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the blogger testifies 120

I am grateful oh LORD! Honestly, I am. There's just so much You save me from and so much You do. I need You LORD, oh yes I do...but I'm grateful that You are here with and for me, please help me to be here for You, to serve You without limits in Jesus name, Amen.
I testify that He is God...dear readers/bloggers, what do you testify about Him?
have a fruitful week people!
thank YOU JESUS! :)

the blogger testifies 119

To YOU I give all the praise, let my life be used for YOUR glory. YOU are great, YOU are good. Yes, I'm trying to find new words to testify to and about YOU. But honestly, I am grateful for life, love, family, friends...and for YOU...and you. thank YOU JESUS! have a great week people :)

the blogger testifies 118

I testify that JESUS is LORD.
I testify of His goodness in the land of the living. I testify of my life, family, health and blog. I testify of the fact that I can testify and you can read this...
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 117

I thank YOU JESUS for dying for me, thank YOU FATHER for raising Him up, and thank YOU sweet HOLY SPIRIT for the opportunity to know the truth!
Happy Easter people :)

the blogger testifies 116

I would be ungrateful if I don't testify...
I testify that HE is good, HE is GOD...I testify that I am healed...let HIS glory be above all the gratitude is not compatible with just words!
thank YOU JESUS!