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the blogger testifies

Enjoy your week people


The blogger testifies

Wouldn't I sing of YOUR goodness? Wouldn't I tell it on the rooftop?
Shouldn't I shout it out for all to hear? That YOU've been good to me and YOU light up my world?
Its because of YOUR mercies I am not consumed. Its because of YOUR kindness that I have hope. Its because of who YOU are that I have a future...a very wonderful, a bright future. Its because of YOU my hope is ever secure, ever sure. Its because of YOU that I can cry out in praise.
YOU oh LORD, light up my world.
I testify, that even in my silence, even in tears and words unspoken...all this while, YOU have been so faithful and I am so grateful.




Hello everyone :) No...the fact that I'm back here on the 22nd of May after my last post was on the 22nd of February wasn't planned. I am sorry for neglecting important things like this blog. I know people hardly comment on this blog but for anyone who feels hurt by my action, I do apologise.

Trust your year has been going on well. Have a beautiful weekend :)