the blogger testifies 55

I bless YOU oh LORD for my life, for love, for YOU...YOU are indeed more than enough. I praise YOU LORD. For friends, family,for last week, for this week and the loads of testimonies, for everyone, everything...I testify. For gmama's wedding to gpapa....and now they are one flesh as ggmama and ggpapa...I bless YOU JESUS!
For this blog which is about to experience a change...I bless YOU LORD JESUS...
the blogger testifies, that:
great is YOUR mercy towards me...YOUR loving kindness, towards me....YOUR tender mercies, I after day....YOU're ever faithful, towards me....YOU're always providing for me...great is YOUR mercies towards me...great is YOUR grace...
Arugbo Ojo...Kabiesi!!! Thank YOU LORD for JESUS!
thank YOU JESUS!


  1. Dehn dehn dehn. I will tell... that you said "gmama and gpapa" on a blog. (pouting, arms folded, nodding...)

  2. You've been awarded the Stylish & Versatile Blogger award. Check the Lamp Blog for more details: :)


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