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In closing

I would like to use this medium (as I have always done) to say a very big thank YOU to the Number One person who reads, visits and even shares my blog posts :) To my best friend, my main Man, my main Person, my Lover, my All...yes, we will always be on it because I'm still being made to be like YOU. To my game changer ;) my Redeemer, the One who I know can take a thousand and more bullets for me, who took my life from below and broke me to make me into who He wants me to be. Who breaks me even now and once again, just because He wants to make me who He wants and also to remind me that He can do it.
To my strengthner, my Father, my lover...once again, my Love, my Lover, my best friend.
Thank YOU God the Father, thank YOU God the Son, thank YOU God the Holy Spirit.
I'm here winking at the game changing power of the Holy Spirit and I wish I could explain it but I'm so grateful that I can rely on Him. I am very grateful, very very actually.
To my concept consultant, my way mak…

the blogger testifies

Its the last Sunday of the year, as undeserving as I am, YOU have been wonderful to me. I never want to forget that YOU first loved me, that YOU sacrificed all for me, that YOU are my reason for living, yes LORD, I am here for YOU.
I thank YOU, I thank YOU...and I thank YOU once again.


On this day of Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!! :)
I know its been forever but hello and merry Christmas to you. What were you up to today? How have you been? Whats going on? Kilon pop?
Today, I have a friend of mine to tell me and you about Christmas. I'll upload pictures and update this once I get more.

Christmas is about love. God demonstrated it when He gave His son, so you can't love without giving something, love is all about sharing and sacrificing. I spent my Christmas with God loving people, it was short but I loved it, we ate together like siblings...and yes, we are siblings since God is our father. #getJesus#getLife
- Leye Eso

Till I edit this,

The blogger testifies

I don't want the day to go without me telling You thank You. I love You, teach me to love You in Jesus name, Amen.


the blogger testifies

I testify that You are my covering. My everything and I love YOU.
I have some much to thank You for, actually, everything. From breathing to speaking, from eating to cooking, from jumping to jogging when I do, from typing to memory...You are my everything.


the blogger testifies

Hi guys, I know I've not tried. I will try. One day, I'll be day I'll realise that ''I've been genius''. I apologise that its been 2 weeks since the coming soon of photo Friday.

I have testified.
Have a lovely week.


Photo Friday

...coming soon...

Cranial content: Men ought to pray...

Wassap!!!! I know, cranial content sebi? You've seen that my guilty conscience is on a high, its even higher with this post. Jesus is who I'm hanging on and with on this one.

How's your week going? Hope good. Mine has been aight, could be better...been sleeping/behaving like a little baby girl! but I'm glad I'm here. Thank You Jesus!
Cranial content: Men ought to pray...
I've been so guilty of 'fainting' when men ought to pray, I'm contemplating putting up this post. But, just in case this is also for someone and not just me, here it goes...

Ladies and Gentlemen...let us pray. You don't know how to? Get to a quiet place and just talk to me, He's listening.

The blogger testifies: Jehovah, the God of 'setup'.

I am knowing You to be the God who can setup any setup because You want to do what I desire You to do, yet, according to Your word.

Let me tell you a story, a testimony. A while ago my elder sister bought earphones for me (thanks Lu), I wanted headphones but I didn't state it clearly and so the people who went shopping bought earphones. I traveled back home and my friend wanted the earphones, I gave them to him and I really needed a headphone...I probably told God about this and while in transit back to my school home, my brother gave me his Beats Headphones...I know! I never expected it! :) (thank You Jesus, thank you Be xx).
I know right? Such things I can ask for and He is mindful of seriously! Who am I? I'm grateful, like when I wanted a camera, He gave me, He just keeps using people. When I needed a flash for my camera, He gave me. 
Me? I return to give thanks oh Lord :)
What are those things that God has given you (perhaps, even new shoe laces)? Have you thanke…

Photo Friday: Lungu's 7 things to do while on a flight

Hello people! How has your week been? I must say a big thank you to all those who check out my posts, share and like on Facebook. I do appreciate you all. I see your views people. Its pretty quiet here but I'm glad some people do like what I put up.

What do you do on a flight? Or even on a trip in general? Say you're sitting next to people who you don't know, what do you do? Me? I like to take pictures of the view, the clouds and even other planes (my fellow window seat voltrons please receive a high five). I also like to "make friends" sometimes or even, just have meaningful know, from their occupation to talents to Jesus :) So 114 days ago I had the opportunity of being on a flight and I met a nice young man (Chris Lungu). We had a wonderful conversation and I asked him to tell me the things he does (or will do) on a flight. I know! Its been forever and I should have posted this but here it is now.

Lungu's 7 things to do while on a fligh…

Re: PhotoFriday- the Ark

Let me tell you a story, yes, a real life story. In the time when the earth was still "young", there was great wickedness going on...but there was a man named Noah that pleased God. God? Yes, God...the creator and owner of everything, God.

The people hurt God so much that His course of action was to remove the people, wipe the earth. Me? When I go through this story I'm amazed at how honest God is to leave the story there...that, is perhaps story for another day. I continue, still, there was a man named Noah.

As Noah pleased God, He (God) told him (Noah) to build an ark, it was going to rain. Yes, build an ark! God gave him the specifications and instructions; animals will be on board, 2 by 2...2 of each, male and female. Noah built an ark, he obeyed God. The people laughed at was definitely funny. An ark when we haven't seen such rain.

They got in when it was time, Noah and his family. And then, it rained!!! Just like he said, it rained. The people were sh…

the blogger testifies

The thing wey You dey do me dey sweet me for body. Nobody fit love me like You love me. Me? I just wanna love You forever Lord...let me please You, dassall. I thank You, forever I thank You.

Photo Friday: the Ark

Hi guys, how was your week? I know, I've hardly posted anything. So, at the moment, I'm not able to access the photoshoot that I wanted to put up but very soon sha, very soon :)
I went through some pictures I had and I stumbled on one of the numerous photo sessions I've had. Its a "throwest" back! From 2012 :)
Tomorrow, it'll be up and its titled: the Ark.

Enjoy your weekend :) ~Dew


Hi guys, I'm sorry I didn't post anything this Friday. I'll be doing a post this Friday though, by God's grace. :)
Ehen, people, I travelled for a program, and mehn! Bob Fitts was live in concert...kai! voice sounding like cassette tape, its not autotune. Ah! Let me just drop that there. It was beautiful. Thank God :)
Have a wonderful month  people.
Shout out to my lovelies, Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Iren, happy married life!!!! Jesus joy!!!!

The blogger testifies

I give You all the glory LORD, it's You alone that deserves it. For life, family, friends, health, wealth, love, brain and much more; I'm very grateful, thank You!
-------------------------------- Hey people, how's the weather? How do you all do? I'm doing good...thanks for e-asking :) This blog is full of apologies but hey, I'm sorry I didn't put up anything this past Friday. I had a blast though. Was "at sea" with my people...adventures through the day really. It was a holiday and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to chill and not think about getting my Friday 8am Psychiatry class stamps. :) How did you spend your weekend? It's almost over sef. Me? I spent mine with my people and I chilled for some time today. Have a wonderful week people.
Thank you so much to all those who shared one Naira and one Million photo stories. I really appreciate you. So many views, I see you all! Thank you]
Shalom! ~Dew

Whether na one million

Yes oh, I'm still on that. Hello people, how has your week been? I hope its going great. So this is a continuation of the song : One naira by M.I ft Waje. Thank you so much to those who viewed, shared and commented (Meemjay, Dr Remedie, T.Notes)...I do appreciate you all.
Did you miss the one naira photo story? Please click here. Have a wonderful week (and for those in this part of the world: Eku Enjoyment oh...have a wonderful holiday) :)

Disclamer: These beautiful people are not in a relationship. Thank you :)

Photo: Whether na 1 naira

Whether na 1 Naira, Whether na 1 million, baby you got you got me.  (M.I ft Waje) ONE NAIRA Project Manager: Ebi T.
Models/Actors: Ehpeaphany (female)
                           Kelechi O. (male)
Photo Editor: Jemima
Welfare/Supporting: JayJay O.
Location: Apafi.

Disclamer: These beautiful people are not in a relationship. Thank you :)