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Transmission news: the blogger testifies+speaks+tenders an apology.

What do I testify about? That I am saved by the blood of the Lamb and also by the word of my testimony. That God, my Father is faithful to the pure definition of faithfulness.
---------------- Hi guys, I'm sorry if you checked here and didn't see any new 'material'. No PhotoFriday, no explanation. I hereby tender my apology.  Its exam time here so I'll not be posting so frequently but since this is my 'creative outlet', I probably will still post some things...see me talking like I've been making a crowd go wild. Oh well, just want to let whoever you know why I may not be doing so much here.  How's your week coming on? Fine right. I hope you have a great week...enjoy :) ~Dew

Cranial content: can I testify?

Me? I've been here oh. Just enjoying myself.
No, I don't want to neglect this blog even for a short know say na like that e dey start.
Can I testify? God, my God, our God...He has been good to me.
What am I grateful for now? My family, my friends, my friend, you.
I'm grateful because I can smile, I'm alive and well.
I'm thankful for you.
Let me ask you...what are you thankful for? Can you testify?

Happy birthday Meremubio, I know you're too young to read but just in case when you're older you come up here to see this, I'm saying happy birthday and sebi you know many people love you? You should see your mum's Facebook page now. Beautiful pictures as you're #selfieQueen. I know right? You're 2yrs today but you're amazing! xx

PhotoFriday: looks good on you.

Hi people :) How was your week? Mine was amazing. I enjoyed least, most of it :) Well, not much talk today but I do have a photo for this Friday.
If you waited on my cranial content this Wednesday, I'm sorry I didn't put out any. I hereby say: thank you very much to every single person who has checked out my blog. By force or not by force :) So I don't know anyone who has come here by force though. I'm really grateful. A lot of views on 'EBA' and 'GUYS BE LIKE'. Also to those who commented: thank you very much.
Today on PhotoFriday, let me tell you something...I've probably said it before. looks good on you :)

Have a wonderful weekend :)
Smile  ~Dew

(yes, I just edited it...added more pictures on Saturday)

the blogger testifies

I have so much to be thankful for...this is the jam on my lips.


PhotoFriday: if you want to make eba

So actually, its past Friday. Here's PhotoFriday :)
Greetings wonderful people. Greetings :)
      While in secondary school I remember a senior was punished for singing a song. Perhaps because it wasn't in pureQueen's English or it wasn't 'decent' enough for our school. Either way, she was to serve a punishment. So in front of the whole school, she had to sing the song. It went like this:
" if you want to make eba put your water for fire when your water don done put your garri inside make you turn am, turn am, well well"            Something along those lines.Well, that's the story I remember and its what I'm sticking with. :) You should hear my remix though...its a jam! :D
            I decided to take the song for a spin and gbam...its a photo story. A big shout out to Kofi Yamson Jr, the model and photo editor. Enjoy :)


Cranial content: On grace

Sometimes I feel I'm on a grace roll. I feel I can't make it through the night but for grace, these times, I'm more conscious of grace, but other times, lemme say I forget about grace or its like I'm in right standing with God not needing it or much of it...truth is, I think it's the same amount of grace cos my righteousness is like a filthy rag before alone is still dirt!  I need grace to get this into my skull and out at all times. God's grace...all of His grace! ~Dew

The blogger testifies

I'm grateful. I really am. I need to show it though. I ask and You answer LORD. I thank You for who You are.

(Hi guys, thank you so much for checking out the PhotoFriday. You may be silent, but I see the massive response. I'm very grateful. Have a beautiful week :) )
~Jesus joy, Dew

(PhotoFriday) Guys be like

Hi guys, wonderful evening right? This is supposed to be an interactive 'Photo story'. No one was injured in the making of this. It was a 'spontaneous' shoot with little or no planing. Its 'Guys be like'. Just in case you've seen it, there's this cartoon drawing of a girl (I think) frying something with a shield. There's also a video of a guy making of those meme's. This isn't to copy anyone of them though but I realised my idea was also like theirs.
     For every picture is a hashtag of what I think would have gone with the picture. I'll be very grateful to hear your thoughts/read your own hashtag. I left space between my hashtag because I want it to be clear to don't have to...just do the normal thing. This is just for fun...some guys can put anyone on their knees with their culinary skills.
    On this one, I teamed up with Ronald Allison aka Alibongo. He's a comedian and a student of public he…

'PhotoFriday': Guys be like...

Hi guys, how was the long weekend? For some of us, yesterday (Friday, May 2nd) was a work was it? I hope whoever reads this blog is  you're doing great!
           I'm sorry this is coming late but its almost here. Be happy :) Almost? Yes, cos this is what I want you to expect...
 Have a fine night :)