The blogger testifies 2

"Great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness, towards me, YOUR tender mercies, I see, day after day....forever faithful, towards me. YOUR always providing for me, great is YOUR mercy I see, great is YOUR grace!".
This week I testify of GOD's faithfulness to me and to my country...even in the midst of all, when we look closely, there is a lot to be thankful for. The earthquake that occurred in Haiti brought tears to the eyes of many. As for me, I couldn't even cry when I saw lifeless bodies of children depicting the state of things via the internet. It was a horrible sight, I didn't have enough emotions to handle it. GOD has been so merciful to my country Nigeria, no natural disasters...just man-made issues! I bless GOD for everything and I pray for the people of Haiti and those that lost loved ones that the LORD will restore and see them through this period...AMEN.
Still in Haiti, I exalt and thank GOD for miracles. I thought I had nothing to do with people there or anyone in that country by any means, but then on Friday a friend of mine wrote this as her facebook status "Thank you GOD for preserving my dad even in the midst of an earthquake and 14aftershocks!!!!" Isn't GOD faithful..this blogger testifies and says..."HE's too faithful, HE doesn't know how to fail"...THANK YOU JESUS!


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