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HE deserves the glory

Hi there...cleans cobwebs...thank God I'm out here at last. :)
What I'm here to do? Publicly return the glory! To give Him the glory, to express myself in writing, words that go deep but yet feel and are unspoken.
You know sometimes you've asked God for something, you may have heard Him speak, calm you down as you wait...yeah, now that the wait is over, what do you do. What happens to those statuses you were gonna write, I mean you've seen the victory, it's not just your inheritance but its now your reality. Victory that may have the potential to be bigger, but yet victory that you know is just perfect for you because He knows the end from the beginning.
Ok, I'm at that point. I had fear choking me up, worry spilling on and out of me but He saved me, as unworthy as I have been, yes this is academical...but I've seen His grace is sufficient.
I'm here to scream from the rooftop that God is a miracle worker, God is a glorious God! I'm here to say He is…

The blogger testifies 1

I had sinned, ingratitude was it :(
Yes I passed but I wanted more, I didn't see again that I passed, that my story had changed.
I'm grateful, yes I am grateful, fron forgiveness to success, I am very grateful.
What are you grateful for? Open your eyes.
Thank You Jesus :)