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the blogger testifies 3

I cannot deny HIS faithfulness, love and mercy in indescribable measures towards me...I thank GOD this week for my family and friends..for safety and health..for life and love...for everything...
I've been going through an examination mode and I know that this is one in which I have learnt a lot of lessons. BHG, in the blogger testifies 4, the lessons will be fully explained. I give GOD all the glory for my Chemistry was a success, HE saw me through it and I thank GOD for my Biophysics because HE has helped me thus far. I am done with one section of the exam and the other section equally matters and I thank and praise HIM in advance because HE will do it for me.
In all, this blogger testifies of the grace and patience GOD has with her...even if I stand in this place to praise YOU till the day YOU come it is not enough....THANK YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 2

"Great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness, towards me, YOUR tender mercies, I see, day after day....forever faithful, towards me. YOUR always providing for me, great is YOUR mercy I see, great is YOUR grace!".
This week I testify of GOD's faithfulness to me and to my country...even in the midst of all, when we look closely, there is a lot to be thankful for. The earthquake that occurred in Haiti brought tears to the eyes of many. As for me, I couldn't even cry when I saw lifeless bodies of children depicting the state of things via the internet. It was a horrible sight, I didn't have enough emotions to handle it. GOD has been so merciful to my country Nigeria, no natural disasters...just man-made issues! I bless GOD for everything and I pray for the people of Haiti and those that lost loved ones that the LORD will restore and see them through this period...AMEN.
Still in Haiti, I exalt and thank GOD for miracles. I thought I had nothing to do with…

the blogger testifies

Hi everyone...ok, so I should have written this since yesterday, but great things happened...but now its here...BHG, the blogger testifies will be up every Sunday...I have been writing exams since, but that is no excuse for not updating this blog. So I'll just let you in on a little edited "inboxing" I did on facebook to a friend of mine..ok, so its not that little; but here we go...
December 17, 2009 at 4:20pm
...and oh yes., I guess I told u dat I ddnt get the Biophysics lab our GOD now....HIS AWESOMENESS gave me a 2nd chance...this tym, HE gave me what I wasn't prepared for...(the other tym I told HIM wot I wanted and HE gave me exactly dat...and I FAILED it!! as in 0/3) I said.."GOD, FATHER, I don't want Geiger Muller..I won't mind Light Microscopy again or any other...but not that...but then again...anything you want to give me...its YOU and me..."...and someone picked Light b4 me..and blood pressure...and next thing, t…

In response to 2009

It would be the height of ingratitude if I do not testify and make known the goodness of my LORD and personal savior JESUS CHRIST before I officially start blogging this 2010!!! I do not take lightly the year 2009, as HE saw me through it...Words fail me to describe it all, but I must say:
for the drunk worships, the hours of thanksgiving YOU accepted, successful completion of my 6-3-3-4 educational system, the entrance into a new 6 year journey, the drama: LEGEND OF THE REDEEMER, the miracles from the laboratory to the road for me and my family, for health, life and love,safety, for my aunty that got married after a long waiting period, for strength to go through the year, for the 28 children who were transgenically let loose...and for the nailings of 2010...