We are Rising

We are Rising

Out of ashes
Out of burnt bottom pots of pain

Pain inflicted by self
self, self wounded by guilt
guilt propagated by fear
fear enriched by doubt
doubt assisted by laziness
laziness broken by diligence
diligence stripping me of my ignorance
ignorance that led to my doubt
doubt now overcome by faith
faith assisted by His love
His love enveloped in His hope
the hope which has crushed my fear
fear which is gone from me
me who is no longer living in guilt
guilt which has been washed away by Jesus
Jesus made me a new creation
creation basking in His mercy
Mercy which is new every morning
every morning not dependent on self
self hid now in Christ
Christ in God
God on the throne.

Out of burnt bottom pots of pain
out of ashes
we are Rising!



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