HE makes me feel weak

not just HIS love,
its HIS works,
not just HIS works,
its HIS actions,
not just HIS actions,
its HIS way.
in English, its the way HE does HIS thing!
Oh yes, I just had a wonderful test. HE said we're wonderfully and complexly made...mehn! E complex gan! I'm short of words once again so I'm just using this medium to thank GOD. I'm very grateful that HE made me pass this...sometimes I go "y is the thing so hard jore (anatomy)", but I guess its HIS style of saying "you see why I love you", its HIS way of saying "mehn, you are special to me".
I'm still dazed! Oh yes I am...I didn't study enough, I won't say I did not study BECAUSE I don't want any reader to think GOD will bless you if you don't study at all...but in all honesty and in simple English, I did not study (I hope you grab the message). To study and remember is a miracle, to study and pick the question you studied is a miracle, to study and then see the question through white paper is a miracle...the LORD is faithful...thats what I know...and even if I didn't know it...its still the truth! To YOU oh, be all the glory and adoration forevermore!
I'm still dazed! what to write, how to say thank YOU...ideas, but HE gives the ideas sef...I can't surprise HIM...HE's just AWESOME!.
And again, I'm still dazed! It wasn't about my scruffy looking appearance, no hairdo, no earrings and geeky glasses...LORD, YOU did it. YOU are AWESOME! So many things I want to write and say...in my heart I'm saying it LORD.
Unfaithful, ungrateful...but LORD, YOU saved me...Please I ask for grace to improve and not only run to YOU when I need help...or when the chips are down. In JESUS name...Amen.
I'm still dazed LORD...YOU make me feel weak. Thank YOU LORD JESUS!


  1. I feel you on this one...God is so amazing...it is in the way He does His thing...


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