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The Blogger testifies

YOU have all I water! YOU are all I need...Bread of life!
YOU oh LORD JESUS, are the real One. YOU set me up and YOU'RE the game changer.
YAHWEH be praised!


PhotoFriday: Shadows...the abuse.

Hello people!!!! I'm all here like: I'm sorry. I am sorry actually. How have you all been? I've been slightly M.I.A on this blog but I'll try.
Today is PhotoFriday. Amen, we're back :) I know, "we'', yes; my project manager and I. See eh, lemme let you in on what has happened oh. I was going to post this today (well, I still am) and then yesterday one good uncle decided to put up his own oh...well, please help ya self with this Project R.A.W.
This photo story is titled SHADOWS...the abuse. Its a short story about domestic violence. Although this is not a campaign, domestic violence has never and will never be cool.
A very big thank you to the cast and crew of this "neck breaking" feat. We shot it in the summer of 2014 (late July) and I'm just releasing it :) No comments :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Project manager/Lights: Ebi Tarakeme
Cast: Benny Akhigbe, Obinna Ezue, Ehiremen Uduebor


the blogger testifies.

I serve a God who never fails. His mercies? New every morning. His greatness? Beyond words. All I have to say, is thank You LORD.

.......... Today my family here had a little something for me as my birthday was this past Thursday. Thank you very much guys: Reme, Ebi, Oyin, Benny, De Mami (Grace), Aisha, Mima, Christopher (Leye), Uncle Imoh, Zainab, Nguper.


The blogger testifies

I'm here, I'm grateful. I thank You LORD for every single thing that you have done for me.
It's my birthday, happy birthday to me. Thank you for all you have done for me LORD and for all the wonderful people around me.

the blogger testifies