Cranial content: The 'shit' diary (the defecation reflex)

I spoke to the toilet this morning!
'Make way you rectum! Open your external anal sphincter and let me flow into the toilet'
Release the grip of the pudendal nerve and allow me pass.
Thank God your owner has no active incontinence
else it be socially acceptable or not,
it be broad daylight or not,
it be infront of your examiner or not,
if you, oh rectum be filled...I mayest passeth not withstanding.
you know, just like a baby! LOL'
What is funny? you think the food was nice,
garnished, HACCP fully covered,
oh...I see, Abby's kitchen did the trick...
nice try, but we both know if this was the case of passive incontinence
your white coat would be penetrated! Brown as stercobilinogen pleases...
stercobilinogen...hmmm, many more reasons to be thankful!
why? you ask...
close your mouth else primary saliva will be forced to drop out too!
with all its glory of high K and Cl, low Na and HCO3
as the reverse is the case for our intended secondary saliva after passing through the duct
Yet I shout again, make way oh rectum! Let thy guard be inhibited,
Relax oh ye skeletal muscle...allow me come into this pretigious Hungarian toilet!
I have come this far and now you are full,
your stretch receptors have felt my presence...
I see that my shout (stimulus) is working... :)
Ye receptors, speak...let afferent fibres take my message to the seat,
let the defecation center be the judge!...
Ah, its working, its working (I dance and laugh hysterically)
They have taken my message, to the judge! what?
Descending gini?
Oh! After all my shouting, owner says its not yet time...
because he/she's watching a movie! *sigh*
Descending pathway from the motor cortex delays regulates!
Another testimony for you as your reflex mechanism here can be controlled.
Pudendal nerve (the efferent) said its motorneurons were not inhibited!
No more relaxation...I cannot come in!

-written by me a few years ago.


  1. woahhhhh what is this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. :) oh T.Notes! This is what happens when I study :D


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