Cranial content: On prove and confirmation

Hi guys, how's the weekend going? Hope great. Here's my cranial content for the day, wrote this in October 2012. Enjoy the rest of the week 
                Sometimes we need it, sometimes its not needed...clearly: faith is. Like if you believe in God when you see a cross appear on a wall, but wait, can't the devil copycat that? Do a sign on the wall, maybe under the influence of alcohol, make you see another sign and viola! You'ld go with him?
Point is, I always wait for proof, for something physical and by that I do not painfully mean the physical things HE has put, something extraterrestrial if I may say, something, just feed me or the minute though, something to put my faith on as a hook...a dream, a feeling, a word, a song, a drama...humans are emotional beings...feed me baby!...something that will make me go: there's a GOD, Jesus is real...I'm sorry LORD, and yes, I am forgiven. 
               That's probably why when a preacher falls some go with him. 'I hung my salvation on his neck' so when it's/he's down, they're down. Follow Jesus...from His life we see He never fell or failed. Yes Paul said follow me as I follow Christ, so ultimately you follow him only if he follows Christ...not do all he does or idolize him, but listen to him... 


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