the blogger testifies 22

HIS mercies are new every morning....
From January...its June people!!!!!!! its all of GOD! The blogger testifies that HE has not given up and as HE said, HE will never give up on me (and I believe HIM to madness!). I testify of life, love, friends, family, health, bloggers, academics....and you! Yes, HIS faithfulness has kept us and is still keeping us. I want to say I'm extremely grateful to GOD.
A lot of testimonies coming forth soon and I believe strongly that I would testify in JESUS name, AMEN! Just so much to be thankful to GOD. Final year students in CU, some are done (like Harry) and some would soon be done (like Tolu). I just thank GOD.
Please check out: A-Z life lessons by Tolu. Also this for an interview with him.
Once more, so much to be thankful for as I'm being restored to factory settings...I just thank GOD for grace and healing...its all of HIM and none of me!
For a wonderful week and miracle filled week ahead, I say...


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