this is not a title

See eh, I don't think I have the right words to say but I'll tell you, my reader, anyway. I look and this blog and I go: 'this was not the plan'! No, it was never the plan. I was to nurture this was to be my hideout, yes, you can call it my escape but yet my open space. I started blogging because I had so much to share, from rants to music. Anything creative and edifying. So I'm here, back to the basis with no excuse...not like I'm asked to give one. Besides I've had internet, I've had something to know what, I'm moving...yes...we are moving...cos this is not a title post.
I'll let you have a seat and see what I'm up the mean time, here's my sister's blog HERE.
Have an awesome week.


  1. What do you mean moving???!!!

  2. I mean like moving, not moving site. Thank you T.Notes. :)


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