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You know, I want to rush in here and just put up a post so that I would have put up a post for December of this year 2016. Yes that's true but I really am grateful.
As I left church a few minutes ago (after setup), I thought to myself about how it still hits me that I am actually alive, to see the end of 2016. This was one year really...but God did it. I feel it wasn't my most 'spiritual' year but it was amazing nonetheless.
Ah! Bad things happened but more real is our faith though! Its been tough living that out many times but its all I have actually got. God really is all I have got! He at His word for me, my family and my friends.
I'm here toiling with the idea of not going for crossover service...but I'll be going.

Most times I just think out: just give me Jesus. I really just want Jesus. I know I have Him...but that relationship that those who we read about in the Bible had; I mean, the audacity of the 'in my name you will cast out devils'. That Ab…