On God and I

       Hi guys, wonderful Sunday innit? So I really want to drop something here this week but first of all I should do a 'shalla' to T.Notes. I really do appreciate his comments, like right now its just me and him...and my sister...and my friend...and you :D that look through this blog. Thank you.
       I was at church today and here's what the preacher (Newlie Long) said:
'our faith and relationship with God is personal but its not private...its public'.
       Its personal but yet other people can see it. That's it, please muse on it. Have a wonderful week people :)


  1. Ermmm, thanks for the shout out Dew... although it's hardly necessary you know :p
    Took me a few seconds for that one to sink. True words...Arghh true from many different angles! Also suggests that at some point in time, you're going to have to start penning down a few extra lines of depth to your words in here :)


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