I think you should know

Hi there. Here are a few things I think you should know.

Who am I
 My name is...I'll continue when I feel like :) I doubt I'm anonymous. I am Nigerian. I will be your doctor.

Why I blog
because I have so much to say or show you. I want to blog and be a blessing to whoever comes here.

What I blog about 
my thoughts (sometimes per time) on some issues/topics, my testimonies, my photography, other peoples work (well referenced though), poetry, (short) stories...basically creative art and science.

Can you take my stuff
Please do reference me when you take my stuff...eh, reference me and let me be happy biko. Don't change it, if you MUST change it please let me know before you publish it...and still reference me.

Who will I report you to if you take my stuff
Simple...'I will tell my Daddy'. I may rant...but you really don't want me to tell my Daddy...lets not get there. 

I will not lie that I like to be referenced for my stuff...if I'm not (and you don't lie that its yours), I will not chop you raw. Then again, why wouldn't you?

thank you :)


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