PhotoFriday: if you want to make eba

So actually, its past Friday. Here's PhotoFriday :)
Greetings wonderful people. Greetings :)
      While in secondary school I remember a senior was punished for singing a song. Perhaps because it wasn't in pure Queen's English or it wasn't 'decent' enough for our school. Either way, she was to serve a punishment. So in front of the whole school, she had to sing the song. It went like this:
" if you want to make eba
put your water for fire
when your water don done
put your garri inside
make you turn am, turn am, well well"
           Something along those lines.Well, that's the story I remember and its what I'm sticking with. :) You should hear my remix though...its a jam! :D
            I decided to take the song for a spin and gbam...its a photo story. A big shout out to Kofi Yamson Jr, the model and photo editor. Enjoy :)


 Have a productive weekend., smile :) it looks good on you :)

(gbam: pidgin English for ehen that's it)


  1. Eba...what next? Here is eBay, where is the soup? Excellent pictures!

  2. Where's the soup though? BTW loving the Ghanaian male model *wink*

    1. the soup? eh, dunno oh :)
      @ Ghanaian male model...but of course :)


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