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the blogger testifies 47

JESUS loves me die...GOD loves me throway!HIS love makes me feel weak...I love JESUS!

the blogger testifies 46

IGWE...I'm saying thank YOU JESUS for everything...undeserving...oh, undeserving of YOUR love...YOUR grace is more than enough...I love YOU JESUS name...Amen :)

the blogger testifies 45

LORD you are good...YOU are good and YOUR mercies, forever endures...

Praise: Drunk Under HIS Influence

Dear FATHER,Ese BABA...I enter bringing praise and honour to your name. I'm grateful for the opportunity to praise YOU today... ok, so that joy of drunkiness that occired this week wasn't there...I'm kinda happ though cos mehn...I would have gone insane jore....the small craze wey I craze today 4 bcom som-tin-else. But LORD this is my status now, the comment I would write on YOUR status.... 'FATHER to YOU oh, be all the glory and adoration forevermore... everlasting FATHER, everlasting SON, immortal HOLY GHOST be THOU glorified.... For if David was the man after YOUR own heart, I know I've not praised YOU enough, but I beg to be the woman...please let the praise, the 'you dance well', the energy, the tears, the words, the 'you'ld teach me how to dance', the 'that was a nice performance/ministartion', the sweat, the craze, the screaming, the 'stupidity' that people may see in dance, the every, the worship, the music...everything LORD, …

the blogger testifies 44

I testify today...I'm YOURS LORD! :)
LORD, this day I testify of YOUR goodness, mercy, compassion, life, love, grace, faithfulness...for everything. I bless YOU for my family, friends, blog, myself, everything LORD... YOU've been faithful and wonderful. Beyond a doubt, even if I'm unworthy YOU have been faithful. Even if I stand here in this place, to praise YOU till the day YOU come it is not enough...For before, last week, now, this week and forever...YOU alone be praised and glorified in JESUS name, Amen.

HE makes me feel weak

not just HIS love,its HIS works, not just HIS works, its HIS actions, not just HIS actions, its HIS way. in English, its the way HE does HIS thing! Oh yes, I just had a wonderful test. HE said we're wonderfully and complexly made...mehn! E complex gan! I'm short of words once again so I'm just using this medium to thank GOD. I'm very grateful that HE made me pass this...sometimes I go "y is the thing so hard jore (anatomy)", but I guess its HIS style of saying "you see why I love you", its HIS way of saying "mehn, you are special to me". I'm still dazed! Oh yes I am...I didn't study enough, I won't say I did not study BECAUSE I don't want any reader to think GOD will bless you if you don't study at all...but in all honesty and in simple English, I did not study (I hope you grab the message). To study and remember is a miracle, to study and pick the question you studied is a miracle, to study and then see the question thro…