the blogger testifies 54

I don't know how to say thank YOU JESUS...but thank YOU LORD JESUS
it doesn't sound enough, oh yes, its not enough...
I don't know the state I am...
excited, happy, wow-ed, ...surely molecules of happiness have been excited...
13-January 2010 to 13-January 2011 Mercy is all I see.
Now I have passed, I bless you for teaching me lessons,
please help me learn well and do the right thing LORD
in JESUS name...Amen
Please LORD, do not be offended by re-scoring, mercy LORD, for I'm indeed excited...I'm more than excited, theres joy LORD
Now to YOU who is able to do, exceedingly, above all that I can imagine or think, be all glory and adoration in JESUS name...Amen.
IGWE....We, YOU and i, were drowning LORD, I caused the boat to drown, did not follow YOUR principles but wanted YOUR promises, but IGWE...I cannot deceive YOU, but yet YOU held YOUR wrath and taught me the right things, YOU forgave my stubbornness, rebuked it and had mercy on me LORD, yes, YOU discipline the one YOU love...its evident YOU love me LORD...yes, I love YOU too...I know YOU'ld make all paths straight...Halleluyah JESUS for now YOU have restored me, and I know YOU would restore the lost years...yes, YOU have...IGWE...I'm grateful LORD...for now, we truly are at is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen LORD, I thank YOU FATHER...
in JESUS name...Amen.
YOUR darling baby! :)


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