Re: the blogger testifies 19

I can't hold back my praise!
So much to do right now but yet so much to thank GOD for. From family, to friends, to well wishers...I thank GOD. Today I testify of HIS faithfulness as always. Faithfulness is not just what HE does but who HE is. Its HIS logo.
I'm taking GOD for May people (esp bloggers: Harry, Tolu, Dunmola, Aiesha and Ik). GOD's favour, protection, guidance and grace go before, after and with you all. AMEN.
People, I haven't forgotten about the story oh, just that things might not go as the original script went. So please bear with me.
Happenings: Poetically speaking is out...check out Harry. Tolu's book also.
In all, thank GOD for everything, so many miracles this week, hence so many testimonies. From defence ( CU students) to tests to exams. We thank GOD for these great things and HIS favour. Also for being restored to factory settings and black foundations (it takes grace to understand what I'm saying)... :) Finally,
thank YOU JESUS.


  1. Lol. Ur thankfulness definitely brings a nice chuckle to my face ;-)
    I'm counting the thankgivings with u jare. Count ur blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the God has done (will do!).
    Happy WhoopieDoo Day;-)


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