Cranial content: on epidural hemorrhage and play-play

I've been thinking...well since yesterday, about Craze clown and Ade. You know them right? If you're on Instagram or even on Facebook you've seen some of their funny skits.
For the purpose of this discuss, let's pretend you're a medic just in case you're not...shall we? *here's a high five*.
You know, from all the it possible for Ade to get epidural hemorrhage? I mean, I know some are fake but not all, mistakes do happen. Let's take a scenario where Ade gets slapped and lands on the floor; fracturing his temporal bone. What if he has a contusion? I mean, no outward appearance, all from the fall. Young man looses consciousness for a bit and recovers and then gbam...slips into oblivion. I'm here like: God forbid!
Whats the basis of this you might ask. Well, these were the thoughts in my head as I learnt about epidural hemorrhage.
Here's a take home; if someone falls and looses consciousness, please see your doctor.
I know, this medicine just makes one carry the persons body jeje. Perhaps any form of physical assault is tantamount to wanting to kill a person.

gbam: thats it / jeje: slowy or carefully


*this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday 9th December, 2015


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