Fragments of truth XV

Service was great! I did not sit in my usual place sha, but I did not see Felix after church. Dunno what happened but church folks just said hi and asked how I was, where I was and if I was going back, like there was never a Felix…hmm!! Maybe pastor said it in church or something…dunno sha!
I saw Pastor Matt today. Twas emotional. He’s a good shepherd under our Shepherd! He noticed all the happenings, from the time Felix had come back from Ogun till date. Shocking! Encouragements, advice, prayers…he did all today. I feel quite better. Like the trip to the Uk was uncalled for sef. But then I got new shoes…so no p!
As I was leaving his office Felix came in…I hadn’t seen him in three weeks. Felt good seeing my ex…mehn! I hate that word! I said hi and moved on…he did same too. He looked good I must say…Kai! Lemme get over the human! But then, he looked…sober. Maybe not but because I wanted him to look like that, I’ld say he looked sober!


  1. awwww!!!! love can be tricky

  2. I'm just realizing this is Fiction. Lol. Now, I get it.

  3. lol!!!! :) thanks so much for reading and commenting :)


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