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the blogger testifies 103

Words fail me LORD...but this is it:
For YOUR faithfulness and being YOU, deliverance and mercy, for YOUR friendship...oh, sometimes YOU make me smile that smiles can't hold it...
one word: HALLELUYAH!
thank YOU JESUS for its 2012...thank YOU so much for 2012 will not see our backs but we would see its back if YOU tarry...Help me be on track with YOU...
Nothing but praise! thank YOU JESUS!
Happy New year JESUS! Happy New Year people :)

the blogger testifies 102

I testify that HE loves me. I am grateful for all HE has given me.
thank YOU JESUS for coming to die for me.
Merry and Many Christmas people :)

The Halleluyah song

...nothing but praise LORD...nothing but praise...
...I'm nothing but the least of all LORD... mouth is full of praise to YOU...yet, let me be genuine praise to YOU.
I testify that HE is merciful...thank YOU DADDY :)

the blogger testifies 101

I testify that HIS mercies truly endure forever. For it is by HIS mercy that I am not consumed!
HIS love never fails.
I testify of life, I speak life and I thank HIM!
to YOU oh LORD be all glory, honour, power and praise in Jesus name, Amen.
thank YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 100

wow LORD, the blogger testifies for the 100th time...I testify that its clearly not by my power or by my might...but by HIS HOLY SPIRIT.I testify that today YOU hit us beautifully well in NCC Debrecen...with warnings, with new tongues, with grace to worship YOU...YOU hit us LORD and I'm sure we are grateful...I am grateful LORD. For the opportunity to know things, to be told things and see things been manifested, to be forgiven by YOU, to be called YOU child, YOUR baby, to have witnessed YOUR HOLY SPIRIT's power in action...Thank YOU LORD... What we want? More of YOU, all of YOU...we want it all LORD, forever. Be blessed LORD. Thank YOU for this... in JESUS Name, Amen. thank YOU JESUS

the blogger testifies 99

Yesu Na gode...
I testify today of YOU LOVE, LORD. YOUR faithfulness, mercy, touch...YOU and all of YOU.
I testify of life, health, YOUR patience, excellence, YOUR HOLY SPIRIT...
I speak life in JESUS name, Amen.
Have a great week :) Jesus' joy...
thank YOU JESUS!

P4CM Presents I Promised I Wouldn't Tell! by Featured RHETORIC Poet J"O"...

after watching this, I totally have been blessed! I stand in awe, its almost the end of November, Halleluyah!!! thank GOD for this brother! :D

the blogger testifies 98

YOU are Alpha and Omega, I worship YOU my LORD, YOU are worthy to be praised!...I give YOU all the glory, I worship YOU my LORD, YOU are worthy to be praised!... I testify that I'm covered in blood. I testify of GOD's faithfulness. From someone I learnt that when I was against myself...HE was for me. I really am nothing but pencil wanting to be used by YOU...I'm ready LORD, make me ready for YOU! I testify that this week is a great week...I testify that 'you' reading this, you're alive to read this...I testify on your behalf that the LORD is faithful...
Few words: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6) NIV. Have time for GOD and HE will show you HIMSELF...take moments this week to talk to GOD...oh, you may not hear HIM speak in a clear audible voice, but I can assure you HE will speak. HE hears, I'm learning that. HE's alwa…

a blog post...

HE loves me...HE loves me even moreHE cares for me...HE cares for me even more... The way YOU love me LORD...permit me to say, its better than life! I love YOU LORD...I'm grateful!

Da' T.R.U.T.H. "The Whole Truth" Music Video (@truthonduty @Xist_Music)

...when I was dead, revived my soul, takes the broken, makes them whole, takes the bound, makes them free, takes the weak and makes them strong, all of my sins, been erased, HE has lifted my disgrace, oh the joy, oh the joy, that JESUS would make me whole... :)

the blogger testifies 97

just to be close to my desire.I testify that YOU are, YOU were and YOU forever will be... I see the KING of glory working...Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 96

Dear LORD,I'm grateful for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. I'm grateful that I finally know that I'm not a Christian just because I don't want to go to hell but because I am a sinner and I accept YOUR death on the cross. I thank YOU for making me realise that I'm not living a holy life just because I don't want to be found wanting when YOU come but because YOU love me and I'm doing my best to love YOU. Thank YOU JESUS for this week, month, year...for YOU (LORD) and you reading :)

the blogger testifies 95

Only YOU are holy, only YOU are worthy, only YOU are wonderful.There is no one else like YOU, none can be compared to YOU No one who is faithful and ever true... my heart, my life, my love is YOURS LORD...let it be a testimony of JESUS name, Amen. I'm thankful for YOU LORD...for YOUR blood, for YOU FATHER, for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 94

Without YOU oh LORD...I am nothing...I testify that I am because YOU forever ARE...I testify that YOU have given me an opportunity no one can give me...I testify that even when I can't feel anything, I know YOU have been faithful and for that I am grateful...I testify that homes are going to be established only to YOUR glory this month, as within 2 days many of my friends are getting married...I testify that YOU have been faithful...and I know for certain, with everything, that YOU would forever be faithful! thank YOU JESUS for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and now November...even for December and 2012, I'm saying thank YOU JESUS! May YOUR Kingdom be JESUS name, Amen :)

the blogger testifies 93

I testify that YOU make me know that without YOU...I'm nothing...JESUS...I need YOU to survive! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 92

I had dropped the load, but picked it up...but now... I testify that I have been crucified with Christ, its no longer I that lives, but Christ lives in me...the life I live now in the flesh, I live in faith in the son of GOD that loves me so much and gave Himself up for me, in the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit of GOD, in the love, the unending love of the FATHER. Thank YOU LORD JESUS.I testify that HE is restoring me...thank YOU JESUS. Confused? Ask the Holy Spirit for help...may the LORD help us all in JESUS name, Amen :)

about the load...

Drop the load you're carrying, drop it on JESUS...yes, HE's not just there for our burdens only, but drop it on HIM...give tell may not hear a voice saying 'I've heard you' but just it!...and keep moving via HIS grace...keep doing this...I just did...and even after the feeling wears out...I'm still working on HIS grace!thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 91

Sometimes I forget that YOU are patient LORD, but still YOU remain patient with me.Thank YOU LORD for YOU, yes, for JESUS name, Amen :)

the blogger testifies 90

HE has done so much for me...HE has taken away my sorrows, oh glory, Halleluyah, HE is coming to take me home :) I appreciate GOD...all of HIM and none of me...oh for grace to trust HIM more! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 89

on Christ the solid rock I stand...all other ground is sinking sand...I'm thankful for life, love, family, you...yes, you :) I'm thankful for JESUS! I'm grateful for HIS unfailing and sweetly piercing love... I'm testifying that HE is, HE was and HE forever will be... I testify that HE loves me...more than I think I can imagine! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 88

I'm grateful LORD. I testify of life, family, friends and the fact that it is well. I testify about you...yes you, that it is well with you and yours. The name of the LORD be praised JESUS name, Amen!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 87

HIS grace, love, matchless.HE is matchless... thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 86

HE loves me...why, I don't know! In fact, I can never know why! thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 85

Mercies...thats what I see LORDgreat is YOUR mercy towards me...YOUR loving kindness towards me...YOUR tender mercies I after day. Halleluyah!

the blogger testifies 84

Faithful...thats who YOU are, thank YOU JESUS name, Amen.

The blogger testifies 83

for all...yes, all YOU've done, do and are doing...thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 82

who is like our LORD?no...not one... Beautiful, that is who HE is! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 81

During service today I got all 'wow' as regards the things GOD has done. Not been at my best but HIS faithfulness endures forever. I'm grateful for life, love, family, friends...and the blood of JESUS. I'm thankful for my parents, for my friends...for you (I know I just doubled my gratitude).In all...if it has not been for the LORD on my side, tell me where I would have been? thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XXIV

...I was just playing with him! (in love sha)“….so I would really want us to remain friends, but really I want more.”He smiled…finally, a sign of life.“I’ve prayed about it, thought about it…and I know this is also what true forgiveness is about. I know its not everytime that people get a chance like this, but I’m grateful to God for this”.“thanks love.” He said.Smiling at ourselves was what we did for the next 2 minutes, I had totally gone red when he held my hand close to his heart. Obviously by God’s grace, we are not getting into the temptations of before. Our love was once broken, but He did restore it.We strolled happily out of Triangles singing Halleluyah. It was time to end the night. We had said our good byes and given the hug just as we used to share. He pulled his door handle about to enter his car.“oh, one more thing I forgot…deliberately…to tell you”“what” he said“I love you…even more!” I said as I blushed my way into my compound.

Fragments of truth XXIII

Sweaty feet and hands, that happens when I’m nervous. He arrived late today…5 minutes past the scheduled time. For a guy that is always on time, he was so late! Apologies flooded my ears, he’s so courteous.“I think we always begin by saying I look great” I said.“but it’s the truth mi lady” he smiled.“ Sha, as usual, at least 80% of the time and now, you look hot! And I mean that in the most Christian way” I said“ thank you. You too” he said.“you know you said I had fresh fair legs some years ago and added that you meant that in the most Christian way after which you hurried away” I said.“are you serious? Mehn! Babe you do keep record of words sha.”“ well, as long as they are nice words.I try” I said.I could see the anticipation in his eyes, he did not want to bring up the subject. It was like I was the one to call the shots this evening. After going from pillar to post on other interesting and important issues which included the morning sermon, he obviously couldn’t hold it.“ Er, Tolu…

Fragments of truth XXII

Now that was Monday. My whole week was…I really don’t know what to call it. I prayed and met with Pastor Matt who also joined me in prayers. I could see the joy on Pastors face. I went on a fast too. On Friday, the Lord spoke! He gave me peace and helped me to genuinely forgive Felix. Let go of the hurt and pain. He made me see that Felix was the David I had always prayed to have. I saw Felix at the Oceanic bank on Friday afternoon. I still could not say a word to him, I just waved and he waved too. I knew he had changed, he had bounced back in the Lord, but this time I could see the spirit of a disciple, a man who genuinely loved the Lord. Not just his regularities in church, but his life spoke. Men of honor were around him.Sunday service was great as usual. Abrahams craziness was the message title. Talked about swift obedience, blind trust and total submission to God for which he was rewarded for. Pastor said we are not doing God a favour…yes, true. We never do God a favour, we only …

@ moi frequency

One year...ehen now, its been one year plus a day now since a new blogger came up.What he post? from tatashe poetry to interviews you could totally get excited like I do sometimes... ok, so it was Michael's blog anniversary yesterday...and I missed it...but this is me saying: Happy anniversary :) x

Fragments of truth XXI

(Insert dance) I really don’t know why I’m happy but I guess its cause im trying out something new. Coffee in Nigeria ke? Hmm! We’re advancing I must say.It was exactly 5pm when my door bell rang, thank God traffic was not that bad today so I was back, I had had a shower and was all dressed. Felix was at the door…always on time.“ Hello!” I said“Hi! Wow! You look er, really, great!” he said.I knew he was trying to pick his words…lol!!!!!!!!“ Aww! Thanks. You too” I said. And boy did he look hot…as usual. He sure does know how to work a common shirt! Chai! Ok…er, this isn’t my man…he’s my friend!...just a friend.We took a stroll to Triangles, the place was lovely and the coffee was great. We chatted like old times, laughed about things of the past and genuinely, I thought I had forgiven him till he said:“babe… I’ve really had a nice time with you today and I know that I’ve messed up. I threw away…er, permit me to say; a good thing. There were more than fragments of truth in what you sai…

Fragments of truth XX

It seems I’m starting the sequence all over again. Dunno if Felix is trying to get back to me. That’s a hard one. I feel its bygone, its already 4 months after, although we are on normal friendship level.Sunday morning after workers meeting I got a note: ‘plsI’ldlike to see you today after church’.……………Service was awesome. God is faithful! Work is going on great. No guy yet in the building sha…but I’m so loving the single life. I feel so intune with God right now. He’s been giving me words on true forgiveness. When we can go back to the point where it doesn’t hurt…its as if it did not happen! Hmmm! Its well.“ Hi Felix, how are you?”“I’m fine thanks. You?”“I’m great, thank God. I got your note…sup?”“oh, its nothing much, but not something that I would be able to discuss with you at once. I…I just want to say once again that I’m sorry.”“oh dear! I’m sorry too. Come on, it’s the past, lets leave it there”.“ would it be possible to…er, for old time sake, by 5pm, er, to have a cup of coffe…

the blogger testifies 80

who is like the LORD? Merciful, faithful and true.who is like the LORD? Kind, just and wonderful. I testify that HE is, HE was and HE will forever be...unworthy, but I'm grateful...sincerely I am thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XIX

Hi people! Ok, so I took a long break from sharing 'fragments of truth' as education demanded more attention. From this point on I continue sharing. For those of you who have little or no idea of what I'm on about, please click on the following link(s) to get on board: I, II, III, IV, VVI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII---------------------------------------------------------------Phew!!! Somehow I feel relieved. Friends again! Yes, just friends… I can move on with my life…I’m still young! But I was glad my friendship was restored.Family members have been apologized to…Halleluyah! We’re all friends again! (story continues :D )

the blogger testifies 79

I testify that HE is truly LORD.I testify of HIS faithfulness, of biochemistry...not just enzymes and pathways, but that even my signalling pathways are working. I testify of my liver, HE keeps me, HE keeps it working...indeed, not just the metabolic mechanism but detoxification is going on well. I testify of all that I am and would become...for it is GOD that has been HIMSELF (faithful to the letter of faithfulness). HE is GOD...HE is good...yes HE is. Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 78

Who is like unto THEE oh LORD?No one! No one! Who makes a way where there seems to be no way? HE is the one! I testify that HE has saved me...HE has forgiven me...yes, HE is GOD! Halleluyah to HIS name. I testify of Biochemistry exam...indeed it will be wonderful.
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 77

I testify that HE is good! Yes, faithful, great, kind...forgiving. HE is GOD! I testify that I am HIS exclusively! I testify that this week is great...and I testify of Biochemistry :)thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 76

With all due respect to GOD: I judge GOD faithful! I judge GOD forgiving...and I judge GOD who sent HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to die for our sins...REAL!I testify of Biochemistry, I testify that HE is faithful! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 75

I testify of God. His loves...everlasting, His love...unfailing, His genuineness...on point! Faithful, yes...He is faithful. I testify and thank God for this week. I testify of good health in mind and body for family, friends, you and me I testify of my biochemistry exam...for because He is faithful it is finished! thank YOU JESUS!

Guest Post:

Hi your week has started with great smiles. I'm sorry there would be a hold on the developing story (or rather there has been a hold on the story). This week, I'm putting up an entry that is poetry. Its written by a medical doctor by name Ekundayo Otuyelu. I'ld love you to read it and not copy it...if lifting is needed please contact me so I can contact him. Thank you and have a wonderful week in Jesus name, Amen!Sickle Cell: A Prenatal Diagnosis.On the darkest night, when even the sputtering flame of the meanest candle is denied me,
I will still cling to my memory of today.
I have tended the dying, prayed with men and women hopelessly clinging to whatever shreds of life are left,
and all of it has stirred my soul.

But how different it is to celebrate life at its beginning.
To hold a wailing infant in my arms, celebrate a first cry which brings joy,
to marry the dream of two into one dream, one life, one heart.

Such a thing I did today,
The woman was lovely, despite…

the blogger testifies 74

if it had not been for the LORD on my sidetell me where would I be? where would I be? I testify of the LORD and all HIS goodness...HE is faithful! HE is HIM...thats what HE does, thats who HE is! Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 73

I was asked why the blogger testifies...hmm...right now my answer is: the blogger is nothing without the one she testifies about!I testify that HE indeed makes me feel weak...honestly, I'm weak! For many reasons...not like I thought HE couldn't do it even with doubts of when...but I'm weak for reasons words can't hold. The best I've been is a channel, a vessel...I've never been the one doing anything...HE's been the one. I may look like I'm the one, I may even have moments of thinking I'm the one...this is more than 'shoulders down'...truly its HIM. I hold no claims to miracles...I can never work them...HE does what HE does because that is what HE does! HE is GOD! I testify that this past week...HE...HE...I'm lost for words...really...I'm speechless...this past week HE fulfilled HIS promises...not like HE was late...HE was, is and would forever be on time. I truly don't know how to put it in words...but this past week was a miracl…

the blogger testifies 72

I will bless the LORD, oh my soul...and all that is within me, bless HIS Holy Name!I testify...that even if I can't see HIM...HE remains GOD! thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XVIII

‘but then when the fish in the pond begins to jump up and down asking the fisherman to notice it, you know the fisherman must comply! Tolu, you must be very careful, even if you don’t get back together with Felix, don’t lead anyone into temptation! Er, Romans 6:13…just check it up. It explains about not presenting your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin…just check it up.’ he said. ‘besides the fisherman must be wise so as not to let the beautiful fish distract him. Felix, take note. Yes she looks hot and you want to pounce on her…she isn’t yours until you are before the Lord and in the presence of the people! The person you are in a relationship with is a restricted pond. You must be certified to fish there. In fact relationship is not meant for play! I’ve told you these things.’. ‘now the fish has shown himself to the fisherman…its running away trying to hide itself. Becareful what you put on…both of you!’ he concluded. That struck a chord…I may have been enabling comprom…

Fragments of truth XVII

“ You know I said you cannot go to a store and pick an apple, bite the apple to taste it and then go to the cashier to ask for permission to take it…after paying for it I mean. Na Naija we dey! Who wan chop half apple. And even if you were abroad where some people say you can taste and pay at the counter, there are somethings you sure can do like that, ladies are more precious; fragile content and container. Though Tolu I know you form tough. In the same vain, you can’t sleep with a woman…you know he Bible says in Hebrews 13: 4 that: marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral” he said. “ You too reason it…marriage is a union. Don’t worry when you come for marriage counseling we’ld explain further. But let me make it clear to you that its not the ceremony I’m talking about, it’s the main course! It’s the real deal my friends.” “Funmi and I courted for 7 years. And we were in the same university. Right f…

the blogger testifies 71

I testify...that HE never fails! HE never leaves! HE never sleep! HE is JESUS!
thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XVI

Fourth week after Felix and I had ended it…pastor wanted to see us…together! Oh, he wasn’t asking us to get back into the relationship, he wanted all differences to be sorted out. I really did not feel like going but I had to honour the man of God, honour the Lord! Felix had been going for counseling :o. He had told him everything that happened in Ogun state and what happened between us. We had real counseling together. Now I see the benefits of having a good shepherd. We opened up to him. Yes, at first I was scared that I would be used for the next sermon but I did open up. We talked about the quarrels to the places I missed it and he did too. Turns out I wasn't firm and encouraging enough. There were times I was rude when I thought I was being blunt. Apologies came into play. Brethren, this time, whatever happened in Ogun did not stay in Ogun oh! Felix said he indeed let his conscience die, he joined the guys to drink but not womanise. He was innocent as regards the pregnancy issu…

Fragments of truth XV

Service was great! I did not sit in my usual place sha, but I did not see Felix after church. Dunno what happened but church folks just said hi and asked how I was, where I was and if I was going back, like there was never a Felix…hmm!! Maybe pastor said it in church or something…dunno sha! I saw Pastor Matt today. Twas emotional. He’s a good shepherd under our Shepherd! He noticed all the happenings, from the time Felix had come back from Ogun till date. Shocking! Encouragements, advice, prayers…he did all today. I feel quite better. Like the trip to the Uk was uncalled for sef. But then I got new shoes…so no p! As I was leaving his office Felix came in…I hadn’t seen him in three weeks. Felt good seeing my ex…mehn! I hate that word! I said hi and moved on…he did same too. He looked good I must say…Kai! Lemme get over the human! But then, he looked…sober. Maybe not but because I wanted him to look like that, I’ld say he looked sober! ……………….

Fragments of truth XIV

Special thanks to those reading (thanks for the comments Dee One)............................... Its been three weeks since Felix and I broke up. I intentionally travelled that weekend to the Uk. Cut off all contacts with the Nigerian community…in Nigeria! Except my family of course. They jointly called twice, just to ask about my wellbeing, not about Felix and I. Thank God I was given a leave in such short notice. Just couldn’t stand the ‘events’ that would unfold in church. Pastor had sent me a Facebook inbox. ‘hi Tolu…trust you’re doing great. I learnt you travelled out of the country…pls see me when you get back. Regards from my wife and kids. You’re blessed in Jesus name, Amen! Shalom”. I knew where this was going. I’ll see him on Sunday. Oh…the news hit fb once I changed my status. Kai! God is faithful ni! Just plenty ‘it is well’ on my page. Felix had plenty ‘guy wetin happen to hotcake?’. I’m also grateful to God that Felix did not write hate messages…he silently ignored everythi…

the blogger testifies 70

Mercy! thats all I see LORD, I'm grateful...I testify that YOU are GOD and YOU are good! yes YOU are!thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth XIII

Hmm…so I’ld no longer be listed as in a relationship on fb…it is well oh! The thought of the news spreading all over twitter has been in my head. The ‘eyah’s ‘ I would receive has been making me shake…but mehn! I’ld rather stand for God. I had to tell my dad about it…dunno if his parents were informed as his mum still called me some days ago. Thank God dad wasn’t furious as I expected. He just said ‘the Lord will work it out for your good!’ Amen oh! Tope and Toye were (and are) a great support and so was mum. (and this woman!) Everyone seems to be saying it is well…dunno if that’s a new viral word! It sure would be well sha. ...................................................... [ eyah's: aww's or sorry]

Fragments of truth XII

That was the end of the conversation for that day. I wasn’t happy about it. Felix never behaved like that before. We talked about it on the phone and he said he was sorry. Little quarrels became bigger. Shorter quarrels became longer. Not just about sex, but everything. From my non-overtly sexy dressing to my flat shoes. Flimsy things! Then it stopped…I thought it was over, but the after-Alpha-beach scenario repeated itself about 2 times, until he finally came up with an assurance idea! So you see, when what happened a few minutes ago happened…I knew that broke the carmels back! I had been managing him…bearing all the pressure from a ‘brother’…but not anymore. I’ld rather flee than run! ……………………….. [not finished yet though]

Fragments of truth XI

I released myself, he was shocked. “baby why are you doing this to me now?” “common kiss…no, touch…no…fi mi le jo!” He angrily walked into towards his car. “ok dear, I’m sorry.” I said as I ran after him. Never had I done that to any man. “ look, ok, yes, I’m kinda upset with you…I mean these things people receive them freely from…you know” “wow! Felix! Well, we are not them. This is the first time you’re saying stuff like this. I’m sorry you are upset but you know my stand on this issue…I’m keeping myself for you…” “oh don’t give me that crap!” he shouted. “ so if I love you I should starve myself ba?” “Felix!” I said in shocked. “Abeg abeg abeg” “fine! But I’ld rather not open biscuit I’m not ready to eat! Its not only you that can get angry, I’m at the receiving end remember” I said as I walked away. “shoot! Nice one. Because you know I can’t bear to see you angry with me ba? I’m sorry” he said as he entered his car. “I’m sorry too…lets just flee, not run, flee from evil!”. .............. [fi mi…

the blogger testifies 69

"Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power that is at work within us, to HIM be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." [Ephesians 3: 20-21]Today I testify of His mercies; new every morning, His love; steadfast, His faithfulness; great...I testify that His thoughts are of good and not of evil, to give us a future and a hope. I testify that He who started every good work is faithful to complete it. He is Awesome! Yahweh! Elohim! Adonai! He is Jesus!thank YOU JESUS!

Fragments of truth X

Wind blowing in my hair…I love!!! Venue: Alpha beach / Occasion: picnic / Humans: just the two of us We had a nice time gisting about life, love, God, forgiveness, Nigeria, earth. We constructively argued about his new habit which he was trying to stop…drinking. “Mehn! Babe I’m so sorry I couldn’t call you last night” “its aight! So sup?” “mehn! Those fresh fair legs again…lemme touch jore!” “guy! How far you now?” “come on I was only joking. Haba! I can’t joke with my babe again…na wa oh!” “ehen, Pastor said he’ld like to see you. I guess its about the thanksgiving committee thingi” “kk. I’ld just go and see him now” he said as he stood up. We had finished our little picnic and it was time to go. He drove me in his car to my house. As he was about to give me our usual parting hug, he held me tighter than usual. “sweets! Your grip is too tight oh” I said as I tried to release myself. “babe! You sef eh! I can’t touch you, I can’t even squeeze you sef” “of course ni! You’re too close for comfort” “ha…

Fragments of truth IX

Finally the project was successfully completed. He got back and at this time he really did not have time for church, more importantly: for God. I noticed and talked to him. Our pastor did too. He gave excuses; he slept off…obviously from a hangover! I knew he wasn’t womanizing but that was all I knew of. He had obtained a seemingly mild habit of drinking which we talked and even argued about. Thank God our arguments never see the light of day…ends after a few minutes! But then I had mentioned it, yes I loved him and so I told him straight up that drinking was a no-no, after all I had said that when he was in Ogun. We spent little time together because of the demands of my new job, but each time he really did want to hold me. Of course I did want the same, I missed the endless quality time together but like my dad used to tell my mum ‘no be quality time we go chop!’. Mummy, a teacher, always complained that daddy, a doctor, did not give her as much time with him as she desired. They’r…

Fragments of truth VIII

before I rant today, lemme just say thanks to those reading this story. Please check out Yadamag and Jaycee...really great stuff always going on there. ...............................................
Like my grandma would say ‘no be one day monkey dey use learn jump’. Gradually he changed…how? I dunno. My theory remains that his conscience began to die…he let it, probably ‘unknowingly’. Yes, because just a little indulgence…lemme just go with them, lemme just blend. Moreover Alfred, Ranti and Mayor attended the same church. Truly, not everyone that goes to church is a Christian, I remember we had that ‘conversation’ (it was almost like an argument) when I went visiting in the last month of his stay there. The conclusion of the 3 musketeers was that we (Felix and I) were too spiritual…we needed to loosen up! My sugar banana hit the rocks! Things he normally would have had a problem with, he became indifferent to. The habits of his friends had not rubbed off on him sha, but each time I ask…

Fragments of truth VII

Within the last 2 months I went visiting several times and he also came visiting too. But on one occasion, his friends were there. Alfred, Mayor and Ranti and two other girls. They worked in the Ogun branch of Planda industries where Felix was on a special assignment to. I had spoken to them on the phone about three times while in the Uk. Mehn! The stench of cigarette from Alfred was horrible. I just had to be nice. First physical meeting, first impression had to be outstanding! Next time I visited they were there with three other girls. It was after that day that I finally put two and two together that each time I had visited and they were around, they had different girls with them. With friends who constantly drink, womanise and smoke their lungs out…dunno, I just felt ‘no shaking!’. He seemed to have coped all this while. Oh yes, I mentioned it to him that I wasn’t particularly happy with his new friends. He brushed it off saying nothing can happen, even Jesus mixed with the multi…

Fragments of truth VI

After successfully pursing a masters degree in public administration at the university of Liverpool, I was so happy to head back to Nigeria in June. My parents were too busy with the twins’ graduation and Felix with work, so my Uk family had to take the stand.
Back in Nigeria: My relationship with Felix was still in top form, we sure were able to pull it off…obviously by God’s grace. However, things really did not seem to be as I left it. Well, I got back to an empty Lagos. Felix was there to welcome me, and so were my family and friends. I had missed everyone. Felix, Mum, dad, Tope &Toye. I really missed those boys, at least I got to see them before they left for NYSC in Abuja. Did I hear someone say Otondo!!! Lol!!! An empty Lagos? Yes, because three month before I got back Felix was posted to oversee a five month project in Ogun state. Don’t get me wrong, we were still very much into each other like I said, but he had some new friends I was yet to meet them. We had been through …

the blogger testifies 68

For life, love, You and more of You...for everything Lord Jesus I thank You.Hands and nails, You nailed it all, I'm grateful Lord...You rose again, yes! confirmed! Thank You Lord Jesus for death has lost!!! YOU ARE LORD, JESUS! thank YOU LORD JESUS!

Fragments of truth V

I thought a year would put a strain on my relationship, I thought we would not be able to make it. Being that for the three years together we lived close to each other. Our families knew about our relationship from the first year. My parents fell in love with Felix instantly, his parents did with me too. Whatelse did I expect, in my own world: I’m adorable ;)Mehn! You know how elderly folks look at you during and after every wedding ceremony you attend. That eye that says; “you are next!”. We got plenty of that. But at 24, I really wasn’t so keen on marriage! Still young jore!For the first time I had missed our anniversary, but I got a package and I sent one too. What it was? Sorry, I don’t kiss and tell JOh mehn! Pardon my manners, I cant believe we’ve conversed this long and I did not deem it fit to give you our profile. I’m first of 3 children, got twin boys on my tail. Parents live in Lagos just like Felix’s…but he’s the last of 5 children and they all are married…spoken to them a…

Fragments of truth IV

hours...days...weeks...months... it's been 6 months since I met Felix. Smooth, suave, funny, nice, romantic, clean...those words don't do justice, he is it! From the guy who sat on that side of the church to the guy who now sits on my side of the church, the one who thinks beside my gorgeous eyes, I have a pair of fresh fair legs... :).....................................................................................
From that Sunday I made a friend, a special one at that. Talking, texting...MTN midnight call did a whole lot of good. We gradually grew fond of each other. You know how church folks start to call you an 'item' and a 'couple'. Disposition just sold us out jore! And then, we became 'a couple'! No! not couple as in man and wife...we were in a relationship. So he was not my first, but honestly, I did feel fresh. Not like I've been in over 30 relationships but an eventful 3 to me is a record. The last one was just a jailed one...oh yes, the…

Fragments of truth III

Thursday...Friday...Saturday...I'm back to normal :) more day dreaming! Sunday...................................................................................
Now I have to tell you that you that I seriously tried to position myself in order to be visible. Well, he sits quite far from my favourite seat (I practically own it!)...abeg I wasn't stalking him oh!!!! Just one of those guys you keep seeing in know now! I concentrated in church oh!!! Service was great, Pastor preached on "temptations"...juicy...1Cor 10:13...please check it up. Chatting up with friends after church was fun...its still fun sef. "Er, hi guys" "Hi" they said. We were 3 girls chatting, he kinda knew 2 of them. " you doing?" "oh hi...Felix...fine thanks...and you?" I said turning in response to the voice behind me. I knew the voice, and that was just the person I was hoping to see. "ah, thank God...I'm good. Sorry please…

Fragments of truth II

The 30th of August 2006 was evening service...but oh yes it was awesome! Twas a cold evening, alright lemme make this clear...I love cold nights, an opportunity to strap myself in hoodies; did I tell you I love that too? :)...................................................................................... We had the regular evening service and oh, this dude was by my side. Had I seen him before? well..yes, but believe me I never thought of anything more until tonight...he was different. I tried to sit and hold my piece of steel, twas hard mehn! "Hi, my name is Felix, and I know you are Tolu Oju." 'Wow, so he knows my name', I thought "Er, yes, I'm Tolu...but Oju is kinda like my nickname, because of my eyes." I said "Your eyes? because..." "Duh! they're gorgeous! perfect!" I said with a wide smile. "I know...they're there...cute sha...anyway can I have your number?"
(Just like …

Fragments of truth I

"if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those sweet words pierced through my heart and vented out of my mouth. How could he say such a thing? How could he possibly mean it?! .......................................................................................
"...if you love me you'll wait for me!" Those words forced out of my mouth, I didn't know what else to say but sure enough even in this pain I knew that I was doing the right thing. How could he say such a thing when he knew I genuinely loved him?...before marriage? Never...but I didn't want to loose him. "Tolu but how could you say you love me but yet hide one thing from me?" he said. "Felix how can you say you love me yet you keep me away from the altar?" Now that sounded sarcastic but I was serious....dead serious. "So you think this is a joke right, I'm not refusing to marry you, of course I know what the word says, I know what tradition says but just once. An as…

if apologies will do...

A while ago I started a, ok, not just a while ago, lets call it a long time ago. If apologies will do I make no excuse not to spoil it, you can ask me for details later. Apples to cross presents 'Fragments of truth'. The story has been completed and BHG would be shared from today. Please accept my apologies...thank you. (BHG- by HIS grace)

the blogger testifies 67

I'm grateful Lord...for life, You are life, for love...You are love...for everything!!! You are awesome...For this week, for provision...yes, Jehovah Jireh, for the cross...for indeed You, Jesus nailed everything at the cross: Colossians 2:14. I'm here saying... thank YOU JESUS :)
this kain God e, I never see Your type ethis kain God e, blessed be Your Holy name... Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Nissi, You are my Ebenezer, Jehovah Adonai, I give You glory, honour, power and majesty You are the Lord, forevermore. ...On point, on time, Lord...You can like to make me feel weak sha...I love it! Halleluyah, the Lord (as usual), is faithful!

the blogger testifies 66

itestify...HE's fixing me, HE's faithful, HE's real, HE's JESUS!thank YOU JESUS.

the blogger testifies 65

tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word...just to rest upon His promise, and to know this saith the Lord... Jesus, Jesus how I trust You how I've proved Him o'er and o'er Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus oh for grace to trust You more!
I testify that the road may not be easy, but I know my Redeemer liveth! I testify of a great Nigeria...yes, it is well in Jesus name. Amen. I testify of a wonderful church family, I testify of new blogs...I testify of new life in Christ, I testify on your behalf, I testify of you...I testify that the Lord is too faithful to fail, I testify that He doesn't know and would never know how to fail! I testify that this weekis great! Halleluyah to the Lamb that was slained! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 64

For faithfulness, grace and love...for the blood of Jesus, the cross, salvation...for His Holy Spirit, faith, His will... thank YOU JESUS!

GOD is enough jore!


the blogger testifies 63

I testify that the Lord is good. That He loves me and you...thank You Lord!Its because of His great mercies I am not consumed...restoration Lord...restore us Lord! thank You Lord Jesus! have a wonderful week people, I testify of His faithfulness this week, in Jesus name, Amen. thank You Lord Jesus!

Tye Tribbett | Champion feat. Israel Houghton

feeling this song right now...needed to share it...please give it up for my, our CHAMPION! thank You Jesus

the blogger testifies 62

Your Love, faithfulness...who You are...You're awesome. I testify that the Lord is our saviour, our help, the help of Japan at this time. Jehovah, the God that never lies, never dies...He is eternity defined! I thank God for life, love, family, Jesus, friends, church, you, me...I bless the Lord! This song is on our radar here...the choir beautfully rendered just might be for you... In all...this past week, I bless the Lord, He favoured me! this week, I speak life, the Lord has favoured me...even this whole year and beyond...He has favoured me...Haleluyah! stay blessed people! thank You Lord Jesus!

the blogger testifies 61

I testify...that I'm saved by grace and not by worksI testify...that once I accepted Jesus' sacrifice, salvation became my portion! I testify...that Jesus forgave me and is still forgiving me I testify...that ALL have sinned but the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was and is for all I testify...that I and my family, friends, we all...shall live and not die I faith, in accordance with the word of God I testify...that once I say I'm sorry Jesus and accept Him...its done!!!! I testify...that this is my testimony! in Jesus name, Amen THANK YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 60

I'm walking on water LORD... thought of ice but its not thin enough :) Its been YOU...forever YOU I seem to say its not been so easy... but I just realised that I've been hanging on YOUR SWEET MERCY Jesus has taken it since...yes LORD, YOU did...and I'm grateful. Also...YOU've given me the best family...GOD bless my family extra...not just my immediate but you, you...yes you too :) thank YOU LORD JESUS...we're moving higher LORD...its all at YOUR feet...I accept JESUS' sacrifice. thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 59

I testify...that since HE (JESUS, my saviour) can love me...then HE can love anyone else! I need grace LORD, and I see it too...I'm here not by my strength obviously...its never me...its YOU...YOU love me pieces...that much I can see I love YOU scatter too...YOU mean...more than the words that I spill... thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 58

(Friday, 18th Feb) YOU...pull me through, push me when I can't push myself...YOU are...AWESOME!Dunno whatelse to say LORD...but even at this point we're in...I go: thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 57

YOU've made me speechless, I'm late LORD...but I still testify, for indeed, ALL the glory, honour and majesty be unto YOU oh LORD JESUS!!! Halleluyah JESUS! thank YOU LORD JESUS!!!


(posted 12:12am 8th Feb 2011)LORD, now this is me saiying: as regards February 5th, THANK YOU LORD JESUS YAHWEH BE PRAISED!!! HALLELUYAH JESUS!!! thank YOU LORD JESUS!


Mali Music- Yahweh

Glory, honour, power and majesty be unto GOD, Amen. Halleluyah JESUS!!! YOU make me speechless, weak with joy...overflowing with happiness...yes, still doesn't compare to the joy I feel when I realise how big or how mighty or how and who YOU are...but BABA...I must say: YOU dey! YOU too dey!!! Na YOU be my Hero!....BABA, Na YOU! All the glory, honour and power, majesty, be unto YOU LORD JESUS...Amen. thank YOU LORD JESUS...for keeping my testimony and also giving my friends a testimony, those who have received theirs this season and those who are joining the line now...Halleluyah NOW, before, in advance and forevermore!!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 57

When words fail me...YOU know I stare at YOU LORD...I'm grateful, I say thank YOU for life, love, family, friends, grace...YOU, more of YOU which I want...I thank YOU LORD for YOU. For realization, for YOUR push, for YOUR patience, YOUR loyalty...oh that I be what and whom YOU want me to be LORD, loyal to YOU forever LORD. I'm here today saying that YOU LORD JESUS for YOU, for this week...for the miracles...yes, YOU still make me feel weak LORD...ah! I love YOU JESUS :) Have a wonderful week people...I testify in JESUS name, Amen. thank YOU JESUS!

Tim Godfrey-Onyedikagi


I've just been hit that I'm priviledged to know the MASTER, OWNER of the whole universe, the CUSTODIAN of all wisdom, WISDOM HIMSELF...saved by HIS MERCY, HIS salvation, HIS forgiveness...ah, yes, I'm covered in HIS SON's BLOOD!!! Halleluyah!!! Halleluyah JESUS!!! thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 56

Dear LOVER, :)YOUR mercy, YOUR salvation...YOUR saving grace, YOUR love... YOUR help, YOUR love...YOUR loving kindness...YOUR words...YOUR WORD, JESUS! Halleluyah JESUS...I'm here saying thank you JESUS for everything. Unworthy, ungrateful...not grateful enough....but LORD, YOU still love me die... for the grace to love YOU more, serve YOU more, work for YOU more, work with YOU more, praise YOU more...for the grace to be whom you want me to be...thank YOU LORD JESUS! Thank YOU LORD JESUS name, Amen. thank YOU LORD JESUS!
For words to say, for this week...ah, BABA... Exodus 4: 11-12 11 The LORD said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the LORD? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”
Thank YOU LORD JESUS....for this week, for every week, for life, love and everything...ah, LORD YOU ar…

the blogger testifies 55

LORD YOU ARE AWESOME.I bless YOU oh LORD for my life, for love, for YOU...YOU are indeed more than enough. I praise YOU LORD. For friends, family,for last week, for this week and the loads of testimonies, for everyone, everything...I testify. For gmama's wedding to gpapa....and now they are one flesh as ggmama and ggpapa...I bless YOU JESUS!
For this blog which is about to experience a change...I bless YOU LORD JESUS... the blogger testifies, that: great is YOUR mercy towards me...YOUR loving kindness, towards me....YOUR tender mercies, I after day....YOU're ever faithful, towards me....YOU're always providing for me...great is YOUR mercies towards me...great is YOUR grace... Arugbo Ojo...Kabiesi!!! Thank YOU LORD for JESUS! thank YOU JESUS!
old things have passed away!

the blogger testifies 54

I don't know how to say thank YOU JESUS...but thank YOU LORD JESUS it doesn't sound enough, oh yes, its not enough... I don't know the state I am... excited, happy, wow-ed, ...surely molecules of happiness have been excited... 13-January 2010 to 13-January 2011 Mercy is all I see. Now I have passed, I bless you for teaching me lessons, please help me learn well and do the right thing LORD in JESUS name...Amen Please LORD, do not be offended by re-scoring, mercy LORD, for I'm indeed excited...I'm more than excited, theres joy LORD YOU are IGWE Now to YOU who is able to do, exceedingly, above all that I can imagine or think, be all glory and adoration in JESUS name...Amen. IGWE....We, YOU and i, were drowning LORD, I caused the boat to drown, did not follow YOUR principles but wanted YOUR promises, but IGWE...I cannot deceive YOU, but yet YOU held YOUR wrath and taught me the right things, YOU forgave my stubbornness, rebuked it and had mercy on me LORD, yes, YOU discipline the…

the blogger testifies 53

great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness towards me...I testify of GOD's mercy...I bless GOD for the week, HIS favour, and HIS mercy... have a wonderful and miracle-filled week people. :)
thank YOU JESUS!

Acting against the flow....dropping the load

We are under water, going deeper, of course I'm scared. but because I'm with YOU, JESUS, I know I can't drown...We're getting back to shore...when? how? I don't know...but I know soon, We'ld be back to shore! :) ................................................................................. We are drowning oh LORD...but since I am with YOU, since YOU are with me....I know We'ld come to shore!thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 52

HE loves me coming soon :)
HE loves me scatter, my JESUS loves me scatter! I'ld hold on to YOU LORD. I'ld try to focus on the solution, focus on YOU than on the problem, or the situation. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen...LORD, I want more of YOU. I testify of YOUR faithfulness, I testify of YOU, I testify of life, love, everything from family to friends to academics...I testify also by faith for although my beginning was small....yet my latter shall be greater. This is the year of the LORD! And for those reading: I pray that the LORD, my GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the great GOD and HOLY ONE of Israel would be for you this year, keep you, bless you and give you the grace to know, love, trust, serve and obey HIM, giving you the wisdom and grace to do your part (as HE has done HIS on the cross), may HE meet you at the point of your need in JESUS name, Amen.


the blogger testifies:YOU love me much, YOU love me buckets YOU love me much, YOU love me crazy YOU love me beyond words...LORD YOU are awesome. Unworthy, yes, I do not count myself worthy enough to see this year, but YOU have given me the privilege...YOU are marvelous in YOUR way. To YOU oh LORD be all the glory and adoration forevermore! Amen.