Cranial content: to the gods we have made

Szia :) Hi guys, beautiful weekend right? So yesterday I dropped a hint about doing a weekend post. Here's poetry once again. I hope you enjoy it...and the rest of the weekend :)


To the gods they made

I write as them
I am not them

To the gods we have made
the ones we put in our shrines
sacrificing our little ones
who wipes out lives
the ones we can change like diapers
when we see a stronger one...
yet still one as powerless in display, sometimes
just like the gods we have made

You see I became aware of myself at a tender age
I cannot recall the day I was birthed
but yet these gods I recall
the day I carved them

without fair skin, yes...this is without blue eyes
I can totally relate with it
away with the white man's words
its all for imprisonment!
this is the god we have made

then the preacher says my god is dead
yet I offer sacrifices 
although rotting sometimes, 
I know he gets the message

to the gods we have made
helpless things, wood, iron, stone.
things that cannot see, hear or speak
deaf and stupid being
no...the wood isn't stupid, its just being wood
that's what wood does...that's its job description

yet I lay prostrate, fear the being
principalities and powers entering it
lesser being...not the real being
yet, they are the gods we have made

so I'm thinking
I do not know how exactly I came to this earth
yes, by birth...but you get my drift
but pray tell me
these gods I have believed in...yes, the ones we have made
perhaps I have to go help them prepare a 'heaven' just like the white man calls it
because since with my hands I have made them, 
then certainly, I have to sort myself out in the life after
that...I do not know how...
perhaps...the gods we have made are not real...
yes, impure ways of these things
because if I had to make them, perhaps I have to keep helping them

to the gods we have made
I wonder why iya Kukuru has a different one
if its the same heart structure
same womb our mothers came from
I wonder why he is so diverse
iya kukuru's wood has not moved on her behalf
let alone baba Agbe's stone.

to the gods we have made
we made them, they were not here at our existence
people obviously do not carry their 'belongings' in death
so are they only for here?
perhaps in death we face the real God
let me not be too late in finding Him...

but the gods we have made do bow down
breaking arms like dagon
I laugh,
the real God is obviously not these ones
if I could explain Him then He will seize to be God
sometimes I can't understand Jesus
I doubt He had blue eyes though
forget what the white man says
even if they never came to Africa
I can bet my life on it that Jesus' good news will have come to me
someway, somehow...these gods we have made would have been put in their place
yes, because there is only one God...there has to be
lets not go medical, but by one route men come...still one route they return.
So let me know Him...not the gods we have made.

(Szia: hi. Hungarian)


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