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For 2015

I say a big thank You Jesus for 2015. It was amazing. Thank You so much Lord. I am grateful.
Let the people know that I am thankful. Thank You Daddy.


Cranial content: on epidural hemorrhage and play-play

I've been thinking...well since yesterday, about Craze clown and Ade. You know them right? If you're on Instagram or even on Facebook you've seen some of their funny skits.
For the purpose of this discuss, let's pretend you're a medic just in case you're not...shall we? *here's a high five*.
You know, from all the it possible for Ade to get epidural hemorrhage? I mean, I know some are fake but not all, mistakes do happen. Let's take a scenario where Ade gets slapped and lands on the floor; fracturing his temporal bone. What if he has a contusion? I mean, no outward appearance, all from the fall. Young man looses consciousness for a bit and recovers and then gbam...slips into oblivion. I'm here like: God forbid!
Whats the basis of this you might ask. Well, these were the thoughts in my head as I learnt about epidural hemorrhage.
Here's a take home; if someone falls and looses consciousness, please see your doctor.
I know, this medicine …

6YML: An unexpected journey

In my 6th year I decided to take time off to work and travel, I'm really happy I did this because it ended up in much less stress than doing it compact in 1 year. I went traveling through India with 2 of my best childhood friends. The trip was very hard at times but incredibly joyful at times, it taught me that simple daily things can be a struggle and when they go without flaw that's a blessing.
After that I worked as a doctor at a surgery ward for 5 months and got great experience and insight into clinical work and what field I want to choose after graduation.

Nnamdi, Babalowo

the blogger testifies


Cranial content: The 'shit' diary (the defecation reflex)

I spoke to the toilet this morning!
'Make way you rectum! Open your external anal sphincter and let me flow into the toilet'
Release the grip of the pudendal nerve and allow me pass.
Thank God your owner has no active incontinence
else it be socially acceptable or not,
it be broad daylight or not,
it be infront of your examiner or not,
if you, oh rectum be filled...I mayest passeth not withstanding.
you know, just like a baby! LOL'
What is funny? you think the food was nice,
garnished, HACCP fully covered,
oh...I see, Abby's kitchen did the trick...
nice try, but we both know if this was the case of passive incontinence
your white coat would be penetrated! Brown as stercobilinogen pleases...
stercobilinogen...hmmm, many more reasons to be thankful!
why? you ask...
close your mouth else primary saliva will be forced to drop out too!
with all its glory of high K and Cl, low Na and HCO3
as the reverse is the case for our intended secondary saliva after passing through the…

6YML: 6th year....

Let's rewind to 5th year. From the first day, you are all excited about your final class year, from listening to boring lectures to neptun wars, looking for placements for 6th year but as soon as that is over, the real work starts and it can be overwhelming.

I initially had plans to finish by June but as they say "Our plans aren't always God's plan". So I have decided to enjoy the final year as much as I can. I'm halfway through the rotation but it hasn't been as interesting as these last 2 weeks of my Pediatrics rotation at a hospital in Nigeria.
From my first day here, I've been treated so nicely, introducing myself as Dr Oluwo just feels as good as the day I got my admission letter into Dote, and actually working with patients directly instead of just observing.

Abeg let's even put that to one side and let me gist you about this colleague of mine at this hospital . So that's how jejely I went to get a key from his office and my guy just looked…

6th Year My Life (6YML):

So I flew from Osaka to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Budapest today. It was a good flight, they had good movies, good food and I had enough space to stretch out while sleeping. The Japanese are super polite, that was one thing I noticed upon returning to the western world, the manners are totally different.It was easy to be polite in Japan because everyone is polite, but in Europe: not so easy. Still I smiled today, when no one was smiling, I consciously decided to say hello and thank you, I'm sorry, excuse me, even if it didn't matter to the people I said it to, and even if they didn't  return the courtesy because that's the right thing to do. Ahh I hope I can continue this way, I think life is much more peaceful this way, when people are courteous to others and give consideration to others.


6th year my life (6YML): Morning Glory..Or Lack of.

The past 4 weeks have been impossibly hectic. Waking up every morning at 6:30am is not my thing..or anyone else's. Morning people; if you know one, or you are one, consider euthanasia because you are the bane of society, you are contemptible and in fact we can not continue with you, but I digress.
Csiba makes me nervous. I consider myself a proud igbo brother. In my mind's eye, I carry myself with gravitas befitting of the land east of the Niger. Dr Csiba reduces me to bumbling buffoon. Today I forgot how to pronounce "Ischemia". I am completely unable to complete a sentence , irregardless of how brief without the use of ehn's, ahem's and likes accompanied by a steady flurry of inappropriate, superfluous hand gestures .
My journey ends tomorrow. D-i and the other members of our inept posey will continue to carry the torch for us (they need nursing signatures).
"I have 99 problems but nursing isn't one"

@kaiserVirtuoso . old soul in a whi…


*please just insert Adele's voice singing hello*
I'm not even going to over think writing on this my blog. I told Ebi I was going to start today so I'm making the move.

Hello, I've been away for so long. At one point I re-read my first post, looked for clues and tried to re-structure (on paper but actions speak louder than words) See eh, I'm here no...that's all that matters. Sebi?
I'm one with a ready I apologise to my Father, myself and you...and really, I'm sorry.

In other news: aunty Adele can sing oh...kai!


on sounds from my heart.

Hi there. Hope you've been doing fine and life has been great. A while ago I was at Ugo of Vanucci Music's place...had a freestyle session to the Lord...perhaps you'll like to hear it. I'll drop this and move on. Have an amazing weekend. Be amazing...and yeah, Jesus loves you like crazy! ~Dew

the blogger testifies

I have You, I have a place to live, I have friends and family. I have food, I have a sound mind, I have all that I need because I have You. Thank You Jesus.

The blogger testifies

HE's such an awesome God.
I'm grateful. So much to be thankful for. From ice cream to cheese cake to academics to family to friends to sisters, thank You Jesus!
I thank God for JESUS.

Have an amazing week people.

the blogger testifies

I asked, You answered...I'm grateful, oh yes, thank You Lord.



If I count with my hands and feet, it'll be too small...the things He has done, is beyond me. I'm very grateful to God and I return to give Him thanks.

Hi people, its been eons. I know, here to apologise again. Lets shake hands shall we? Thank you to all those who check this space and I really, specifically apologise to you for not tending this garden. Hope you've been doing well. Continue to have a wonderful week :)

the blogger testifies

My strength, my help, my salvation. A thousand times I'm forever grateful. Oh that I will be like You, just exactly as You want me to be. I'm thankful for the amazing grace You've always shown me and for showing up for me. Thank You Jesus!


----- So this song has been on my mind since morning, it was sang in church yesterday.

the blogger testifies

Enjoy your week people


The blogger testifies

Wouldn't I sing of YOUR goodness? Wouldn't I tell it on the rooftop?
Shouldn't I shout it out for all to hear? That YOU've been good to me and YOU light up my world?
Its because of YOUR mercies I am not consumed. Its because of YOUR kindness that I have hope. Its because of who YOU are that I have a future...a very wonderful, a bright future. Its because of YOU my hope is ever secure, ever sure. Its because of YOU that I can cry out in praise.
YOU oh LORD, light up my world.
I testify, that even in my silence, even in tears and words unspoken...all this while, YOU have been so faithful and I am so grateful.




Hello everyone :) No...the fact that I'm back here on the 22nd of May after my last post was on the 22nd of February wasn't planned. I am sorry for neglecting important things like this blog. I know people hardly comment on this blog but for anyone who feels hurt by my action, I do apologise.

Trust your year has been going on well. Have a beautiful weekend :)

The Blogger testifies

YOU have all I water! YOU are all I need...Bread of life!
YOU oh LORD JESUS, are the real One. YOU set me up and YOU'RE the game changer.
YAHWEH be praised!


PhotoFriday: Shadows...the abuse.

Hello people!!!! I'm all here like: I'm sorry. I am sorry actually. How have you all been? I've been slightly M.I.A on this blog but I'll try.
Today is PhotoFriday. Amen, we're back :) I know, "we'', yes; my project manager and I. See eh, lemme let you in on what has happened oh. I was going to post this today (well, I still am) and then yesterday one good uncle decided to put up his own oh...well, please help ya self with this Project R.A.W.
This photo story is titled SHADOWS...the abuse. Its a short story about domestic violence. Although this is not a campaign, domestic violence has never and will never be cool.
A very big thank you to the cast and crew of this "neck breaking" feat. We shot it in the summer of 2014 (late July) and I'm just releasing it :) No comments :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Project manager/Lights: Ebi Tarakeme
Cast: Benny Akhigbe, Obinna Ezue, Ehiremen Uduebor


the blogger testifies.

I serve a God who never fails. His mercies? New every morning. His greatness? Beyond words. All I have to say, is thank You LORD.

.......... Today my family here had a little something for me as my birthday was this past Thursday. Thank you very much guys: Reme, Ebi, Oyin, Benny, De Mami (Grace), Aisha, Mima, Christopher (Leye), Uncle Imoh, Zainab, Nguper.


The blogger testifies

I'm here, I'm grateful. I thank You LORD for every single thing that you have done for me.
It's my birthday, happy birthday to me. Thank you for all you have done for me LORD and for all the wonderful people around me.

the blogger testifies


The blogger testifies

I will hail Him, without words and with words I will hail Him. For He is worthy of every single praise that He gets from me. I am grateful, yes, beyond words, I am grateful.


(Sup sup people? How have you being? Education and I are having dinner at the moment, its wonderful, thank God :) Have a wonderful week. ).

The blogger testifies

I'm here the first Sunday of the year 2015 to give thanks to YOU oh King. I thank YOU LORD for last year, I thank YOU for this year, this amazing year 2015.
To YOU I give all the praise, let my life be used for YOUR glory.
Thank YOU.