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on thanksgiving and closing curtains on 2013

hi guys :) See eh, I have so many reasons to thank God for as regards this 2013. Wow! The year has come to an end...I'm so grateful to God for life, love, friends...old and new, my family, my academics...honestly, even up to my exam this past Monday, I still saw the hand of God. I don't feel sooo excited at the moment, maybe its cos I have plenty exams and I need some good rest but I definitely am thankful to God.
 Alewilese, Aleselewi, Agbanilagbatan Ose Baba!
Honestly, I'm short of words at the moment...this year was awesome, oh well, my God is awesome :)
Happy new year 2014! I speak life, health, wealth, His safety...but more importantly, a relationship with God...thats more than enough! 2014...Fruitful, open!
        ~ Dew

On Merry Christmas and faithful God.

Merry Christmas people! Yes, it's a few days after Christmas but I still wish you a merry Christmas. How's it going? I've escaped from the blog for a few days but let me testify. God has been faithful, not just only exam success but life in general. I am very grateful.
We are gradually sailing into 2014 and let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year. Hopefully I'll do a better post before the year runs out. Enjoy your weekend :)

the blogger testifies

Last night I had a testimony...I had asked God for money and He let me know it was settled. I'm alive and healthy is still my testimony...Even in the times I-have-no-idea-of-what-to-do, He has been faithful. I thank Him :) I have many thank-You's to tell God. These are just a few. What are you thankful for?                Hi guys, Monday already right? Thank God for the weekend...How was yours? Your weekend and the past week? Ah, mine was great. Let me share another testimony, I thank God for answering my prayers and giving me the opportunity to assist in 2 surgeries last Thursday. I'm a medical student (you know right?) and I just concluded about 4 weeks of hospital practice...the last 2 of which were in Surgery Department in a town not far from mine (where I live). Nah, don't get it twisted, we'd been watching surgeries and sometimes learnt a little. It was the last day of my practice and my practice partner had to leave earlier (on Wednesday) as she had a test a…

On God and I

Hi guys, wonderful Sunday innit? So I really want to drop something here this week but first of all I should do a 'shalla' to T.Notes. I really do appreciate his comments, like right now its just me and him...and my sister...and my friend...and you :D that look through this blog. Thank you.
       I was at church today and here's what the preacher (Newlie Long) said:
'our faith and relationship with God is personal but its not private...its public'.        Its personal but yet other people can see it. That's it, please muse on it. Have a wonderful week people :)

the blogger testifies.

Its been a week man! I thank God for this past week. I really am grateful...I testify that He is good to me...and you too. :)

The blogger testifies

I will testify, today is the  first day of December, a great month. I thank God for everything. I testify that God has been faithful and that two of my people graduated today...doctors, confirmed! To God be the glory :) Have a lovely week people.

On expensive weaves

Hi there, how has you week been? Hope great. Mine? Its been fine, thank you :) Thank you T.Notes for your comment on my last post. I appreciate you!
          Today I'll start with a picture post. This was (and is still) my thought on expensive weaves. I was in church service 2 weeks ago and the preacher said something about not wanting you expensive weave to get messy...nothing derogatory about weaves. Oh well, my mind went to these thoughts about expensive weaves.

Thats my post for the day :D Continue to have a wonderful week :)

Moving forward

Hi there,
Is anyone here sef? I really don't know how to do know, make a comeback. It's been 'forever' here. No, I didn't run out of words to say or internet service...I just didn't post. No excuses. I do apologise.
I've thought about why I'm blogging...for fame? applause? I guess that won't sustain me. I have a lot to say, sometimes I'm so full of this is it.
From poetry to photography and perhaps to music, welcome to my space.
                    - Dew

Environmental sanitation

No, it's not like I've had nothing to say, or like I've not had Internet for month. The culprit? I'm ashamed to name know it. But lemme start now, now...happy new year once again people. I'm sure you all are doing fine. Thanks for being there, either checking my blog or even posting on yours. Yeah, thank you all the same :)

HE deserves the glory

Hi there...cleans cobwebs...thank God I'm out here at last. :)
What I'm here to do? Publicly return the glory! To give Him the glory, to express myself in writing, words that go deep but yet feel and are unspoken.
You know sometimes you've asked God for something, you may have heard Him speak, calm you down as you wait...yeah, now that the wait is over, what do you do. What happens to those statuses you were gonna write, I mean you've seen the victory, it's not just your inheritance but its now your reality. Victory that may have the potential to be bigger, but yet victory that you know is just perfect for you because He knows the end from the beginning.
Ok, I'm at that point. I had fear choking me up, worry spilling on and out of me but He saved me, as unworthy as I have been, yes this is academical...but I've seen His grace is sufficient.
I'm here to scream from the rooftop that God is a miracle worker, God is a glorious God! I'm here to say He is…

The blogger testifies 1

I had sinned, ingratitude was it :(
Yes I passed but I wanted more, I didn't see again that I passed, that my story had changed.
I'm grateful, yes I am grateful, fron forgiveness to success, I am very grateful.
What are you grateful for? Open your eyes.
Thank You Jesus :)