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on February 29, 2012

yeah, its Feb 29th, the day the LORD has made and I am indeed glad in it! I thank God for He is great! He's perfect and He's wonderful...I thank God because He gives me the opportunity to.
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 111

My testimony...that YOU, oh LORD never leave me, never forsake me...YOU're working on me and I am totally grateful!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 110

His forevermore...I testify, the LORD is true.
thank You Jesus!

the chemistry of love (preface)

'long day! phew' I sigh. Not like I had done some heroic things through the day, but the thought that I am back home is a huge relief.
Ok, so its Feb 14th and no matter how unconcerned I am about the day, (whatever mehn! why can't there be Rotimi day! :p) at least a call from Tunde would make a difference.
Tunde and I met way back in high school...but the thing between us started after college. Oh well, you guessed right, or at least you tried, Tunde and I are in a relationship.
Erm, why is this boy sending me an sms? where has shame gone to? (I love random questions, I'm sane, but I love answering questions in my head...after making them up of course!)
Ah! *is GOD's love selfish?* Thats what Tunde just asked... Something is wrong with this boy/man/male...human being!
But wait; is GOD's love selfish? Actually if something is wrong with Tunde for asking me such a question then I think I'm sick too.
I've had that question on my mind for a while now...
lets …

the blogger testifies 109

Dear LORD, I really am grateful beyond words can do perfect justice to how I want to praise You...but all I want to say is: thank YOU LORD JESUS!
Be praise LORD...I testify that I'm a year older and wiser today...of Your protection, favour, excellent health and grace...I testify that He is wonderful and I am going to see my children's children if He tarries...I testify of life...He has given me His best and I am grateful!
thank YOU JESUS!
I am thankful LORD...I am grateful. in JESUS name, Amen :)