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YOUR EXCELLENCY...KABIYESI... the ONE, yes, the ONE in whom I trust... I can't place my emotions... I can't spit out the words... but one thing I know right now is... the LORD is MIGHTY to save!
Undeserving of HIS love... I asked for it....oh, I love YOU LORD! and HE showered me with HIS loving kindness this being the highest praise... HALLELUYAH TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...
(yes, its an exam I just wrote...but its a miracle HE just gave me as a result, and I know HE'll do it again and for those in need also, in JESUS name, AMEN). thank YOU LORD JESUS.

reaffirming the truth

like Jonathan said...indeed NOTHING can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few... (I Samuel 14:6)For HE who made man in a split second...who by the WORDS of HIS MOUTH made the earth... HE has torn down the walls of upper limb, lower limb and trunk & skull... who said HE isn't mighty? Reaffirming the truth...HE can do anything and everything when we ask in HIS name...

the blogger testifies 25

More than words can carry, I testify of HIS grace, faithfulness, mercy, love, favour...I testify of HIM! I thank GOD for everything and everyone; family, friends...everyone! I'm also grateful for bloggers I know that would be graduating from CU; Harry, Tolu, Phune, EmSopheelicious, Ehi, Ruth...and so many of my friends graduating this year...its being GOD all through. The journey of forever begins...NOW :) Also for a friend, Anita, who graduated here today, I thank GOD Honestly, even the 'smallest' things, the things we think are natural, we need to give HIM thanks, because some people can't do them. For the grace to breathe...and hear the word today...I'm grateful... thank YOU JESUS!


I just want to say...BABA o, ese I just want to say... BABA o, ese

the blogger testifies 24

To the ONE who gave me lifeHIS excellency, Kabiyesi Oba mi, Eledumare
To the ONE that gave me and keeps the one that gave me birth Osuba re re o
To the ONE who keeps me In whom I have confidence in My LOVER, Adupe
To the ONE, yes, the ONE in whom I trust To my FATHER, my saviour JESUS CHRIST the HOLY SPIRIT who guides me.... HAPPY FATHERS DAY :)

June 19th

Lights, camera, costume....action!in all FATHER, it was YOUR grace that kept me for 4 years without an offence form kept me without a failure in times when I stumbled, in times when I fell... YOU lifted me up and carried me through it all there I found YOU not just the one I had understood before but YOU and YOUR forgiveness. All of YOU and none of me. its one year FATHER...YOU provided it all. YOU saw me through it all... words fail me now but one year after, on behalf of myself, family, friends and colleagues; eagles... I say thank YOU LORD JESUS! :)


It won't be enough if I say thank YOUthe world may not get it but thats not my problem I'm so grateful FATHER... YOU are my remembrance! thank YOU LORD JESUS.

the blogger testifies 23

Great is YOUR mercy towards me YOUR loving kindness towards me YOUR tender mercies; I see day after day forever faithful towards me always providing for me great is YOUR mercy towards me great is YOUR grace. I can't stop saying thank YOU to the one who gives me life. Thanking HIM for family, friends, life...and you too. I'm grateful FATHER... I testify that HE is still GOD! thank YOU JESUS.

I must testify.

I can't hold back my praiseYOU daze me. I get weak with words... but one thing is sure, YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN... I love YOU JESUS! :)

the blogger testifies 22

HIS mercies are new every morning....From January...its June people!!!!!!! its all of GOD! The blogger testifies that HE has not given up and as HE said, HE will never give up on me (and I believe HIM to madness!). I testify of life, love, friends, family, health, bloggers, academics....and you! Yes, HIS faithfulness has kept us and is still keeping us. I want to say I'm extremely grateful to GOD. A lot of testimonies coming forth soon and I believe strongly that I would testify in JESUS name, AMEN! Just so much to be thankful to GOD. Final year students in CU, some are done (like Harry) and some would soon be done (like Tolu). I just thank GOD. Please check out: A-Z life lessons by Tolu. Also this for an interview with him. Once more, so much to be thankful for as I'm being restored to factory settings...I just thank GOD for grace and healing...its all of HIM and none of me! For a wonderful week and miracle filled week ahead, I say... …