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the blogger testifies 57

When words fail me...YOU know I stare at YOU LORD...I'm grateful, I say thank YOU for life, love, family, friends, grace...YOU, more of YOU which I want...I thank YOU LORD for YOU. For realization, for YOUR push, for YOUR patience, YOUR loyalty...oh that I be what and whom YOU want me to be LORD, loyal to YOU forever LORD. I'm here today saying that YOU LORD JESUS for YOU, for this week...for the miracles...yes, YOU still make me feel weak LORD...ah! I love YOU JESUS :) Have a wonderful week people...I testify in JESUS name, Amen. thank YOU JESUS!

Tim Godfrey-Onyedikagi


I've just been hit that I'm priviledged to know the MASTER, OWNER of the whole universe, the CUSTODIAN of all wisdom, WISDOM HIMSELF...saved by HIS MERCY, HIS salvation, HIS forgiveness...ah, yes, I'm covered in HIS SON's BLOOD!!! Halleluyah!!! Halleluyah JESUS!!! thank YOU LORD JESUS!

the blogger testifies 56

Dear LOVER, :)YOUR mercy, YOUR salvation...YOUR saving grace, YOUR love... YOUR help, YOUR love...YOUR loving kindness...YOUR words...YOUR WORD, JESUS! Halleluyah JESUS...I'm here saying thank you JESUS for everything. Unworthy, ungrateful...not grateful enough....but LORD, YOU still love me die... for the grace to love YOU more, serve YOU more, work for YOU more, work with YOU more, praise YOU more...for the grace to be whom you want me to be...thank YOU LORD JESUS! Thank YOU LORD JESUS name, Amen. thank YOU LORD JESUS!
For words to say, for this week...ah, BABA... Exodus 4: 11-12 11 The LORD said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the LORD? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”
Thank YOU LORD JESUS....for this week, for every week, for life, love and everything...ah, LORD YOU ar…

the blogger testifies 55

LORD YOU ARE AWESOME.I bless YOU oh LORD for my life, for love, for YOU...YOU are indeed more than enough. I praise YOU LORD. For friends, family,for last week, for this week and the loads of testimonies, for everyone, everything...I testify. For gmama's wedding to gpapa....and now they are one flesh as ggmama and ggpapa...I bless YOU JESUS!
For this blog which is about to experience a change...I bless YOU LORD JESUS... the blogger testifies, that: great is YOUR mercy towards me...YOUR loving kindness, towards me....YOUR tender mercies, I after day....YOU're ever faithful, towards me....YOU're always providing for me...great is YOUR mercies towards me...great is YOUR grace... Arugbo Ojo...Kabiesi!!! Thank YOU LORD for JESUS! thank YOU JESUS!
old things have passed away!

the blogger testifies 54

I don't know how to say thank YOU JESUS...but thank YOU LORD JESUS it doesn't sound enough, oh yes, its not enough... I don't know the state I am... excited, happy, wow-ed, ...surely molecules of happiness have been excited... 13-January 2010 to 13-January 2011 Mercy is all I see. Now I have passed, I bless you for teaching me lessons, please help me learn well and do the right thing LORD in JESUS name...Amen Please LORD, do not be offended by re-scoring, mercy LORD, for I'm indeed excited...I'm more than excited, theres joy LORD YOU are IGWE Now to YOU who is able to do, exceedingly, above all that I can imagine or think, be all glory and adoration in JESUS name...Amen. IGWE....We, YOU and i, were drowning LORD, I caused the boat to drown, did not follow YOUR principles but wanted YOUR promises, but IGWE...I cannot deceive YOU, but yet YOU held YOUR wrath and taught me the right things, YOU forgave my stubbornness, rebuked it and had mercy on me LORD, yes, YOU discipline the…

the blogger testifies 53

great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness towards me...I testify of GOD's mercy...I bless GOD for the week, HIS favour, and HIS mercy... have a wonderful and miracle-filled week people. :)
thank YOU JESUS!

Acting against the flow....dropping the load

We are under water, going deeper, of course I'm scared. but because I'm with YOU, JESUS, I know I can't drown...We're getting back to shore...when? how? I don't know...but I know soon, We'ld be back to shore! :) ................................................................................. We are drowning oh LORD...but since I am with YOU, since YOU are with me....I know We'ld come to shore!thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 52

HE loves me coming soon :)
HE loves me scatter, my JESUS loves me scatter! I'ld hold on to YOU LORD. I'ld try to focus on the solution, focus on YOU than on the problem, or the situation. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen...LORD, I want more of YOU. I testify of YOUR faithfulness, I testify of YOU, I testify of life, love, everything from family to friends to academics...I testify also by faith for although my beginning was small....yet my latter shall be greater. This is the year of the LORD! And for those reading: I pray that the LORD, my GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the great GOD and HOLY ONE of Israel would be for you this year, keep you, bless you and give you the grace to know, love, trust, serve and obey HIM, giving you the wisdom and grace to do your part (as HE has done HIS on the cross), may HE meet you at the point of your need in JESUS name, Amen.


the blogger testifies:YOU love me much, YOU love me buckets YOU love me much, YOU love me crazy YOU love me beyond words...LORD YOU are awesome. Unworthy, yes, I do not count myself worthy enough to see this year, but YOU have given me the privilege...YOU are marvelous in YOUR way. To YOU oh LORD be all the glory and adoration forevermore! Amen.