Transmission news: the blogger testifies+speaks+tenders an apology.

What do I testify about? That I am saved by the blood of the Lamb and also by the word of my testimony. That God, my Father is faithful to the pure definition of faithfulness.
Hi guys, I'm sorry if you checked here and didn't see any new 'material'. No PhotoFriday, no explanation. I hereby tender my apology. 
Its exam time here so I'll not be posting so frequently but since this is my 'creative outlet', I probably will still post some things...see me talking like I've been making a crowd go wild. Oh well, just want to let whoever you know why I may not be doing so much here. 
How's your week coming on? Fine right. I hope you have a great week...enjoy :)


  1. God speed with the exams Dew.
    Don't be away too long.


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