the blogger testifies 17

Hi people!
Wonderful day at my end and sure you're was too. Hope you had a wonderful and fruitful week and weekend too...Mine? oh, well...thank GOD!
Today I testify of HIS mercy. Its a new month and its by HIS grace are alive. Another month of drills, laughter, speaking to mum, dad, Lulu and Benny, fun...NCC Debrecen people, comparing colours with Funsho, going for lectures with Aisha and Zainab, looking at Ike's grey hair, classmates, facebook, skype, Rotimi Kehinde, Koye...the list is endless...but oh, my best part, another month of spending time with GOD!
So many times I miss it...oh so many times, but HIS love is so awesome! HIS mercy is genuine. HE gives us another chance. I thank GOD for this past week, I learnt a lot of things. I was down health-wise at a point but HE brought me back to my feet. Of life, love, friends, family...and you, I testify today.
Sometimes I try to think of new stuffs to write to make this blog lively but I must say that even when things get brighter here, the blogger MUST testify every Sunday...its the least I can do to acknowledge HIS AWESOMENESS!
For some days...I guess it may be more than a month though, I've been following Tolu Akanni ( seriously and I must say...(like I said some blogs ago), great stuff there. Thats being giving me a lot of thought and inspiration, GOD has been using that blog to also teach me great lessons! One of my new mentors.
Taking a cue from Phune's blog (, I'll be posting pictures or should I say images. And oh, please do watch out for the next mixtape from Harry.
And how could I was awesome today...of the tracks! mehn! some HOT WORD! I've said plenty things today I'll leave you with this special...
You may read what you've see on this blog elsewhere...but you'll get it fresh from me here! Meaning I may give my write ups out to be published in magazines and all. BHG...things are looking bright.
Get up this week and Make A Difference...thats the word! In all....


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