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On gratitude

See eh, I'm very grateful to God. You know sometimes you ask for something's and you don't know how to standstill and trust Him. I was in need of a document and God gave me. I dunno what to say, this is bigger than valentine. Thank You Jesus :)

Happy birthday to me, to us

I thank God for today, for the past years...see, today is my birthday. It's that time when I want to write of God's faithfulness and grace and say great things but words fail me. I then settle for the most powerful words I know: Thank YOU. I am grateful...for the past, present and future. Blessed be the name of the LORD. It's a privilege to know the owner of heaven and can know Him too. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to us, all February 5th born. Have an amazing year and years ahead :)  ~Dew

the blogger testifies

This is a testimony...that I know the King :)