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Cranial content: On recognition and giving up

Don't stop doing what you're doing because you are not being recognized, you're here to work for the LORD. You may or may not be recognized, when you do don't let it get into your head, when you don't, don't let it pain you in the head...Jesus sees, do your best and that's enough. I am here, to give God pleasure, to give Him twale!

The blogger testifies

The things You do LORD, You are amazing! I want to go from hi to fellowship. I'm here to say thank You. I appreciate the miracles everyday. Let me love You.

PhotoFriday: No divide

*Thank God its Friday*
Yay!!! Hi guys, how's it going? How was your week? How was your day? My week was good. My day was great. I called in on Praiseworld Radio :) You should check them out...awesome people. There was also Food Day in my school. Wonderful!!!  This week's PhotoFriday is titled NO DIVIDE. I took this picture today at the International Food Day. You know that place where we are all happy and there's no divide, no colour, no language, no worries...yes, there is no divide. Have a nice weekend :)

(special thanks to Osei and Charles)

Cranial content: On falling in love with Jesus

I wish I could fall in love with Jesus, you know, be crazy about Him like Paul dem. Being with God like Elijah dem...mad stuff. Oh well, I guess I'll grow in love. ~Dew

the blogger testifies

Late, but still on time. I am here today because of You. See eh, my life, if for You. My testimony, it to You...because of You. We will have an amazing week...yes, I testify :)

Cranial content: CALVARY THROUGH HIS HANDS (edited by Ikechukwu Ononiwu)

Hi guys, wonderful weekend right? Here's poetry I posted in April of 2010. In line with the 'season' of remembering the price Jesus paid for us, enjoy this poem.
“Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM!” they screamed. They had no idea what it entailed. My LOVER took the shame and bore my cross. HE could have turned them into dust But HE thought of me and continued.
I can imagine how they crucified HIM. They clearly would have torn HIS rotator cuff muscles; The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis. The teres major too would have been displaced. Deltoid screamed for help as all supply by the axillary nerve was cut off.
HIS muscles were all worn out before they got to Golgotha But yet LOVER held the forth. HIS fasciae became history For though HE did nothing HE remembered me and claimed my shame
5 Forints I cannot give HIM for this For not even a billion and a second “trili-zillion” Euros and Rupees cannot buy that for me. Then the soldiers hit HIM again “Continue now, don’t drop it, …

PhotoFriday: Laughter

Yes please...its Friday :) This babe be writing like its some major chill out Friday, but lets be happy because the weekends give us that vibe. How was your week? Mine? It was alright actually. I am sorry I didn't put up any cranial content this past Wednesday.
      Today, this picture is called Laughter. You know what they say about laughter being good medicine. Proverbs 17:22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones".

I hope you have an awesome weekend. Lemme leave you with this link, its MEEM JAY'S STYLE. Yeah, its a fashion blog and she's my friend :)

(I'll let you in on poetry tomorrow...shall we?)

The blogger testifies

'Me? I'm here because of You.
 Yes LORD, You.'
I testify of God's faithfulness, His protection, His care. From putting me to sleep to waking me up, I testify that He is good. What are you grateful for? What's your testimony?
So how was your weekend? Mine was fine. PhotoFriday had quite a number of views, thank you so much guys. Thank you for sharing, for those on Facebook, thank you for your comments. Special thanks to the cast and crew...and of course to Kofi Yamson for the editing. Lets have another PhotoFriday, shall we? I hope we do, and also some cranial content. Have a lovely week :)

PhotoFriday: Runaway Lover

Hi guys, the weekend is here :) Time for catching up, unwinding, preparing for the new week. I do hope the week went well. So today is Friday PhotoFriday!!! I present to you 'RUNAWAY LOVER'. It was shot last year August. Enjoy this and your weekend :)

Project Manager: Ebi Tarakeme
Models/Actors: Ehiremen Uduebor (female)
                           Oyindenyafa Tarakeme (male)
Photo Editor: Kofi Yamson Jr.
Welfare/Supporting: Skep Garba, Benny Akhigbe
Location: 47° 32' 35.0880'' N (Calico Jack)

[please note that note that no hearts where hurt in the making of this photo story]

Cranial content: On prove and confirmation

Hi guys, how's the weekend going? Hope great. Here's my cranial content for the day, wrote this in October 2012. Enjoy the rest of the week 
                Sometimes we need it, sometimes its not needed...clearly: faith is. Like if you believe in God when you see a cross appear on a wall, but wait, can't the devil copycat that? Do a sign on the wall, maybe under the influence of alcohol, make you see another sign and viola! You'ld go with him? Point is, I always wait for proof, for something physical and by that I do not painfully mean the physical things HE has put, something extraterrestrial if I may say, something, just feed me or the minute though, something to put my faith on as a hook...a dream, a feeling, a word, a song, a drama...humans are emotional beings...feed me baby!...something that will make me go: there's a GOD, Jesus is real...I'm sorry LORD, and yes, I am forgiven.                 That's probably why when a preacher falls som…

The blogger testifies

I'm sitting at the bowling alley and I'm like 'what am I thankful for?'. I thank God for love...for life, for family. I thank God for friends, for my group mates, for smiles, for clothes. I thank God for  fingers that can bowl...with a few gutters, I'm grateful for strength. I thank God for Jesus. I thank God for fine things. For down times and up times. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

What are you thankful for?
Have a nice week :)


[ I apologise that I will not be able to post the photostory today...thank you.]

PhotoFriday: Photographers be like...

Hi guys, yay!!! Its the weekend. So I'm so sorry I will not be able to post the photostory today. It should be up tomorrow. Forgive me please. I have something though. You know the stance photographers take when they wanna take your you go. Have a nice weekend and please be on the lookout :)

PS: please these are my family members eh :)

Cranial content: on proposals and surprises

Hi guys, I do hope your week is going on fine. Today I'm sharing my thought on proposals and surprises. Enjoy and enjoy the rest of the week.            ----------------------------------------------- I have been for fairy tales and gorgeous surprises, but at the moment my state of mind is: wetin be dis? Bia, a young man has been 'patrolling' your life and you've given him access to you (howbeit hands off limited). Now the bros has proposed to you and you're kwanu?. What was he supposed to do before? Why was he running around your smell? Wasn't it to marry you?              So I'm sure a couple of folks will be like 'I said it, sebiI talk am say na she go fit roll eyes sake of say person don propose to am'. Oh no, I'm all for the sweetness, the romantic gesture, lovey dovey...I love that...yes, you're officially asking for my hand in marriage but I don't think it should be so out of the blues surprising...may…