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the blogger tesifies

My DADDY has me on HIS mind. Sometimes that's all I need to think about. I testify of God's grace, from food to eat to HIS corrections, words cannot be enough.
I'm thankful for my friends, for my dad and mum, for my brother and sister, for me, for you...yes, I'm grateful. I'm thankful for movement, for the opportunity to be changed from glory to glory. I want Jesus!
What are you thankful for/about? Have a wonderful week people.
Jesus Joy :)

Cranial content: to the gods we have made

Szia :) Hi guys, beautiful weekend right? So yesterday I dropped a hint about doing a weekend post. Here's poetry once again. I hope you enjoy it...and the rest of the weekend :)
To the gods they made
I write as them I am not them
To the gods we have made the ones we put in our shrines sacrificing our little ones who wipes out lives the ones we can change like diapers when we see a stronger one... yet still one as powerless in display, sometimes just like the gods we have made
You see I became aware of myself at a tender age I cannot recall the day I was birthed but yet these gods I recall the day I carved them
without fair skin, yes...this is without blue eyes I can totally relate with it away with the white man's words its all for imprisonment! this is the god we have made
then the preacher says my god is dead yet I offer sacrifices  although rotting sometimes,  I know he gets the message
to the gods we have made helpless things, wood, iron, stone. t…

Photo Friday: love

Hey! How are you and how did your week go? I hope it was fine, mine was good...thank God :) So I really don't want to slack on this oh. Let me drop this old picture here. I titled this one 'LOVE'. Have an awesome weekend...I'll be grateful if you wait on a weekend post. By the way, here's my friends blog MEEM JAY'S STYLE. Its primarily a fashion blog, good stuff there. Enjoy :)

Cranial contents: Forever young

Hi guys, I trust your week has been going on fine. So today I'll be sharing a poem/rant. I like to least sometimes. I've got a lot of write ups either completed or just bullet points lying all around me. I'll like to share them and most times they are my cranial contents. From rants and opinions to poetry and stories, I grab a pen to lend my voice.
I did this piece some time ago at an open mic event in my school, it's titled FOREVER YOUNG. It's a short piece. I'm usually not one to write a short piece...some of my pieces are really long. This came to me while I was out to shop. It's either this song came to my mind or it was being played and I was feeling the vibe. This is not to be an insult to Jay-Z though. Enjoy the rest of the week.

FOREVER YOUNG permit me Jay-Z #forever young...(insert song's chorus)... You see I always had a thing for being young I wanted to be young, forver young like being childish and never growing up not necessarily childi…

The blogger testifies

I testify that God is faithful...that is as sure as a fact can be sure.

Photo Friday: Future so bright...

Hi guys...Friday already? Thank God for the week. So today, lets have 'Photo Friday' shall we? I love taking pictures of people, clouds and things. Whenever I have the opportunity to, you can tell I'm shutter happy. I'll let pictures do most of the talking on days like this. This is tagged: FUTURE SO BRIGHT. Although it was taken a while ago and it wasn't tagged then, it clearly fits the description. You know that saying, my future is so bright I need sunglasses. Thats what this picture says. Have a nice weekend :) (In other news, I love T.Notes...yes, he checks up on my blog and me...I really appreciate him.) ~Dew

this is not a title

See eh, I don't think I have the right words to say but I'll tell you, my reader, anyway. I look and this blog and I go: 'this was not the plan'! No, it was never the plan. I was to nurture this was to be my hideout, yes, you can call it my escape but yet my open space. I started blogging because I had so much to share, from rants to music. Anything creative and edifying. So I'm here, back to the basis with no excuse...not like I'm asked to give one. Besides I've had internet, I've had something to know what, I'm moving...yes...we are moving...cos this is not a title post.
I'll let you have a seat and see what I'm up the mean time, here's my sister's blog HERE.
Have an awesome week.

the blogger testifies

Me, I thank God...I testify that I am doing fine, I'm well, I can type, I can smile, I can sleep, I can cook and eat, I can need for drugs. I thank God for you, you came here today and you can read this.