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You know, I want to rush in here and just put up a post so that I would have put up a post for December of this year 2016. Yes that's true but I really am grateful.
As I left church a few minutes ago (after setup), I thought to myself about how it still hits me that I am actually alive, to see the end of 2016. This was one year really...but God did it. I feel it wasn't my most 'spiritual' year but it was amazing nonetheless.
Ah! Bad things happened but more real is our faith though! Its been tough living that out many times but its all I have actually got. God really is all I have got! He at His word for me, my family and my friends.
I'm here toiling with the idea of not going for crossover service...but I'll be going.

Most times I just think out: just give me Jesus. I really just want Jesus. I know I have Him...but that relationship that those who we read about in the Bible had; I mean, the audacity of the 'in my name you will cast out devils'. That Ab…

Onise Iyanu


on wrestling

Apparently, we are in a wrestle
Apparently we really wrestle
Against not flesh and bloodied being which we can see
But rather against principalities, spiritual wickedness seated in high places
Apparently, we are in a wreslte

One that can be unknown to us in our subconscious
One that sometimes we push to the back, trying to forget, remove it from conscious
One that no matter what, still remains
Its a war, a constant war
One that can be unknown to us in our subconscious

Apparently, we are in a wrestle
Apparently one won for us years ago
A sacrifice by our Maker, yes a Son given up for us
But sometimes my mind cannot comprehend
Apparently, we are in a wrestle

One that has been fought and won
One that no matter how many times our enemy draws a line
One that can never be fought with physical hands
But whats even better:
One that has been fought and won

So when the enemy comes
I'll lay up my ammunition which is the word of God
I'll cast down arguments, and ever high thing exalting i…


Halleluyah LORD!
My sisters are doctors. Favy, Mima, Reme, Dedun and my very own De Mami (Grace).
I thank God. This is great news!

Knowing fully well that He who began this good work in them was indeed faithful to complete it...and yes, as He started this phase we know that He will surely see to all that concerns it.



The blogger testifies

So I mistakenly published without typing...but here's my testimony: God is faithful, God is my keeper and I am grateful! Great things are happening...get ready world! I thank God for the opportunity to be His. I am 'God's own'...I testify of His goodness.


the blogger testifies

Be Thou exalted oh Lord above all the heavens
Be Thou exalted oh Lord above all the earth
Let Your glory be above all the earth
Let Your glory be above all the earth.


Ric Hassani - Gentleman

Brethren, I love this song by Ric Hassani and even if this isn't the visuals I expected: its equally dope! See technique!!! Please do check it out...its amazing.

Have an amazing weekend! Jesus joy.


the blogger testifies

Faithful Father
Friend but yet stern with me in times that I need
Defender in all of my needs
Way Maker in tongues that I don't speak

Its poetry, its me
Its words from the wee depth of me
From my heart to Yours
let them know that I am Yours

But this one is my testimony
To testify and give You glory
In every way enjoy me
Yes, even in my at it.


Hello guys, let me drop these finds real quick: (one from my sister and the other my brother)

Have an amazing week!

On the audience

I like a crowd but quite frankly I'm actually to play and please the audience of ONE. I forget so many times that God is my audience, that I should do all I do to please Him and please Him first...and if no one is listening, its cool because He is and thats all that ultimately matters.
Remind me Lord.


the blogger testifies

I had fun today God. I really did. I am grateful. I testify that You are amazing! Excellent Jehovah.

We are Rising

We are Rising

Out of ashes
Out of burnt bottom pots of pain

Pain inflicted by self
self, self wounded by guilt
guilt propagated by fear
fear enriched by doubt
doubt assisted by laziness
laziness broken by diligence
diligence stripping me of my ignorance
ignorance that led to my doubt
doubt now overcome by faith
faith assisted by His love
His love enveloped in His hope
the hope which has crushed my fear
fear which is gone from me
me who is no longer living in guilt
guilt which has been washed away by Jesus
Jesus made me a new creation
creation basking in His mercy
Mercy which is new every morning
every morning not dependent on self
self hid now in Christ
Christ in God
God on the throne.

Out of burnt bottom pots of pain
out of ashes
we are Rising!


the blogger testifies

I find that I have words unuttered... words that my only spoken language; English can carry But words that tongues...actually, praises...can carry
I testify. I am alive Its beyond me...water has passed things happened But for God... God saved me Purifying me like no other
I testify yes, in advance and in the now Jesus did it Jesus turned it Jesus saved me
the devil thought he had me...but Jesus turned it! Jesus saved me!

A new day has come

Let the earth rejoice in You
Let my soul take pleasure in You
A new day has come

See, You are doing a new thing
Can I not see it? Would I not know it?
Because a new day has come

Let my heart make merry
Let my mind take solace in You
Because a new day has come

See, these words flow freely
Unetched on any canvas before, yet I proclaim it
Because a new day has come

Let me say it because You have said it
Let Your words of comfort: new mercies, ring in
A new day has come

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard
Not because I have seen it yet but I trust You to do it, I believe You
For a new day, has surely come.



The blogger testifies (psalms)

At all times I will be grateful
Your compassion never faileth

How mighty are your works oh Lord
My soul knows it

Let me loud it, yes, loud it
From the rooftop;
That our God is greater!


The blogger testifies

My 'Date Shifter', my 'Perfect Arranger'...that's my God for me! I'm indeed grateful. I testify that He loves me and He will never let me go. Here's a beautiful song  just in case you haven't seen it:
Have an amazing week ~Dew

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me.
I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to live and for Him to be able to enjoy me and me enjoy Him.
I am really grateful for all the love I've received today from my people via various social media platforms and everyone calling, my friends who sang to me, my birthday mate (Isoa) and my other wonderful birthday mates. Thank you all and thank God for you all.
I'm actually lost for words and I am grateful.
God bless Nigeria...God bless me, God bless you.
Let my life be His blessing.


The blogger testifies

'Power pass power, power pass power, power pass power; na Jesus be power'. I'm looking at the songs that literally brought us over. These songs we sang certainly came from a place. A place of experience, a place of deliverance, a place of excitement: of miracles. What song should you and I be singing now? Jesus really is all we have got. God really is who we need and the One to whom we would go back to at the end of the day. I want my life to be worth God's while (so to speak).
Today I'm here to thank God for ear muffs. A while ago I was out with friends and I misplaced my ear muff. It was saddening! I had had it for some winters, I had lost some but this one seemed perfect, it really was. Then as we went to the big store (Tesco) at the end of the day, I searched the small store where I had gotten it from years ago but alas, they didn't have it. They had others but that perfect one which hid my ears away from the minuses was not there. I asked God for it, to se…

The blogger testifies

Who are You Lord?
One who is highly exalted but yet interested in my life. I appreciate You!
~Dew ---------- Let Jesus make the difference in you and me.

Happy new year

Happy New Year guys!
Let Jesus enjoy me, let me enjoy Jesus.

Ruminating on Ephesians 3:20.