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the blogger testifies 108

I testify of Your love oh LORD...that I have seen Your goodness, see Your goodness and will still see Your goodness in the land of the living. I testify that ggmama, Sho-mi and Mrs E are all mummy' delivery, yes, I testify of safe delivery. I testify that You are GOD...yes, You are good...Speak LORD...
in JESUS name, Amen :)


Dear LORD...I'm hours late but beyond words...I thank YOU very much much! Nagyon köszönöm... *bows*

the blogger testifies 107

I appreciate YOU LORD...I really do appreciate YOU,
in JESUS Name, Amen x

Halleluyah post :)

Na true say only YOU be true say nobody fit be like true YOU talk for YOUR YOUR WORD dey Spirit and true say affliction no go rise up a second true say I come back, give YOU thanks...Double Twale FATHER!
in JESUS name, Amen!
Thank YOU JESUS :)

the blogger testifies 106

I testify that I have seen the LORD's goodness, HIS mercies and compassion. I testify that I have an opportunity to testify, I testify that HE is indeed good and faithful! Just hold on, be strong, trust in HIM, be encouraged!
thank YOU JESUS!

on this day last year...

I bless YOU LORD that on this day last year I excelled in biophysics...I'm still on a double twale mode LORD! I salute YOU LORD!
thank YOU JESUS!

Grateful post...

I'm here today only by YOUR grace...I indeed give YOU the glory...Thank YOU JESUS for everything! YOU truly are mighty to save :) I salute YOU LORD! Halleluyah!

the blogger testifies 105

I will exalt YOU...YOU are my GOD :)
The blogger testifies that 'I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor HIS seed begging for bread...HE is our help'. I testify of life, I speak life, I testify of peace, I speak peace, I testify of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, I speak wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
I have every reason to be thankful LORD. I indeed return to give thanks in appreciation :)
have a great week people :) Jesus' joy x
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 104

The blogger testifies that she can testify. I bless the Name of the LORD. Its so cool, crazy, awesome that HE is all HE says HE is :) Mehn! just can't get enough of it.
Then another cool thing, (for lack of a better word to use) is how the HOLY SPIRIT can speak the same thing to different people...even in different forms or English. Halleluyah!
As in...God blows my mind, defiles my logic, makes a mockery of our knowledge beautifully.
I pray you experience all of God this year. I thank God for December 31st 2012 :) Halleluyah! We are coming rejoicing, bringing in our offerings of praise and worship! Let us be worship this year LORD JESUS...let us be worship to YOU.
The word works it! (speaking to you and I).
Happy new year people, welcome to the year of the LORD, 2012.
in JESUS name, Amen x
thank YOU JESUS!

(see, signs of the times, the stage is being set, let the LORD lead us all so we don't miss it with HIM in JESUS name, Amen)