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the blogger testifies

Its been months since I testified...I apologise.
31st December 2012
I thought I had nothing to be thankful for...the end seemed rocky, I had been clouded by so many things, excuses, but honestly, yesterday He gave me a reason to be thankful. He showed me the wonderful things I'm thankful for.
Wow! from dreams, to mercies, grace to abundance, provision to favour, love to warmth, His embrace to protection...all I have to say is thank You LORD.
This year has been an awesome year for me, I may not feel it, but I do know it. I believe 2013 is a wonderful year, a year of Praise to God. I am excited, in me, no matter how hard it is to communicate it...but God reigns...I speak peace, life, joy, health, wisdom...but most of all...its the year to bless God. I appreciate God. Ah, even for the grace to know where I have missed it, to have a revival, saving me from backsliding...I'm grateful. I'm thankful for even the grace to know what to buy for my 'secret santa'.…