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re: the blogger testifies 16 like this should have been somedays ago...mehn! everything is just moving so fast, gotta get a grip now!the blogger says sorry this didn't come up as it should have. :) So this week, the blogger testifies of life, love, friends, family...and you! Great things happening everywhere BHG and in my place of fellowship, NCC...its been awesome. I also testify about a test and an exam that I ill-prepared as I was, HE showed up and the results blew me off my feet. Just too many things to testify about and sometimes I just don't know what to write. In all...I testify of HIS ever loving kindness and faithfulness. Now Apples to cross is not only about the blogger testifying, I would love you to also add your voice and testify. Please do so by dropping a note. Also, this blog has lots of stuffs (BHG) to drop but however...lemme blame it on education :) thats why nothing much has been done....actually that just one of the reasons. Oh, things would normalize! Yeah, pl…

the blogger testifies 16

...pls this will be updated soon...but before then: thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 15

I'm still speechless people...HIS love makes me weak...confirmed!BHG you all had a nice week. In simple terms I testify of HIS immense faithfulness, breath taking love and stabilizing effizy! So many testimonies I don't know how to put on paper...just no words to hold them! I thank HIM for life, love, joy, peace...for keeping you all and giving you all the grace to read this and me the grace to write this. For my family and friends, for fact, I thank GOD for everything! I thank HIM for my friend, Tayo "Shawama", for another year, for fruitfulness...HE's been faithful as ever. So much to be thankful for, so many testimonies about to take place. Beyond the norm "I thank GOD I don't have to sit in front of the mirror to eat my food" thank YOU FATHER...I love YOU dearly and greatly. thank YOU JESUS.


I'm...oh thank YOU JESUS!HIS love makes me feel weak...I love it!

the blogger testifies 14

Imagine this is Sunday... :)
Hi guys!!!! I should have done this on Sunday, but anyway...I just have to do this before I go to bed. I have faith that your week went well with many miracles. This week the blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness, for life, love, family, friends and! I thank GOD for keeping us and providing for us, protecting us and for HIS grace...mehn, we are so not up to it, but HE still loves us. I thank GOD for my princi (principal...since secondary school, she's just to "darling" and I can't let her go!); Rev. Sr. Rita Hilda Omolara Akin-Otiko. Her birthday on Sunday, for grace, blessings, health and strength. For her family and all her people, for comfort even at this time when...well, I bless GOD for everything. Then I thank GOD for my people that came back from Nigeria. My black bros is back!!!!! Actually two of them. Thank GOD for safety. Then for this! I thank HIM in advance...I have faith for some miracles and I'll drop th…

CALVARY THROUGH HIS HANDS (edited by Ikechukwu Ononiwu)

“Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM!” they screamed.They had no idea what it entailed.My LOVER took the shame and bore my cross.HE could have turned them into dust But HE thought of me and continued.
I can imagine how they crucified HIM.They clearly would have torn HIS rotator cuff muscles;The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.The teres major too would have been displaced.Deltoid screamed for help as all supply by the axillary nerve was cut off.
HIS muscles were all worn out before they got to GolgothaBut yet LOVER held the forth.HIS fasciae became historyFor though HE did nothingHE remembered me and claimed my shame
5 Forints I cannot give HIM for thisFor not even a billion and a second “trili-zillion” Euros and Rupees cannot buy that for me.Then the soldiers hit HIM again“Continue now, don’t drop it, do you think we have got all day?”They said that to the KING OF GLORY…but HE carried the cross once more
HIS anterior and posterior arm was down,Not even innervations by the…

the blogger testifies 13

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halleluyah! Hi people, sure the easter commemoration is going on well. Ok, so I slept off last night so I couldn't do this but its alright, I guess this was the time Mary Magdalene and the others went to the tomb to check our LORD and... we know the whole story. This week the blogger testifies of GOD's faithfulness...yes oh, I will! I had tests and the results were in, they blew me off my feet! I passed beyond my imagination. I did not have to have the highest score to be satisfied with the miracles for HE said that though my beginning was small, yet my latter end shall be greater! I thank GOD for my friends, for joy and peace unspeakable full of glory. I thank GOD for my family and for everyone of you reading this blog because its by HIS grace that we are not consumed. I also thank GOD for the new month, so many great things are happening BHG. Then to church yesterday,…