the blogger testifies 120

I am grateful oh LORD! Honestly, I am. There's just so much You save me from and so much You do. I need You LORD, oh yes I do...but I'm grateful that You are here with and for me, please help me to be here for You, to serve You without limits in Jesus name, Amen.
I testify that He is God...dear readers/bloggers, what do you testify about Him?
have a fruitful week people!
thank YOU JESUS! :)


  1. I testify that he knows my every weakness and will definitely strengthen me in those areas. God bless you and this praiseful attitude. I love coming here always.

  2. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check my blog and search for Liebster to find the post.

  3. thanks Michael, I really do appreciate you. :)


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