season? was he too scared to say he only cares?
Questions that bother my mind hunts my emotions and taunts my soul rips me apart like he never meant it
and now I said yes, I've said it...what else? how to keep my man within how to let the woman next door flee
how to upload pictures of me in his dreams how to flood my mind with easy feelings how to keep the temple for him how to be the queen in the kitchen he needs
yes, how do I keep my man like my own heart, I think deeply about you, for how long will you be there for how long would you tell me the truth for how long would you pamper me for how long would I see you for how long would you love me for how long would you miss me for how long would you look hot for me for how long would you write to me for how long would you tell me I'm the one for how long would you be mine...forever!?!

starting again + rushes (poetry)

So I have no excuse for not writing...for not doing anything on this excuse...but hey, we can start again...from anywhere ba?, yes we fact, yes we fit!!! Its been a long time since I did a write up and Harry's blog was a wake up call...totally can check it out here. Lets start with this, I may have shared this before...but I also have given this with special permission...the first half of this:
RUSHES: the burdens we share
The beauty that shines so bright more than the diamonds in the sky the beauty that the Bible says would fade but yet yours is also within
Like an onion bulb is peeled so with precision do I unfold my love for you did she really mean the yes she said was she just simply saying yes to impress
how do I make my mandate known? how do I relate my vision clearly? how do I Ecc 9:9 with her? (***ehh, in simple do I live happily with her?) how do I let the others forget her hand?
how do I buy the things I need for her? how …

the blogger testifies 30

More than words do I pour my heart...yes, I'm grateful. Its a new month, a new day, a new season...I'm grateful. I testify of life, love, grace...oh yes, grace! I testify of sanity...I thank GOD also for my cousin who's a year old today. I'm grateful...and this blog is too small for me to write on jore! But all the same the blogger testifies. I've not been worthy...I've not been faithful...but I'm grateful, HE had never given up on me...and HE will never. Just in case you don't know...I love JESUS...and yes, its not just my personal secret...its been official!thank YOU JESUS.

the blogger testifies 29

Better late than never!!!!! I testify of life, love, health, friends....and sanity!!! I'm so grateful to GOD I can finally testify...mehn, life without internet isn't easy oh! chai! but thank GOD I've got access now...and thank GOD I've also been able to use this medium to curb the internet habit sha...yeah :) So I'm grateful for strength also to carry on too. I thank GOD for everything...I'm so grateful. thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 28

HIS banner over me is love...and HIS love rules forever...

Beyond the storms

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.Refrain:
It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live:
If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.But, Lord, ’tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait,
The sky, not the grave, is our goal;
Oh, trump of the angel! Oh, voice of the Lord!
Blessed hope, blessed rest of my soul!And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The t…

the blogger testifies 27 (contd)

I testify of HIS faithfulness, HIS mercies which are new every morning... HIS love which knows no boundaries and HIS touch which is ever comforting. GOD is not only able...HE is capable!HE alone is able to deliver those who trust in HIM. I testify of life, love, family, friends, blogs....and yes, for you!!! I'm also grateful to GOD that Tolu Akanni's book launch rocked!!! Its painful that I missed it but I'm thankful that it was worth it for people that went. So much noise about it right and I thank GOD that the noise will be converted into impact. I'm grateful for so many times I can't just pin down one thing... and yes, for my friend Dayo's birthday...twas great. For church here, twas great even if summer holidays have started for most people. I'm grateful for those who have started their holiday like Eno! Finally...I still have lots to say though, but I'm thanking GOD that HE is good and HE alone is GOD! For being mighty to save and for mira…

the blogger testifies 27

the LORD, the ONE in WHOM I trust....yes, I'm testifying of HIS faithfulness...
this post will soon be up...please...thanks :)

I believe...

I believe in GOD...and yes, I believe I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me... thank YOU JESUS!

when words don't come out...

I'll break the silence LORDwords are not coming... but I cannot hold back my praise
All I want to say is: thank YOU JESUS for grace, for love, for favour in fact, thank YOU JESUS for this semester
As undeserving as I am YOU gave me victory I return to give YOU thanks
I'm grateful FATHER even for my fathers birthday today I'm thanking YOU
beyond words LORD... I say; thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 26

HE has done great thing...bless HIS HOLY NAME.I testify of life, love. strength, faith, grace, success and lessons. I testify that as surely as the LORD lives HIS Word will not return to HIM void. For "...nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few." (1 Samuel 14:6). If the LORD be for me...who can be against me? (Romans 8:31). I'm also grateful to GOD for my friends and my cousin; Osi, that graduated from Covenant university on Friday...4, 5 or 6 years is not a joke, but the LORD saw them though. I'm thanking GOD also for their results and for those who will also be graduating next year because I know by HIS grace its done. So much to thank GOD for...its a new month, one year is almost done here...its being GOD carrying me all through...I bless the name of the LORD. thank YOU JESUS.


YOUR grace is sufficient for life!!!!!!!!
Kabiyesi... Aribiti... Arabata! Ah! I'm drunk with praise drunk that I want to say thank YOU but what I really want to say is more than that and yet the words are not coming out!
I've spread YOUR fame the littlest of ways that I can I've tried...but it still is not enough! YOU are MIGHTY to save
Dirty linens YOU have washed my tears YOU've wiped away another miracle... yes! for nothing can hinder YOU from many or by few!
Confirmed! YOU are.... now no words can quantify Praises can never be enough I looked at my question paper...I saw nothing reasonably familiar
JEHOVAH the Mighty ONE in battle YOU fought for me YOU fought for us... words fail me...again....
Ah!!!!!!!!!!! Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!
(People...I can't explain it oh! chai! the LORD has done what I know HE can do! HE displayed HIS faithfulness again...BHG, I'll explain it in a series of short stories dirty linen stuffs... but surely...HE is MIGHTY to save! HE never…


YOUR EXCELLENCY...KABIYESI... the ONE, yes, the ONE in whom I trust... I can't place my emotions... I can't spit out the words... but one thing I know right now is... the LORD is MIGHTY to save!
Undeserving of HIS love... I asked for it....oh, I love YOU LORD! and HE showered me with HIS loving kindness this being the highest praise... HALLELUYAH TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...
(yes, its an exam I just wrote...but its a miracle HE just gave me as a result, and I know HE'll do it again and for those in need also, in JESUS name, AMEN). thank YOU LORD JESUS.

reaffirming the truth

like Jonathan said...indeed NOTHING can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few... (I Samuel 14:6)For HE who made man in a split second...who by the WORDS of HIS MOUTH made the earth... HE has torn down the walls of upper limb, lower limb and trunk & skull... who said HE isn't mighty? Reaffirming the truth...HE can do anything and everything when we ask in HIS name...

the blogger testifies 25

More than words can carry, I testify of HIS grace, faithfulness, mercy, love, favour...I testify of HIM! I thank GOD for everything and everyone; family, friends...everyone! I'm also grateful for bloggers I know that would be graduating from CU; Harry, Tolu, Phune, EmSopheelicious, Ehi, Ruth...and so many of my friends graduating this year...its being GOD all through. The journey of forever begins...NOW :) Also for a friend, Anita, who graduated here today, I thank GOD Honestly, even the 'smallest' things, the things we think are natural, we need to give HIM thanks, because some people can't do them. For the grace to breathe...and hear the word today...I'm grateful... thank YOU JESUS!


I just want to say...BABA o, ese I just want to say... BABA o, ese

the blogger testifies 24

To the ONE who gave me lifeHIS excellency, Kabiyesi Oba mi, Eledumare
To the ONE that gave me and keeps the one that gave me birth Osuba re re o
To the ONE who keeps me In whom I have confidence in My LOVER, Adupe
To the ONE, yes, the ONE in whom I trust To my FATHER, my saviour JESUS CHRIST the HOLY SPIRIT who guides me.... HAPPY FATHERS DAY :)

June 19th

Lights, camera, costume....action!in all FATHER, it was YOUR grace that kept me for 4 years without an offence form kept me without a failure in times when I stumbled, in times when I fell... YOU lifted me up and carried me through it all there I found YOU not just the one I had understood before but YOU and YOUR forgiveness. All of YOU and none of me. its one year FATHER...YOU provided it all. YOU saw me through it all... words fail me now but one year after, on behalf of myself, family, friends and colleagues; eagles... I say thank YOU LORD JESUS! :)


It won't be enough if I say thank YOUthe world may not get it but thats not my problem I'm so grateful FATHER... YOU are my remembrance! thank YOU LORD JESUS.

the blogger testifies 23

Great is YOUR mercy towards me YOUR loving kindness towards me YOUR tender mercies; I see day after day forever faithful towards me always providing for me great is YOUR mercy towards me great is YOUR grace. I can't stop saying thank YOU to the one who gives me life. Thanking HIM for family, friends, life...and you too. I'm grateful FATHER... I testify that HE is still GOD! thank YOU JESUS.

I must testify.

I can't hold back my praiseYOU daze me. I get weak with words... but one thing is sure, YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN... I love YOU JESUS! :)

the blogger testifies 22

HIS mercies are new every morning....From January...its June people!!!!!!! its all of GOD! The blogger testifies that HE has not given up and as HE said, HE will never give up on me (and I believe HIM to madness!). I testify of life, love, friends, family, health, bloggers, academics....and you! Yes, HIS faithfulness has kept us and is still keeping us. I want to say I'm extremely grateful to GOD. A lot of testimonies coming forth soon and I believe strongly that I would testify in JESUS name, AMEN! Just so much to be thankful to GOD. Final year students in CU, some are done (like Harry) and some would soon be done (like Tolu). I just thank GOD. Please check out: A-Z life lessons by Tolu. Also this for an interview with him. Once more, so much to be thankful for as I'm being restored to factory settings...I just thank GOD for grace and healing...its all of HIM and none of me! For a wonderful week and miracle filled week ahead, I say... …

Re: the blogger testifies 21

Tolu's right ppl...I was at my lazy peak yesterday!But thank GOD I'm up...I testify of HIS awesomeness even if I'm undeserving. Truth is, none of us are. This last week came with a lot of lazing around and high moments of reading. I thank GOD for everything. Most of all I testify of health in mind and body because I believe that by HIS stripes, I am healed! So much in my head but I want to say I'm grateful to GOD for friends, family, blogs and bloggers, life...everything! I'm so grateful and I love HIM so much. Jaycee has been here for a while dropping comments and I must say I'm grateful. A great blog too...(stuffs to read during the holiday!!!) Tolu's blog has also been swinging in poetry which is pretty great. Please check this out Me and Jesus...its awesome! Also Serendipity88. So much on this space called blogsville! Its my own exam season now...its well...I'm banking on GOD. Everything is on HIM cos me...I can't do anything on my own. I'm th…

the blogger testifies 21

HE's awesome!

the blogger testifies 20

(updated: 24th) call this banal but I must testify! This past week has been awesome people. I've got this "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" fever...and I like it so its staying forever! HIS faithfulness is off the track... This week I testify of GOD's sweetness, faithfulness, grace, joy, hand...I testify of HIM! From tests that went well, to test that did not go well, from 1st week to 15th week, I say I'm grateful. Its not by my power nor by my strength. HE turned my 'Mara' into sweet things. For family, friends, love, life...for JESUS...I'm grateful. And also for the long BMC students who have finished, those who had all their exemptions and those who'll write exams...I thank GOD. When I think about HIS love, it makes me weak. I'm also grateful for exams, my friends and many people writing this season, I thank HIM for excellent success. Sunday service was...WOW! the praise was..!! HE deserves so much more. This seas…

Re: the blogger testifies 19

I can't hold back my praise!So much to do right now but yet so much to thank GOD for. From family, to friends, to well wishers...I thank GOD. Today I testify of HIS faithfulness as always. Faithfulness is not just what HE does but who HE is. Its HIS logo. I'm taking GOD for May people (esp bloggers: Harry, Tolu, Dunmola, Aiesha and Ik). GOD's favour, protection, guidance and grace go before, after and with you all. AMEN. People, I haven't forgotten about the story oh, just that things might not go as the original script went. So please bear with me. Happenings: Poetically speaking is out...check out Harry. Tolu's book also. In all, thank GOD for everything, so many miracles this week, hence so many testimonies. From defence ( CU students) to tests to exams. We thank GOD for these great things and HIS favour. Also for being restored to factory settings and black foundations (it takes grace to understand what I'm saying)... :) Finally, …

the blogger testifies 19

sleep is sweet oh!still loading though...this would be updated later today. Please bear with me. But before then I'm saying thank YOU JESUS for life, love, family, friends and everything. Academics and otherwise. I'm also grateful because I'm being restored to factory settings...and also for black foundations... :) thank YOU JESUS.

the blogger testifies 18

This week I testified in my mind even if I didn't write it down, apologies :)The blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness and dealings. HE said "endorsement" this year, its not been easy I must say...and its just the beginning! I testify of life, love, family, friends...and specially you (the reader). Its by grace we are still alive. And oh...just in case you think I'm! I can't...I tried it and it didn't work. According to the world's definition of religious, NEVER! I've given up on religion on along time ago, I'm not good enough for it. But I opted for a relationship, then it becomes a lifestyle...thats what Christianity should be...and I think you should do the same too... Well, so many testimonies coming up this week, next week and weeks ahead, and oh...I'll be sharing a testimony on the behalf of my friend Koye...real soon...(like next week!)... Plus, Ofure; my bestie...your presence has been noted here... :) The only thing lef…

Fragments of truth...I

"if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those sweet words pierced through my heart and vented out of my mouth. How could he say such a thing? How could he possibly mean it?!
The following is purely fiction. I'll like to term my style of writing as descriptive narrative (conversational). Its highly imaginative. With some uncategorized lingua (i.e coded phrases), this style of writing is in an attempt to confer familiarity between you and the characters. This piece centers upon the Nigerian (and even African) value which has been slowly deleted from the movie industry; abstinence. Comments, criticism and advice are welcome...enjoy :)
"...if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those words forced out of my mouth, I didn't know what else to say but sure enough even in this pain I knew that I was doing the right thing. How could he say such a thing when he knew I genuinely loved him?...before marriage? Never...but I didn't want to loose him. "Tolu but…

the blogger testifies 17

Hi people!Wonderful day at my end and sure you're was too. Hope you had a wonderful and fruitful week and weekend too...Mine? oh, well...thank GOD! Today I testify of HIS mercy. Its a new month and its by HIS grace are alive. Another month of drills, laughter, speaking to mum, dad, Lulu and Benny, fun...NCC Debrecen people, comparing colours with Funsho, going for lectures with Aisha and Zainab, looking at Ike's grey hair, classmates, facebook, skype, Rotimi Kehinde, Koye...the list is endless...but oh, my best part, another month of spending time with GOD! So many times I miss it...oh so many times, but HIS love is so awesome! HIS mercy is genuine. HE gives us another chance. I thank GOD for this past week, I learnt a lot of things. I was down health-wise at a point but HE brought me back to my feet. Of life, love, friends, family...and you, I testify today. Sometimes I try to think of new stuffs to write to make this blog lively but I must say that even when things …

re: the blogger testifies 16 like this should have been somedays ago...mehn! everything is just moving so fast, gotta get a grip now!the blogger says sorry this didn't come up as it should have. :) So this week, the blogger testifies of life, love, friends, family...and you! Great things happening everywhere BHG and in my place of fellowship, NCC...its been awesome. I also testify about a test and an exam that I ill-prepared as I was, HE showed up and the results blew me off my feet. Just too many things to testify about and sometimes I just don't know what to write. In all...I testify of HIS ever loving kindness and faithfulness. Now Apples to cross is not only about the blogger testifying, I would love you to also add your voice and testify. Please do so by dropping a note. Also, this blog has lots of stuffs (BHG) to drop but however...lemme blame it on education :) thats why nothing much has been done....actually that just one of the reasons. Oh, things would normalize! Yeah, pl…

the blogger testifies 16

...pls this will be updated soon...but before then: thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 15

I'm still speechless people...HIS love makes me weak...confirmed!BHG you all had a nice week. In simple terms I testify of HIS immense faithfulness, breath taking love and stabilizing effizy! So many testimonies I don't know how to put on paper...just no words to hold them! I thank HIM for life, love, joy, peace...for keeping you all and giving you all the grace to read this and me the grace to write this. For my family and friends, for fact, I thank GOD for everything! I thank HIM for my friend, Tayo "Shawama", for another year, for fruitfulness...HE's been faithful as ever. So much to be thankful for, so many testimonies about to take place. Beyond the norm "I thank GOD I don't have to sit in front of the mirror to eat my food" thank YOU FATHER...I love YOU dearly and greatly. thank YOU JESUS.


I'm...oh thank YOU JESUS!HIS love makes me feel weak...I love it!

the blogger testifies 14

Imagine this is Sunday... :)
Hi guys!!!! I should have done this on Sunday, but anyway...I just have to do this before I go to bed. I have faith that your week went well with many miracles. This week the blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness, for life, love, family, friends and! I thank GOD for keeping us and providing for us, protecting us and for HIS grace...mehn, we are so not up to it, but HE still loves us. I thank GOD for my princi (principal...since secondary school, she's just to "darling" and I can't let her go!); Rev. Sr. Rita Hilda Omolara Akin-Otiko. Her birthday on Sunday, for grace, blessings, health and strength. For her family and all her people, for comfort even at this time when...well, I bless GOD for everything. Then I thank GOD for my people that came back from Nigeria. My black bros is back!!!!! Actually two of them. Thank GOD for safety. Then for this! I thank HIM in advance...I have faith for some miracles and I'll drop th…

CALVARY THROUGH HIS HANDS (edited by Ikechukwu Ononiwu)

“Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM!” they screamed.They had no idea what it entailed.My LOVER took the shame and bore my cross.HE could have turned them into dust But HE thought of me and continued.
I can imagine how they crucified HIM.They clearly would have torn HIS rotator cuff muscles;The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.The teres major too would have been displaced.Deltoid screamed for help as all supply by the axillary nerve was cut off.
HIS muscles were all worn out before they got to GolgothaBut yet LOVER held the forth.HIS fasciae became historyFor though HE did nothingHE remembered me and claimed my shame
5 Forints I cannot give HIM for thisFor not even a billion and a second “trili-zillion” Euros and Rupees cannot buy that for me.Then the soldiers hit HIM again“Continue now, don’t drop it, do you think we have got all day?”They said that to the KING OF GLORY…but HE carried the cross once more
HIS anterior and posterior arm was down,Not even innervations by the…

the blogger testifies 13

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halleluyah! Hi people, sure the easter commemoration is going on well. Ok, so I slept off last night so I couldn't do this but its alright, I guess this was the time Mary Magdalene and the others went to the tomb to check our LORD and... we know the whole story. This week the blogger testifies of GOD's faithfulness...yes oh, I will! I had tests and the results were in, they blew me off my feet! I passed beyond my imagination. I did not have to have the highest score to be satisfied with the miracles for HE said that though my beginning was small, yet my latter end shall be greater! I thank GOD for my friends, for joy and peace unspeakable full of glory. I thank GOD for my family and for everyone of you reading this blog because its by HIS grace that we are not consumed. I also thank GOD for the new month, so many great things are happening BHG. Then to church yesterday,…

the blogger testifies 12

when HE moves... Hi guys!!!! sure your week was splendid, thank GOD. Mine? Oh well, we thank GOD too...great BHG! So today the blogger testifies...yes oh! I testify of HIS goodness...mehn! HIS power can make you weak! Chai! I'll start with the week, the Monday miracle of the package I had been awaiting. My Molecular biology presentation...was off the chain...HE totally spoke through me! My was just HIM oh...the flu came and Hallelujah, its gone. Difficulty in breathing and weakness....all over. I'm eternally grateful. I had a test...I know its well. I saw my result for one test I wrote...I give HIM praise. I really did not prepare so well, but HE gave me enough ginger to know that when I get my groove on, on that subject...its done! Then today... As a church worker, I have never attended any workers pre-service meeting and I have gone twice (I guess...btw, I was very late) for Sunday school service. No just reason. Today I went, even when there was daylight saving ti…

the day the earth shook (pure rantings)

"Tuesday and she is blogging?" Yes, oh...thank GOD for HIS mercies. Well, I just thought I should share this. Pretty an interesting write up although I had something more intense for today but I can't find it at the moment. So here we go: "water, e no get enemy..." Trust me, Fela was wrong! Water does have enemies. Okay thats in literal term because when people take the water...then it has enemies! Trash the fact that we cannot survive without it, if its not in my bucket when I need it, then we ain't cool together. It was on Saturday morning, forget the date...but 12am was our target-TTG exam II (Towards a Total Graduate Program in in, for the graduating class at my first University). We, lets just say a large portion of the US, had a nice sleep till 9am or even more. Who said the early bird is not lucky? For those who took their bath early enough to see the water stagger out of the hall were lucky. At about 9am, some of us slowly got up from our thick…

the blogger testifies 11

"I will sing forever of YOUR love oh LORD!" Hi people! Hope you had a wonderful week and weekend. Now Monday is knocking at our door. Oh well, we thank GOD. Today the blogger testifies of the LORD's love and faithfulness. For health, life, love. For grace, wisdom and direction. For family, friends and all. For my country and the revolution that is about to take place there. HE is truly amazing. I also want to say a big thank you to Funsho Kuteyi, thanks of the new people encouraging me. And oh, my birthday is today...yeah, I have many days to celebrate it. Actually its my twin's birthday: Oyinkansimilade Aladesuyi. I thank GOD for her life and thank HIM because the best is yet to come...AMEN. So many testimonies coming forth this week starting with my health. I'll fill y'all in. "as usual, oh, is there anything new on this blog?" You may ask that question but I'm about to get diligent wit…

the blogger testifies 10

Wow! 10? I'm just realizing. Thank YOU JESUS. I thank GOD for the week. Yes, I owe a testimony. My test was fine, not just fine, I passed and I give all glory and honour to GOD. Also for my friends that wrote and passed and for those that did not pass now because I know they are going to do much better when the exam comes (AMEN). I thank GOD for everyone, my family, my friends and all the people around me. I thank GOD for 70x7! So many times we do the wrong thing and don't say we are sorry to GOD. HE does things for us, even as little as we think waking up is (its a big deal oh!), and we don't say thank you. I thank GOD for HIS mercies and HIS grace. And yes, another testimony is coming up...actually 2 at once!I also want to thank GOD for Mr and Mrs Fadugba (Uncle Muyiwa and Aunty Seun). Finally, the seal has been put and I know the LORD will bless them richly...AMEN! Oh, today is mother's day...its stale gist that I love my mom! have a lovely week and GOD bless you...…

the blogger testifies 9

I testify of GOD's faithfulness as always,protection, favour, grace for my parents, siblings, friends, myself and of course for you. I thank GOD also for my best friend; Ofure and one of my personal persons; Bamen (actually, thats Ofure's twin brother), the just concluded the 6-3-3-4 system! When GOD says yes...nobody, no administration, no soul can say no! A testimony is about to happen and I'll share it immediately it lands...and in advance, I testify of favour and grace...even if I stand here in this place to praise HIM till the day HE comes, it is not enough! thank YOU JESUS!

before the blogger testifies 9

Hi!!! we thank GOD for bringing us to the month of March. Last week Sunday I could not write anything. I had to come to terms that the LORD gives and yet the LORD takes. We (my friends and I) lost a friend. Not like I was close to him, maybe I spoke to him more than 3 times but he was someone who was nice and friendly, one you could hardly miss. Tall, wore glasses and had crossed eyes, an amazing smile and oh yes, he was in the classical choir. Charles Umogo-Ogbolu! It was really painful as I recapped how I was saying to myself that I would add him as a friend on Facebook when viewed his pictures. The event was bitter to all of us here, how it happened (its even on Sahara reporters!), and it gave me more reasons to thank GOD for life. Well, theres no need to explain what happened but theres a reason to thank GOD for the life he lived here and that by HIS grace, he is rejoicing in heaven...we will miss him here though. I guess anatomy has helped me to value life more. To me the cours…

The blogger testifies 8

I am alive to write this, you are alive to read this...thats enough for the blogger to testify! thank YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 7

To worship YOU I live...
Its yet another Sunday. I hope you had a wonderful week. Today I testify of the LORD's goodness, in the land of the living. For only the living can give HIM praise, only the living can dare to complain, only the living can be hungry, only the living can worship HIM, only the living can ask for forgiveness and yes only the living has a second chance!
I thank GOD for HIS mercies, for faith and for strength. For love and for life. Indeed HE is faithful even till the end. Sometimes it might not feel like it, it might not look like it, but for sure it is it! The past week made me think a whole lot, I've started anatomy in school and believe me, one of my conclusions is this; "the human body: what science doesnt give explanation for...the scripture does!". GOD is awesome.
Have a wonderful day, week and season. Experience GOD in a whole new dimension and see HIM work in HIS favour this week...but remember to testify!
thank YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 6

Hi guys!!!! 3 minutes to 12!!!!!!! wow! the blogger testifies real soon...but so as to drop an important fact today...I must say:
I've broken up with... (coming soon!)

I sincerely apologize for not updating at the right time. No excuses, nothing tangible!
This week I testify of GOD's faithfulness, as always. It would be 25 years since the dynasty began! Its my parents wedding anniversary. I am forever grateful to GOD. And indeed I'm thankful for miracles that would happen this week. Have a great one and please testify! I remember once again, that I've broken up with...the world! (Romans 6:1-14; emphasis on vs 14)
thank YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 5

Hi people...its 15 minutes to the end of the day, I must testify. A lot has happened over the past few hours so I have been trying to fix up things in preparation for my new semester. I would still testify again this week. But now, I testify in poetry, as written before I say:
‘ In response to the Psalms:
Did they say HE’s faithful – that’s too small
Did they say HE’s too faithful – what more can I say
Did they say HE’s too faithful to fail- its more than that’
I thank GOD for everything...thats the least I can say. Today I was overwhelmed as I wondered how I was not filled with bitterness,so much joy in my heart, so much love, I bless GOD for the new dimension HE's taking me to. Being a friend and a lover. With this I say, this blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness, I can't help the repetition because HE is too faithful, HE doesn't even know how to fail! THANK YOU JESUS!

Feb 5th

So like I just have to blog on something...I'm a year older today...thank YOU JESUS!!! I couldn't have been older without YOU!

who's in your boat?

I got this insight a few months ago and I'll like to share it. Not just as an encouragement to me but to others.
How can JESUS CHRIST be in your boat and you're scared? I read this scripture; Mark 4:35-41 and I got some kind of rhema.
Jesus Calms the Storm

35That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, "Let us go over to the other side." 36Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just as he was, in the boat. There were also other boats with him. 37A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. 38Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?"
39He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, "Quiet! Be still!" Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40He said to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?"

41They were terrified and asked each other, "Who is thi…